Sunday, February 12, 2012


Marari beach, Alleppey.
Another sunday, filled with silence, but not silent like before, You can hear the traffic, kids playing the basement, TV in hall,music from the bedroom, but strangely, i can still feel the silence. It fills the heart, it fills my mind, a calmness which is much needed after the noise of life. Is it six months already? Some said bad luck, some said why you always? some suggested visiting temples, and some just held the hand and stood in silence. One after the other, accidents, injury, fever, hospitalization, and then the abortion, recovery, leaving the job, joining back, again operation, and one final day i asked myself "why me" I screamed, i want to give up, i can't take it anymore, but then, i dint give up.
Recovering is more painful, i know, but then who said life is easy, but isn't it worth? I am still searching for the answers.
I want to write, again:) i want to listen to music, again, want to take out my camera, again, laugh, again, basically, trying to heal:) from the physical and emotional pain which is covering the heart like the thick fog, but wouldn the sunshine tear it away??? hoping for it.


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