Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another milestone;p

you and me

6 months of togetherness.
Thankyou for everything dear god.
Life has been good.

My exp post wedding.
"So here i am ,learn t so many things which i never did when at home,when i was just a daughter,i always demanded there and got it all easily,here:) i leanrt to live and live it in my own way,work my way through a path which i carve myself.
Learnt cooking,cleaning,waking up early,washing cothes,worrying about getting them ironed,handling the servant,breakfast varieties,browsing through food blogs,still travelling in auto,learnt to live in an apt,climbs all three floor steps {no lift},can make roti in the shape of roti {almost},eating lot of fruits:(, i have solutions for clogged kitchen sinks,variety of floor cleaners,the new broomstick which i need to buy,that roomfreshner i need to change,and @#$%##@$.
And these days when i call up my best friend we both end up talking about servant or wasted food or which super mkt has good trash bags,and there was a time when it was all about movies and partying and music and hours of non stop nonsense.
also learnt to let someone else pay bills and whatever.I actually neednot worry about them all:) feels good,isnt it,learnt to live with a person who can be silent for 5hrs 45min at a stretch {that was the time counted in the latest exp when we both were not sleeping and in the same house,he dint say word for that much time,Hmmm,now i know why people say i talk less these days,"sangat ka asar hain bhai.In and all,life has been good,thanks to him.

Now i had to coherse him to write these few lines about his experiences,literally threaten, shed a few tears,even warned that i will stage a walkout,a dharna and sigh,he said OK atlast.

Sri's version of life after wedding.

Hi,well,life is the same as before,Errrrrrrrr,let me change that before i can hear some thrashing sounds from her.Life has been good,Not many changes,Or..Hell,Yes,there are lot of changes post wedding,the biggest of them is now i worry about a tomorrow,my....oh..sorry,Our future,i plan and became more conservative in my approach,i worry,i play cautious when see risk.
well,there are changes,my phonebills have gone down,weekend parties have been cutoff,now when i am going out with friends i better make sure to inform before its too late {before the dinner is planned at home,mind you,only plan,not the actual cooking,she hates her plans to be busted} I know how to make the beds now,i now know that as soon as we wakeup we need to foldup our blanket {huh,why?dont we use it again tonight,so why fold it atall????}
i now know that eating at home needs lot of work {but why cant we eatout as before?} i now know that filling waterbottles is a daily chore and i know that green vegetables can be of different varities {next time i will ask for spinach instead of greenleaves} and i know that corriander is to be bought in a limited quantity,not in 50 bunches just because we get it cheap.
And now i realise the word Driver whenever i take her out for shopping.i still have no idea what she does in a shopping complex for more than 3hrs,all i know is to carry a bag or a trolly while she regally inspects all the items in the mkt which we donot even need in our whole life,she can talk endlessly,abt quality,quantity,hell,she can talk about that watchman or salesperson also,even about our neighbours dog also
.why do we have to match curtains to doormats to table covers? how does it matter if we read the newspaper in bed? how does it matter if we have breakfast at 11am or have 4cups of coffee insted of 2?why do we have to take bath in the morning on a weekend? why should we always remember the word "cleanliness is next to godliness" always {somuch so that it is made as a poster in my room now}
Errrrrr,Sure life has been good,for a simple reason that now i have someone to got home to,Someone who loves me unconditionally! ! ! ! ! But lot of conditions for my lifestyle though.
Now i can go back peacefully to watching TV,let me search for the remote which she hid till i finish writing this,Cya sometime again,till then be good and havefun.


Stone said...

Time flies..isn't it?

Stone said...

I can totally relate to so many things in this post, and there are so many small things which can only be felt and not expressed.

Nice meeting you Sir, keep writing here :-)
From now onwards, we would like to hear your side of story too :-)

Balaji said...

ha ha. enjoyed reading it.

Ardra said...

very sweet- and as long as there is free communication- everything will be fine- i mean both of you have the freedom to express to eachother your stance- and still accept eachother- that is what matters-
so here's wishing you both a Great Life together...
lots of luv

Tulan said...

Good stuff and great post, sounds like you guys are having fun. same here. Married in Jan these year and almost gonna be 10 mths. Wish i could say more but u know the situation i am in and am trying to move on but i cant so sorry if i am not cheerful

Keshi said...

Congratts on reaching 6months of wedded bliss Alapana!

This post is so sweet...lol very interesting to read ur husband's side of things :)


Pallavi said...

Good for you lady... and life will get more interesting... :) enjoy...

Rauf said...

Ideally, no expectations of each other.
Easy to say but difficult to follow.
If there are no expectations there is no love.
But expecting too much could be a problem too.
I have no experience and not a right person to comment.

Wish you both all the joy and health in the world and some wealth as well, which the philosophers always forget to add. I am no philosopher.

Dreamcatcher said...

That was so sweet Neels :)

ishita said...

this one had me smiling and nodding my head :) but u seem to have learnt a lot more than i have!!! :p

hubby's was a fun read !!

wishin u togetherness forever:)...God Bless:)

d4u said...

Wishing u both all the happiness in future!!! A real sweet post:)

seriously_frivolous said...

Sounds pretty much like what my wife "K" and I would have to say. Jus that we are ahead in this race by six months. The journey has its ups and downs but its been fascinating :)

Manish said...

I enjoyed reading what ur buddy has to say.

Ha ha ha ha !

Tell him we want regular updates on changes in life in future too.

All the best to both of u ! Happy togetherness.

wise donkey said...

had fun reading it :) and i agree with sri on coffee, weekend baths and bed:d

5+ hours wow, thats amazing. i cant keep quiet even if its a movie, for more than a hour:)

the only exception when i am reading a book:D

have fun:)
love and hugs

Budding Poet said...

Good one ..both of u..
Will have to re-read this wen i get married..lol

Eroteme said...

Yes, indeed. Life has been good to you and may it always be that way. You deserve it all and more...

Wishing both of you all the happiness in this world...

Alapana said...

Stoneji,Time flies,runs hides and plays with us:) But the best of it all is "Time heals:) and that matters the most"
Hahahaha,you think i am going to let him right here again,nah,no way,he is obsessed with this post now,not letting me write a new one and everyday he opens the blog in the evening and checks the comments,he grins like a school kid who got 100marks in maths:)


Alapana said...

ardra,thank you so much for the wishes,it means a lot to read those words and i know how much you care and that makes it even more special.thank you and i know its important to express and that helps a relationship build.i am unable to post a comment on your blog because i shifted to beta blogging,and will mail you soon.

Tulan,so in next two months i can expect the first anniversary post from you:) takecare,life goes on and every wound is healed with time,he might be gone from this world but he will be with you forever. smile now,try and things will be fine.

Alapana said...

Keshi,Thank you lady,i am seeing you here after a long time,and i checked those wedding photos,they all look so beautiful and you were gorgeous.hugs.

pallavi,thank you,i hope i wont be tired of new interests,will try and enjoy as much as i can.

DC,thank you.

Alapana said...

Rauf,life without expectations is difficult in this world,but its a balancing act,its a careful act which if we do right way life sure is going to be rocking:) Joy,health and wealth,Touchwood,who wants anything more:) and i am no philosopher either,so i wish for the three myself:)

Ishita,thank you,i learnt it or it came naturally to me is still a mystery,because i never entered into the kitchen anytime before my wedding.others were all survival measures,had to manage everything because my hubby is a kind who would laze around even when i say "run,there is an Tsunami;p"

Alapana said...

d4u,thank you and hope you are back posting,let me check right away:)

seriously_frivolous,ha,a senior by 6 months,sure life always shows you both sides,its upto us to handle it a better way,isnt it:) Fascinating is to know hubby in real,an altogether different person and different attitude,ideas and everything and how we balance our life with eachother makes it even more interesting:)

Alapana said...

Manishji,aapko lagtha hain main usko pfir se yehaan likne doongi?? bilkul nahi,kuch jyada hi popular hote jaarahe hain woh, aur koi bhi meri taareef kyon nahi kar rah hain:(

Gaya,imagine how he can be silent for so long yeah,even i cannot keep my mouth shut when i am awake,errrrr,i can talk while sleeping also,i.e,in my dreams:) and look who i got to live with,sigh! ! ! ! and from the time he read your comment he is been quoting you while taking another cup of coffee or abt reading newspaper in bed,what have i gotten myself into!!!! thankyou for your wishes dear,means alot to me:)

Alapana said...

budding poet,thank you,dont worry,do let me know when you are getting married,i will frame this post and gift it to you;p

Eroteme is here,Eroteme is here, Eroteme is here, "clap,clap,clap" thank you,thank you for the comment, Life has been good,but you know it was time for god to be fair me with na,i am happy and yes,i want to be happy taking along the rejections, pain,tears and hatred,i like combo packs in life and in food also;p

Tulan said...

yup definitely expect the post in 2 mths but many more to come. sorry havent blog in a while so no updates but i will be starting to. new update on the other blog though not sure it will interest u.

Thx for the courage. I am trying to move on and do thing that i used to do normally

GuNs said...

So, are you celebrating an anniversary? It would be really cute if you did !


pratima said...

This has been the best ever post i have read so far in the blogs I had visited ...(coz..now I no longer blog-hop)..
Neelu & Sri, reading your blog surely took me back to my first 6 months of married life...:) :)
Have a great time and once again Happy Married life!
Please do come home yaar!

gooonj said...

hey came here d first time...first post i read n i loved it...spcly ur hubbyz view...so honest...n an eyeopener to how life can change...even if u dnt understand y it shud!!
ur view gave me an insight into wat lies ahead...m scared!!

Gangadhar said...

Me read this post the day u posted alaps..But dint feel like posting then.You know why? i'm just jealous of ur hubby..She's always pointing this post and harassing me..hehe..C'mon alaps..tell me what i've to do now? lolzz
okie..my love from heart to both of you..


Alapana said...

Moving on is the only solution we have for any shocks life has in store for us,hope things are fine and hope to see those smiles back on your face,take care.

Alapana said...

guns,we did,we celebrated semi annual anniversary:)

Alapana said...

Pratima,now its time to make a come back,isnt it:) and you surely did,i am so happy and sooooooooorry for making you both wait somuch. you know how it is all going na,will try to come asap.Promise;p

Alapana said...

Gunjan, Beautiful name,and thankyou for the comments,Life always changes,you wish for it or not,i was not positive either when it all happened,but what choice have we got apart from accepting it and moving fwd? i dont want sit and cry and crib forever about what i lost,i want to make good with what i have been granted:) takecare girl,and hope to see you here more often.

Alapana said...

Gangadhar,thank you,somehow the comment made me happy,its very rare that i dont bond with people,but being in the same city also we seldom had an opportunity to write an occasional mail or bond the way it happened with many of my very close bog friends,but i suddenly realised that we sure have a different kind of bonding,like i feel i know Aarush so well,or when i go to Imax i feel i might see him or i keep showing your blog to hubby and tell him about your kid and all,and your wishes "my love from heart to both of you" makes me feel and realise that the wishes are genuine which we utter to someone who is close.well,thats what blog bonding is known to be,is it so:) thank you.

Gangadhar said...

Oh..alaps! thanks verymuch!! You made my day..:) nijjamga.
And i strongly believe we meet so soon in the near future.

take care

mommyof2 said...


And God, ur hubby sound just like my hubby:-)

The Smiling Girl said...

Haha.. I loved ur husband's writeup more than yours.. :)
Poor thing was forced is it? Tell me how u cud manage to do it.. Will try the same.. :)


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