Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dear HusbanD

Well,i know the cake was yummy and exactly what you wanted,but the expression is still the same and i still have the same to you which i said last year .
Happy Birthday Dear Husband, Please do remember that just because the cake is for you that doesn't mean that you can eat every bit of it,Do keep me a share till i come back home,And no,i have not yet forgiven for eating 100gm of special Ooty chocolates in one sitting just because you were hungry and no,i have not yet come to terms with your concern that Onions have become costlier and your surprise that vegetables are costlier than what they were when you were 10 year old {Note to self:Never send him again to buy vegetables} and no, we cannot have Bhindi every day,no matter what,so please stop saying bhindi every time i ask you what to make for dinner or lunch or Breakfast.

And when i ask you how i am looking in a particular dress or a saree you are supposed to say Good or Very good or the best but not to stare Blankly and not ask WHY? or you look the same everyday!@#@$@!#!@#!@ .

For god sake,when you took me to the car dealer for the first time after negotiating with him for 3 times and say "Now i will see how you wont agree,deal with her for half an hour and you will come down on the price all by yourself,good luck,Life is not easy boss" No,you are not supposed to say that and yes,i do admit that the man did come down with the price,but you still@$#@$@$.

We are on the bike and when i comment "are we traveling on a bullock cart,why are you going so slow" you cannot answer "No,this is not bullock cart but when two buffaloes are sitting on the activa it works at the speed of a bullock cart" No dammit, you are not supposed to talk about my weight,how dare you do so.

Well,one last thing, when you said " You are a headstrong, rude, hot tempered and arrogant person but you are a sweet heart" It brought a smile, i know that you know me:) and do take it from me "you are a hot tempered,rude, arrogant person too but still you are the best suited for me;p Happy Birthday Husband:)

No,you cannot count the 28 days of last one month when you gave a treat to me for that new shirt,the new mouse for your system,for being bored and for the having a new hair cut, No matter what,i want a treat on this occasion,for your Birthday:)

"Tum Bhi chalo hum bhi chale ,chalti rahe zindagi,Na Zameen manzil na aasman ,zindagi hai zindagi,Peechhen dekhe na kabhi mudke raahon mein,Jhoome mera dil tumhe leke baahon mein,Dhadkon ki jubaan nith kahe daastan,Pyar ki jhilmil chhaon mein, Palti rahe zindagi"

Yes,the same song:)

Sunday, November 25, 2007


All through the train i was singing and don't ask me which song,the list is big but thanks for the music and the camera the journey was good,and Mr.Husband (Tumka,tumka) was silent,Or shall i say as usual Silent,and answers in monologues like Hmmm, Ok,Yeah, fine,Huh:( How does this man survive without talking?? Anyways, He had is usual means of entertainment,Yeah,the same old laptop and newspapers and Outlook Money,Huh.Now a few of the words presented in the form of Pictures:) what to do,Better than talking in monologues:(

From the train,was greeting with such beautiful colors at 6am.

At home,On Diwali evening,i love lamps,of all forms:)

At Hyderabad,just outside my bedroom window i have a neighbor,
nice house mate:)

From the terrace,welcoming the winter sun:)

Ok,may be come inside and taste those mirchi bajji and chikki
and all you are eating lady,You come all the way from bangalore only to eat ,huh!!!

Sunset,on the way to Shirdi from Pune,How do i know its sunset?
Because i took the picture:D

Mr.Husband,i do like Lotus but don't you think there are so many varieties
of flowers and you can give a rose at least once?? out of two times you
gave flowers it was only Lotus:( No, No complaints:D

And for a few more pictures or to know what was Tumka's gift for Tumki head here:) to my kitchen

Sunday, November 18, 2007


This blog wont die a slow death,

This blog won't have once in a blue moon posts anymore,

I will blog more often,

I will comment on most or all of those 50 to 60 blogs which i read silently every day

I will reply to all my mails on time

I will reply to my Orkut scraps on time and search for more school friends

I will seriously through a sheep!!!! at my friends on my Face book

I will religiously check my mails daily

I will log in to my Yahoo messenger and YES,will reply there to the msgs i get.

I will return all the calls and sms i get from friends {Note:Please donot reply to telemarketers and airtel customer care.

I will add all those blogs i read to my blogroll without any delay.

I will sort out my bookmarks in Mozilla and try to reduce the huuuuuuuuuge list there.

I will try and add new gadgets which most of them are using and start bugging my techie friend to re do my blog design;p

Ok, at 12am in the night and after a 16hour long train journey and with a travel tour of about 3000km in 12days and two flight,three trains, and god knows how many taxi's and autos here i come up with my WISH LIST and a sleepy promise to keep up with the promises i made here i am off to the dream land to think of more promises, you be good,Yes,the one who is reading this now, have a good week guys:)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Phirse Aayi O...

Winter is settling in its wings finally,I realized the feel of it when i saw the evening light gracefully entering through the open windows .There is chillness in the air,I am still not able to decide if i like winter mornings or evenings more, Both of them have an air of majesty in them,if the mornings wake me to the chirping birds the dew,fog and a kind of silence which sets in the house maybe because i am not much in a hurry, Yes,winter always starts with a vacation,that can be the reason why i love the days even more!!! Maybe:) The college is closed for 20days, and the mornings are usually a lazy affair, When i hear the click of the door being closed and a message waiting 'Have a good time' i know i am alone but not lonely, People still get surprised that i don't enjoy my mornings with a cup of coffee or tea and newspaper,No,i Don't, i have a different kind of addiction, I enjoy my lazy winter mornings with music,The house is so silent and i fill every nook and corner with music....Be it a "Bheega bheega mausam,beeni beeni khushboo,jaaga,jaaga jadoo or the ever beautiful "phir se aayi O badraa bidesiii,tere pankhon pe moti jadoongi....Tujhe mere kaale kamli vaale ki sau" but always they make sense,the quietness being slowly covered by the sense of belongingness,with nature or with oneself.

Whereas mornings are fast,giving away to the stubborn sun and by the mid morning the heat gets on to the nerves the evenings set in slowly as if lulling you into a deep sleep with warmth and affection.
Lazy afternoons and busy evenings,the kitchen fire glowing and showing the cullinary skills, what would be a winter evening without hot pakodas or pepper rasam,rice with papad ,No,there is still no Tea or Coffee to the list and while i wait i soak myself with music again,there i go with.."Roz sham aathi thi,magar aisii na thii,ye aaj mere zindagi mein kaun aagaya....' slow but soulful.
The woolens taken out,the Diwali coming up next week and the list is still being made,about flowers,sweets,lights,new... and occasional mosquito bites reminding that they too are invited by the winter.
The wait continues, the watch clicking every minute and the evening sun giving away to darkness,the sky going deep orange and the chillness in the breeze increasing th temptation to close the windows but i am adamant,i still want to be a host to the last few streaks of the fading light,Such a beauty and in a few minutes all will be dark and the sounds start,
Of switching the lights on ,the sounds of TV from next apt, someone playing loud music in the ground floor,the guys next door banging the door close and gates opening and closing and the kids from next building excitingly shouting out their greetings to someone,the dogs out side adding their part too,footsteps outside the main door,The wait continues....and with me is the music while the clock ticking away.......'Beeti na bitaaye raina,birhaa ki ye rainaa,Bheegi hue akhiyon ne...'

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Passing Clouds....

It is one of those days,when everything seems perfect but still something is not right,there are people around but you still feel alone, there is music going on but you still crave for words,and when words begin you wish silence dawns, i know its just a passing moment lingering a bit longer but then it suffocates, tears cloud the vision and when someone asks why? what? I have no reasons, does it happen?
When a student whom i was talking to said she just feels like crying and there is no reason and that all is fine and she still wants to cry her friends scolded her,were not ready to believe her,They said she doesn't trust them enough to tell them the reason,they said she is being mean by not sharing the pain, and as a last resort they brought her to their Marketing ma'am whom they come anytime for any reason,Thats me, i didn't know what to say to her friends,how to convince them that its ok to cry with out a reason,to be gloomy with out reasoning it out,

They are kids, 19yrs old but for me they are kids,they will grow up the day they step into this real world filled with opportunities, competition, and where they have no idea who is a friend and a foe and that day they grow up to the worldly manners and then they loose their innocence, They stop asking questions and find answers themselves as per their experiences but for now they are a gang of ever giggling smart innocent kids living amidst protective family, teachers, friends, college life.....
But i could say something to the girl, held her hand and said It happens and that it happens to me also,and that its perfectly normal to cry with out a reason, she did not trust me,there were questions in her eyes,tears filling up and all i could do was give her a hug and holding the hand and assure that she will be fine no sooner.She went home then, gloomy, uncertain and confused, her friends quite and they left,not as usual to the canteen but to home , And in the night i got an sms,from the girl "Ma'am ,i am fine, i dint cry after that,i just went home and slept,i am fine ma'am,i am so sorry for bothering ,Silly me, simply crying with out a reason"

Next day while coming back from a class i saw my good old bunch of marketing students again, heading towards the canteen, laughing and singing,pulling each others leg, there she was, cute sweet girl, laughing and jumping and being herself , they waved at me "Ma'am come with us for a movie today" Hahahaha, i knew they are back to normal, maybe some other time i will join them for a movie or maybe not, For now we ended up with smiles.

And today i just remembered her line again "Silly me,crying without a reason" Yeah,silly me:) maybe i should just go and sleep and when i wake up all will be fine, happens,all the time,atleast with me,... Does it happen to you all?

Yesterday a blog friend said "I miss the good old days of blogging, so many people who are missing in action" and it set me thinking, three full years, so many people came and left,some still writing but the connection is lost somewhere, the blog roll is still the same but the link is missing, there used to be a bonding, there used to be favorites and there used to be mails and replies and calls and worrying if we don't find a post, " all gone,I am an empty man today" remember the line....
Good old days,how we crave for something long gone.....i was saying the same yesterday to an ex colleague. I miss Anumita, Khandu, Suhail, Gayatri, Surinder, Arathi, Ashish, Anand, Manishji, Pallavi, Ardra, saurabh, ishani................. {Some are still writing but then..............the charm of blogging is lost somewhere}

Will i also stop writing one day? Don't know,for now i know i come to write whenever i feel like but how many days do we all come back to an empty house?

Am listening to this beautiful song from Sawariya "Jab se tere nainaa,mere naino.n se laage re, tabse dewaana hua,sabse begaana hua, rab bhi dewana laage re......" Shan's voice has some magic and i am hooked the song:)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Every day while i travel in this city one thought comes into my head silently,makes me wonder for a moment and then vanishes,i tell myself that with time it wont be long when i will just forget even you are/were a part of this city even before i stepped into this place,but then its been 7months here but each living day i have this feeling,Of knowing/not knowing someone in this crowd, zipping away fast and furious bikes and cars,buses and other vehicles,those hundreds of pedestrians walking fast to their destinations remind me that one in them might be known to me,the one who is not known anymore,
the one who is lost,but always there in thought,the same lanes where while walking you shared dreams with me,those which made me smile,and a few which made me Dream-of life,of love and one day it all ended in tears,Now,after such a long time while i silently walk down those lanes i am satisfied and in peace with myself,Everything ends one day and gives way to new hopes,new life and new dreams,i am content, now i don't fight the feeling that you are somewhere near, now i know that it ended for you too,Hoping and wishing that you too are walking in the lanes of memory with a content and peace of knowing that all ends and gives way to a new Beginning, I wish that smile stays forever,I wish that for you my dear stranger....Do you feel the same???

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aanewala pal Jaanewala Hain

"Ye din aaye.. lage phool hasne,Dekho basanthi basanthi hone lage mere sapne,...sone jasii ho rahi hain har subah meri,lage har saanj gulaal se bharii..." the one song which reminds me the beauty of the lyrics and the composition,and Mukesh's voice has a resounding effect on on the senses,"choti si baat" is one of my favorite films,but so is the music,i always mention the evergreen "na jaane kyon.." but the one sung by Mukesh is very close to my heart,it always would be for those who love music in its true sense.

One sentence used by most of my friends which always amuses me is "why do you hear music which makes you cry," Music will always make one emotional,it need not be painful situation but a song which is rendered beautifully,which has amazing lyrics makes me emotional.

one such song which i am listening to at 2am while typing away this post is "ek akelee chatri mein jab aadhe aadhe bheeg rahe the,aadhe sukhe aadhe geele, sukhaa to main le aaee thee,geelaa mann shaayad, bistar ke paas padaa ho,wo bhijawaa do, meraa wo saamaan lautaa do...Mera kuch saamaan tumhare paas pada hain.."from the movie Ijaazat.

For me the movie is about memories,the movie is a painting which i wouldn want to remove my eyes from,a silence which i wouldn want to break away from...ever,The performances,the music and dialogues and lyrics,One line which always brings tears to my eyes "ek ijaazat de do bas, jab isko dafnaauungi,main bhi vahii so jauungi .. main bhii vahii so jauungii.." Hmmm,and how foolish was i? trying to wade through a tide of memories,hoping that one day i will cross it over and then all will be fine,The line reminds me that they would end,but with Death,accept them,walk along with them,People are left behind but it is the memories which live till i am alive.....

I heard this song first time when i was in my graduation i guess,and i noted down the lyrics in a small notebook where i used to note down my favorite songs,and i used to tell everyone "One day i will have a collection of all these songs,at that time i just had dreams,we never had a cable connection or internet or CD's for that matter,an old taperecorder and it was a big thing to buy a cassette spending 60rs as a student,the black diary helped me to pack my dreams and fondly reminds me about a past which was so simple yet so beautiful,so tough yet so easy and so painful yet the smiles dominated....

Masoom..The only movie which i always had a special place for,and the music which i need not even talk about but one song which i remember for the voice quality and for the lyrics..."Do naina,ek kahaani,thoda sa badal,thoda sa pani,auuur ek kahaani...choti si do jeelo mein woh behathi rehthi hain...Koi sune,ya na sune,kehthi rehthi hain..kuch likhke,kuch jubaan se....thoda sa baadal..

"Kitne saahil dhoonde, koi na saamne aaya ,Jab majdhaar mein doobe, saahil thaamne aaya,Tumne saahil, oh, pehle bichhaaya hota,Khaamosh sa afsaana paani se likha hota,Na tumne kaha hota, na humne suna hota..." For a long time i dint know about the movie the song is from and to know that this movie was banned by censor board made me thank god that they dint ban the music atleast.

I tried my best to keep away from this song,i already mentioned this song in so many posts but still,i cannot complete this post without the song...After RD's demise HMV came up with a tribute for him with Gulzar rendering his voice talking about the moments and memories and the lines which i remember when it rains are..."Yaad hai baarishoN ke din thay woh, Pancham! Aur pahadee ke neeche waadi mein dhuNdh se jhaaNk kar nikalthi hue rail ke patariyaan gujarthi thi. Aur dhuNdh meiN aise lag rahe thay hum, jaise do paudhe paas baithe ho.n.....

Tumne to aakash bichhaya,mere nange pairo main zameen hai,dekhe to tumhaari aarzoo hai,shayad aisi zindagi haseen hai,aarzoo main behne do,pyaasi hoon main pyasi rahne do,katra katra milti hai,katra katra jeenedo,zindagi hai, bahne do...again from the movie "Ijaazat" I remember the train passing through the greenery,through the hills,the dew giving way to it and then the ever beautiful Asha bhosle's voice.....

Closing the books,switching off the music i invited the pitch darkness and the silence to be a partner through the remaining night,as i went to close the window i could hear from the flat next,I wish i could see the person,But maybe not,i am happy with the choice of the music,i dont want to close the windows,let the breeze float in the musical notes of..." Aanewaala pal jaanewala hain,hosake tho isme,zindagi bithado,pal jo ye jaanewala hain...."

Note:( why are comments shown as "0" when the post has comments:(:(:(

Pic courtesy:Deviant Art

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jai Mangala Murti

Certain feelings,some days,a few moments can never be portrayed in words,I wish i can capture the fragrance which is still lingering around the house and keep it with me forever,the smell of chandan,flowers,fresh fruits,sweets,coconuts,mango leaves,haldi,kumkum and the lamps glowing forcing the darkness to give way to the light in the heart,forcing away all fears and being a part of the moment,praying silently knowing that i am not alone who is feeling it all,knowing that you are with me makes it all so fulfilling.Thank you god,for everything i got in life and thank you for something which i lost,i am a better person today.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Birthday came and went,Old by another one Year which is just fine:) A few remembered,Called up, wished and lot many forgot,the people whom i worked with for 8years forgot and the people whom i called friends and gave space in my life and in this blog too forgot and a few whom i thought will sure forget remembered:) and they surprised,with wishes and calls and i ended up with smiles,.New city and nil friends,new work place and the thought that first time mom won't be there to wish me first in the morning {yeah,we are not so big about 12am wishes}..coupled with severe cold and too much of work i wasn't keen about birthday:) Went to work as usual and had a good time,Not bad to celebrate birthday with new colleagues,they were sweet enough to indulge me with lot of words and wishes:) Reached home,still something missing, knocked the door and when someone opened it i was screaming at top of my lungs and sure someone with a faint heart would have lost it.I still have no idea if i was laughing or crying but hubby says i did both.Yes,My mom was here,it was supposed to be a surprise,husband and brother and planned it.,I would never again say i hate surprises. Just her presence made so much difference and i am not angry with people who forgot,the people who just left it behind,or maybe nothing to do with her presence,Its time i realized too that priorities change,people change and so did I and we all moved on with our life's and all are happy in their own way,

changing some things, moving ahead of some friendships and leaving behind a unwanted relationship did good to me,and i just thank god for what has been given and no regrets for what i have lost,it was meant to be and i accept it:) I am happy in my small world with a few complaints and tears but it all vanishes with the love and the smiles and joy which spreads along.

It was truly a Happy Birthday and if i missed the rush,fun,hoards of friends,100's of sms and calls and loads of gifts and how 24hrs were never enough to meet them all I was also happy being content and calm,spending leisurely time with the two people whom i love and need the most, When i remembered that more or less past 15yrs she just waited for me to reach home,from friends,parties,college,she was the first person and last one too to wish me on this day,but rest i never spent time with her,i was busy and this time i made no mistakes, letting her oil my hair,talking about my wedding last year,gossiping about the relatives and yes,after one year of the wedding we both finally found time to talk about the food served and the silk sarees and gold worn by many and about the new designs and what not. First time again had home cooked food on my birthday,so long its been since i did that,
everything was different but every moment was precious,Every moment was filled with content,smiles and the feel that a new beginning has been made,I now know that the pace has slowed down but the moment has been just right and i am Happy,That matters,Isn't it?

i remembered this song.."aao tumhe chand pe lejaaye,pyar bhare sapne sajaaye,chota sa bangla banaaye,ek nayi duniya basaaye,aao tumhe chand pe lejaaye..."

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ek Kahani

I was trying to recollect what all i have done past one month,Yeah,just last thirty days and i realized that i did too many things,and all made me smile,most of them,I have been busy,stocking away memories:)

When they announced the flight was going to land in Hyderabad in 10 min i knew i was almost screaming with delight,It dint occur to me that it might be silly,For me it was a big deal to be away from my family for three months and even though i talk to them daily i missed every bit of my life which l left behind,so two days i had and i have to head back to my world,
I made the most of it, In a matter of two days i met with an accident,almost broke my leg,got an X ray,stuck in traffic in both the cities for more than 2 hours,screamed in a hiiiiii at 12 in the night when i reached home and the neighbors came out thinking there was some problem,hugged both my dogs and touched each flower and leaf in the house,
Went to the place i worked,strange it felt,the warmth was there but i am now an outsider and it felt sad that way:)had such variety of food and i had 14 luggage packs to bring back to Bangalore and missed being a part of the blasts by about two hours,Yes,i was right there at the Chat bhandar which is just opposite to the place i worked and i was there having chat and after two hours i came to know that there were blasts,I am alive and the feeling is great,and thanku so much all you people out there who enquired.

Three weeks before when i stepped out of chennai airport all i could think was to ask myself if i would survive the heat and the tension that i was going to SIL's place for the first time after marriage,it was fun,And i built a house,using the play blocks and i did it first time in my life:) and all the people living in chennai, hatsoff to you,humidity has a new meaning in that city:(

So now you know the word busy when i say Busy,isn't it;p From building blocks to recollecting songs while invigilation duty to traveling to two cities and from an accident to a near death exp i had it all in the month of August:)

Now i know what that Monthly fortune given in that magazine means "Adventure and uncertainty rock your world" Yeah right!!!!

Shravana Masam,Friday,Vara lakshmi vratham,t went on so well,Husband sat down for one hour in the puja and most of the time he was looking at the Pulihara,payasam,gaarelu,He was more interested in completing the puja so that he can EAT!!!!!

They asked me to invigilate,i did but i also wrote a test while doing so,30min and i wanted to see how many songs i might recollect,did very well i must say,32 songs in 30min,not bad huh!! and no,none of the students were copying while i was busy doing my test,Thankyou for asking;p

I never played with them as a child,but never too late:)Me and my SIL's 5yr old twins got busy and i ended up with the house,one day i will own a house of my own,a Real one:)

I let mom have her say and said Yes to the Mehandi and while it pourd heavily outside and i was busy taking pictures with one hand:)

I counted,there are eight diffrent varities of plants,creepers and trees entangled here in the front yard,There is a coconut branch, malathi,Parijaatham,two creepers which bear orange and blue flowers, two huge crotons, white hibiscus,Mom says there are a few more ,oh yeah,i remember there is a Paper Rose also somewhere there:)
It rains,It always does and it makes me wonder if i will ever get over the awe for those tiny little droplets falling over me, I know i wont,certain feelings remain forever, I have mine with me:)

And then i am back to my world,to the silence of my home,To my work and to my life.

Whenever i feel sad that all the fun and happiness of being where i want to be is not permanent i remind myself,Thats why it is more precious,to go there,to be with them,to have fun,i relive the moments in my mind whenever i want to,and then i have a smile,There is always a tomorrow which will bring many more such moments of joy,happiness and For that Another New Day I Wait.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ek roj Zindagi...

"But sir,you always scold only me,Because i am short,and because i sit in front bench you always point out at me,you don't say anything to the other girls"
11am to 11.40am the staff room becomes a fish market,utterchaos, confusion and the Students
surround the teachers for everything and anything during the break time and the attender does a rope walk serving Coffee and the quota of two biscuits per teacher,
Thankfully i don't need to wait for him,i have no regards for the coffee or the Britannia Marie biscuits,so i seriously concentrate on TOI which is scattered by pages on each table,i was on the collection spree,collecting page 14 from the colleague who rarely smiles and asking for the Bangalore times from the one who annoyingly plays high music on his mobile phone,Yeah,he carries his phone in the shirt pocket with the loud speaker on and Tamil music playing,
and in midst of all this i heard a those words,coming back to my seat i tried looking at the direction where it came from.She is short,cute with her spectacles,controlling her frustration and trying hard to talk to the teacher with out letting her tears roll out of her eyes, One of her friend was trying to pacify and take her away but she was adament,she insists that he always scolds her and that today she was not making any noise but he still scolded her. "Because i am short you always notice me and make fun of me" she repeated.

I dont know what went on for the next 5 min but i just kept staring at her,i am not looking at her,her height or her tears, i am looking at the resolve of a girl who walks into the staff room to say that she is right and that she trusts herself while saying so.

I so wanted to talk to her,but i know it is wrong to involve when i am no where concerned,i just wished the teacher would clarify that the height was not an issue at all and that it dosnt matter,but No,he was busy clarifying other things.Do i involve or not? i knew i couldn and my dear collegue and friend who sits next to me and we both share a good friendship stopped me saying it wont be good if i spoke then.

She was going off,along with her friend,i just stood up and walked out of the room,she was there,in front of me,walking fast and furious still,i dont know her name,nothing,not even the class she is from,I need to tell her something,she was waiting near the lift,i just smiled and she looked at me,smiled back after a few seconds.
Hesitantly a few words came out from me "Girl,never let others takeover your confidence,Does it matter that you are short or someone else is fat or lean? if they think so let them be,Be proud of who you are and you know what,you have a wonderful confidence which will help you turn your dreams to reality,By the way you are the one who won the first prize in Debate,Isn't it" Bright eyes,filled with laughter,smiling,enjoying all the credit which is due she replied "Yes ma'am,and ma'am i know you"
"Do you?" Yes ma'am,you won the Anthyakshari competition conducted for the faculty,i remember the last song which you sang,its my dad's favorite song,You teach Consumer Behaviour,My cousin is in your class........"

After spending ten min talking,laughing,smiling it was time for good bye,she was going up to the canteen,"we are celebrating,she says with pride,i won so i am giving a treat,ma'am,join us"
No dear,you have fun, i have a class now.

Yes,i have a class now,but before that i have a word to talk to,to myself,to remind myself how it always affected me as a kid that i was fat,that i was tall and that i was always made to sit in the last bench,how i was laughed at,and how i had those tears welling up in my heart,but i did fight back, with my insecurities,stood up when i was right,fought back when i was humiliated,and i won,won over my insecurities ,it hurts to remember but i don't want to forget,i have more battles and it gives me strength to remember.

and while i was walking back to the staff room,i am greeted by my students,most of them with a smile,a few stopping to share a news,one stopping me to say that she had a fight with her best friend,a group rushing to me saying that they won the cricket match and one boy waiting for me to clear his doubts in Leverage Analysis and i have a class waiting for me to deal with Ethics in Subliminal Advertising and i recollect that song which i sang at the anthakshari....

"Tere girne mein bhi theri haar nahi,ki thu admi hain hain avtaar nahi.....zindagi hasne gaane keliye hain pal,do pal,isse khona nahi,khoke rona nahi......." Isn't it true "Life is to share the laughter and music,don't loose it all and cry for what you have lost.........Don't worry about failures,you are afterall human,Not god..."

Pic courtesy :Deviant Art.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ek Sham...

I have done very few tags in three years of blogging,Yes,been three years already,SO many things changed,but then Things change,so do people and here i am,Writing 7 Random things about myself:) I was tagged by two Food bloggers,Yup the current craze is food blogging and i do have one for myself .

Jyothi and Bharathi,Here are seven random things about me, and i don't want to tag anyone but yes,i want to hear it from Stone,(Atleast that way you will write something more than cricket:D) Pallavi,Its been long since you have done Tags lady) Gayatri{And its been long since we both had a nice emailing session gaya,i will resume it soon)

I am a difficult person to deal with,I am a cleanliness freak,i am an order freak and i am crazy about being in control in whatever situation,Very few people who are close to me know me and how emotional i can be at times,if not for them the general impression about me is that i am Arrogant and that's a nice label which i wear proudly on my sleeve:),No harm,as long as i don't hurt anyone doesn't matter what you perceive about me,There are people who know me the other way and thank god for that;p

I am obsessive about music,When i hear a song i need to get it no matter what.There are times when i walked up to the reception of hotels to find what song they are playing and where can i get it and there was one time when the guy at the billing counter informed me that he got it all recorded personally and i cannot find such a combination in any music center, we convinced him to give us the CD for ten minutes,rushed to buy a new CD,went to a Net center,got it written and then went back to the restaurant to get back my friend whom we kept there in lue of the CD,yes,i did that:)

I started cooking exactly an year back,i started cooking after my marriage,before that i have never been into the kitchen to cook,No matter What.But to tell you the truth i hate cooking,i do it because i need to,and every cooking session for me is not an art but a science project which has to be completed with precision if you want correct results,thats how i cook,Precision,timed,Perfect combinations and using my head and not my heart,thats why i say i am not a good cook,I cook because i have no other choice:(

I don't forgive people easily,Well,thats what is said at least,I guess it depends,most of the times if i am hurt by the one who is close to me i don't forgive easily,if it is someone whom i don't know or who has no idea about me i take it much more easily,I am like that:)

If someone asks me what or whom i miss most about staying away from my family i would say My dogs,Yes, I mean it. They both are the two kiddos who love me to bits without any expectations and i miss the way they jump on to me and their innocent faces make me all happy and forget any pain in this world.

Each day i hum one song till the people around me get bugged,husband putting cotton in his ears,mom screaming in frustration and i do it silently even when i am in an important meeting or attending seminars. Sometimes even while sleeping i suddenly remember songs and it goes on in my head till i drift off into deep slumber.Today it was "Roz sham aathi thi,magar aisi na thi,roz roz ghata chaathi thi,magar aisi na thiye aaj mere zindagi mein....."

When i am stressed or restless or angry i start cleaning the house,or start scrubbing the tiles or s floor or even better,I start eating and if all these are not working then I sleep,and i am fine when i wake up:)

Ok,one more...

I love rain,i just cannot resist drenching myself when the clouds are pouring,The best time was to stand in the beach and watch the waves meeting the rain drops,I did,I was there,there was water every where, my feet getting wet with the waves splashing the shore and the rain drops hitting my face,and i always remember it when i am watching rain.

Music,rain and silence,My favorite combination to be in love with myself,the Magic is woven at such moments:) The magic of falling in love with oneself,the magic of loving life,The magic of being alive and being able to feel it all.....Isn't life all about that unknown magic which weaves such moments which help us keep going on with life,Knowing there are uncertainties but we still look forward to such tomorrow, Hoping that there is a magic there too,waiting for us:)
"Choti si kahaani se,baarisho.n ke pani se saari waadi bhargayi,naajaane kyon,dil bhargaya,njaane kyon Aankh bhargayi"

Pic courtesy :Google

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Picture : The view from our third floor.

Read it somewhere...........

As I look back on all that's happened..growing up, growing together, changing you, changing me -- there were times when we dreamed together, when we laughed and cried together. As I look back on those days, I realize how much I truly miss you and how much I truly love you. The past may be gone forever..and whatever the future holds, our todays make the memories of tomorrow. So, my lifetime friend, it is with all my heart that I send you my love, hoping that you'll always carry my smile with you, for all we have meant to each other and for whatever the future may hold.”

I had a doubt,are there people who still read this blog???? Hope so,Strange,how at one time i had all the time to spend it in front of this blog and now i have all the reasons for not being here,Did i change or it happens with everyone??? Is change really constant? I want to be regular here,i wish and hope to be back:)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Musical Magic

Ok,Now hoping that this blog is visible to everyone i am back,I still miss my white and red template:( but never mind,this one looks awesome:)

Sometimes one song of a film is such a hit that we forget or ignore to listen to the rest of the songs, Happened with me lot of times,Last saturday i was watching my favorite music program on Saregamapa on Zee TV {No Indian Idol {And yes,Amit sang beautifully last week)or Voice Of India can ever match up with this show and yeah,AnuMalik is stupid Judge on Indian Idol and so is Adesh Srivatsava on Voice Of India for god sake }
and saw this guy Raja Hasan{ excellent singer,awesome voice and very cute looking guy} started this song from Omkara {And he you can watch the video here}and by the time he finished it i knew i had tears in my eyes,how did i miss this gem of a song,i know i heard it but i was lost in "Beedi ..." and "Ooo saathi re,din doobe na" from this movie {both are excellent,specially the seond one} that i lost the track of this most wonderful song from the same movie. and the lyrics are just so beautiful....

nainon ki mat maaniyo re,nainon ki mat suniyo,
nainon ki mat suniyo re,naina thag lenge - 2
thag lenge naina thag lenge

jagte jaadu phukenge re jagte jagte jaadu
jagte jaadu phukenge re neenden banjar kar denge
naina thag lenge - 2 ,thag lenge naina thag lenge

bhala manda dekhe na paraya na saga re
nainon ko toh dasne ka chaska laga re

nainon ka zehar nasheela re - 4
baadalon mein satrangiyan bonve bhor talak barsaave

thag lenge naina thag lenge
naina thag lenge thag lenge naina thag lenge -2

naina raat ko chalte chalte swargan mein le jaave
megh malhaar ke sapne dije hariyali dikhlave
naina raat ko chalte chalte swargan mein le jaave
megh malhaar ke sapne dije hariyali dikhlave
nainon ki zubaan pe bharosa nahi aata likhat padhat na rasid na khaata
nainon ki zubaan pe bharosa nahi aata
likhat padhat na rasid na khaata,saari baat hawaayi - 2
bin baadal barsaaye saawan ,saawan bin barsaata
bin baadal barsaaye saawan ,naina baanwara kar denge
naina thag lenge - 2 ,thag lenge naina thag lenge
nainon ki mat maaniyo re,nainon ki mat suniyo..

And Tomorrow there is a Anthakshari competition conducted for the faculty at the college and yes,i am participating and yes,i am enjoying my work now,any change is bound to bring lot of new experiences and this has been a scary exp at the beginning but now i am adapting to the system, lot of issues which i don't believe in but then not everything is what i want/wanted in life,so I just go on with the change of the winds:) to far off lands,chasing my dreams and reaching them one day,we all do that,Don't we?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dear Atticus

The first time i read his blog was one evening of september 2004,I remember his first post "Walking into the sunset" I just started blogging then and i told myself that one day i would write like him,write to make others feel,experience each word there, let others into those memories which they have long forgotten or busy to recollect,i knew one day i would want to write so effortlessly making the reader a part of every word there,It would be no more a blog post,no more just a story,no more just another experience of his,it would be something more, because after reading in some or the other way the reader would be a part of it,part of those emotions and those smiles and joy and pain as well.
I was in an awe for his words and kept going back to his blog again and again, From his days in a B school to his Journey to a far of land in search of himself,in search of a dream he came a long way and i still go to his blog and its 2007 already, I remember the post "Time Stops"
he wrote it sitting in a small village.
And the post about his niece Dhanya which i remembered for a long long time,i dont know how many times i read it. Each post has an emotion,a feeling,an experience worth all your time,and now the latest one which made me cry,those tears which come rarely these days and Dear Atticus, just to tell you that its been three years of knowing an Unknown you,Whose name i never knew for a long time,whose face i have no idea about,whose voice i have never heard of,but whose emotions,whose life has been a part of my virtual world,where i made some wonderful friends,Where we all have been a part of each others life in some or the other way,Today i just wanted to say Be Happy and keep writing:)

You talks of sunsets,the ones which are beautiful,the ones which give a hope,Yes,for me they give a hope,the Sun going down gives me a HOPE of A Tomorrow to come,a new one, with lot more dreams,with lot more happiness,it would bring you someone who is special and who would be with you,forever,The goodbyes are only for now,The flight which left you alone will be back sooner with that special someone who would be with you forever.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


If you are a reader of this blog please do let me know if now you can see the blog,i mean is it visible now,past 20days people kept sending mails that they are unable to see the blog in IE whereas i can read it in on my desktop and the laptop in both IE and Firefox,and when a friend said it might be the the blog template i deleted my favorite blog template and switched to this hoping that the problem would be rectified,but heard last that its still not visible,what to do:( i feel so frustrated. Why is my blog not visible dear god and dear IE what did i do:((((
Help ,help,help

I reverted to the blogger template and now everyone is able to see the blog but i am so depressed with the look of it that i quit,i wont write anything till i know what was wrong with a nice good looking template which i choose for my blog and why IE had to be so cruel,i wont write till the look is what i wanted it to be:(

Update2: I have no idea what is it with blogger,but i couldn see my blog in those blogger templates:( and shifted to this which was long long back was custom designed for my blog by a very good friend:) I am not going to write for a few more days,Lot of work and lack of discipline is taking a toll on my personal as well the professional life,Let me handle that first,as of now this blog looks good to me,but if anyone is still not able to see it then i have absolutely no idea what and how to handle it:(
takecare all of you.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Aaj mera jee karda.....

There is silence all around and i just drift of in to those memories,the days where life was simple,dreams were beautiful,people were a part of everything and you had a goal,a challenge,
all that laughter with a group of friends sitting in one corner in the Gokul chat bhandar or that icecream corner at Abids or that Johns bakery for sandwiches and that swati tiffin center at kachiguda where i always ordered chole bhatura no matter what,and that shop near to the college where hot samosas were delivered every morning at 9am and we used to line up for them,and then that drive over the tankbund or a walk with corn or bhel when it rained,

the waiting in the bus stops and trying to balance the books while standing and chatting with friends in the bus,handling those romeos whose just stared and stared, sitting in PR Sir's accounts class and playing anthyakshari with pen and paper,Sitting in the library for most part of the day right under the display board of "SILENCE PLEASE" and talking away to glory,bunking classes for the first show in maheshwari parameshwari theater.

sharing lunch boxes and gossips,those fights which happened in the seminar hall for planning the freshers and farewell,counting all those certificates and medals on the D day and waiting to reach home to mom and at times waiting at the public booth for making that one call to mom's office,waiting to here her voice and then excitedly telling her the result,and to hurry or the limited one re coins to be used will be over {I dont even remember when was the last time i used the land line or a public booth to make call},

Buying a Reynolds pen and a super delux long note book, carrying steel lunch box and a milton water bottle,that just time pass shopping at sultan bazaar and the ganne ka ras {sugar cane juice} at the entrance of the college,panipuri at the badichoudi where the moment he saw us he used to smile, the shanti selections showroom where we took 3hrs to select two chudidaars and then rejected them at the bill counter when and walked off while the salesman was still cursing us all:)

While Professor V walked into the classroom from the front door to teach economics we all used to rush out of the class from the back door,simple life,simple pleasures,that 100rs of pocket money was precious enough,Those simple dresses amma bought for festivites or birthday were worth all the smiles,there were no cards or bouquets of flowers,no sms but the wishes poured in from the loved ones,the early morning temple visits were refreshing,never celebrated mothers day but made sure to save money to buy a cheap nicknacks for amma or bro,that 10rs pen which he gave or that chocolate we shared tasted sweeter,daal chawal in the tiffin box was relished totally,
singing away the whole day i crossed one obstacle from another and one fine morning i found myself BUSY,with life and with the world,i was trying to create a future,i was on my way to becoming successful and i did,and when i looked around i found a decent bankbalance, this two bed room flat,the closed doors,the security lock,all the gadgets like the laptop,that dvd player,the music system,my two mobiles,and lot more,these which makes life Easy,entertaining,but i am busy,as always,rush through life,i have a mobile always with me but i have no time to call friends or amma,i keep it short always,i have N number of cd's with my favorite music but i have no time to listen to,I am Busy.How many times do we use this word in a day?

Stopped typing and looked out,these days i keep the windows open,i don't want to miss out on that cold breeze or that first drop of rain or that squirrel who occasionally gives me the company and then i heard a cuckoo singing one day,And it started raining,am i loosing my life to being busy? I felt depressed,scared,and it started raining,heavy rain and somewhere from some flat i heard a song in between the lashing rain,the song which is beautiful,amazing in its meaning and which says it all...i am smiling again,the high volume in which the song is played was a blessing,i could hear it all the way through the pouring rain,maybe there is a music lover in some room over there,who loves the life and knows how to make the most of it......
Aji mera jee karda ....
Rabba Rabba Mee Barsa, Saddi koti daaney paa .... (4)
kaava kaava kaava....
aaji mera ji karda ...

kaava kaava kaava
aaj mera ji karda, mei ut jaa naale haava vava
ki meri kismat ne (2) karditiya tandiya chaava ....
ke aaj mera (2) jee karda, mei lut jaava
lut jaa naale haava vava, aaj mera ji karda,

kaava kaava kaava ... aaj mera jee karda
lut jaavaa naal havaa vaaa .... ohh ...

Rabba Rabba Mee Barsa, Saddi koti daaney paa

sada neer achanchal paraiyan ki
khushiyan nachdiyan nachdiyan paraiyan ki
kaliyan rathan lagan paraiyan ki
gaavo toliyan gaavo toliyan gaavo toliyan
nijaa boliyan

Rabba Rabba Mee Barsa, Saddi koti daaney paa ....
I cannot translate the whole meaning but i am just trying to copy what i know of it.

"Hey bhagwaan,kaale badal barsao,
aaj mera dil kartha hain ki main jee bhar ke naachoo,
mere dil mein aaj tamannayein bhari hain
kaash mein panchi ki tarah ud paatha,
kismath jagaai hain,barish ki boondein khushiya lekar aayi hain
,kaash mein us paatha,kaash panchi udaan lepatha......"

Live,and live with a smile,live and live with people around,
Live,and live to share with others,Live,and live to wipe a tear,
Live and live to tell a tale of the days gone by,but do so with a smile,
live,live to look forward for a tomorrow,for a better tomorrow,
Live,and live it to the fullest.
Have a wonderful day ahead all of you.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

With Love-From Hyderabad:)

Welcome,our gates are always open for you
and we wait with flowers any time:)

Knock knock,Anybody home;p

This is my favorite spot any day,
love sitting here and watching all those birds in the garden.

My favorite{70yrs} araam chair which has my
grandfather's name scribbled on to it.

Wow,wow and big woooooooooooooooow;p

We occupy the roadside also and plant trees,
wish i can see the road but nope:)

Mummy,Yummieee coconuts, nariyal pani in hot
summer afternoons is free in this house:)

Whats up buddy,you came for a day and all
i see is that you are damn busy with that camera.

Ok Lady,Lets get over with this and then i want
to come inside the house,No matter what!!!

Oh God,Will you stop clicking now,
we are kind of tired of giving those poses;p

If you are stubborn so am I,
Let me take a nap in your favorite almost 90yr
old chair your nani gifted to you,now stop frowning,
you know i love this chair,
be good and let me own it as always:)

god,you are impossible,forget it lady,i have all
my eyes on that butterfly over there,
how dare she is entering my territory;p

If god ever asked me if i wanted any changes in my little world i would say NO:) Life is beautiful with love,music and memories " hasthe hathe,katjaaye rasthe,zindagi yunhi chalthi rahe,kushi mile ya ghum,badlenge na hum,zindagi chahe badalthi rahe"

Sunday, May 27, 2007

And then one day....

Its so strange how the simple experiences of life teach you the most invaluable lessons of life,thank god for them:) I am at home all the day,i have always said from the time i came to this city that i will go back if i don't find a job,luckily i am on vacation,i am still holding on to my job in Hyd,Did i try?No,maybe because i never trusted enough about myself,i trusted others and after working for 7yrs at one place i guess i lost that spirit of searching,trying or getting something with a vengeance,i was too much of myself in a comfort zone,with out even trying i said I lost, depressed and was almost in tears.
Someone knocked the door ,windows clad with curtains,doors closed and me busy with my laptop,TV,music as always went to open the door,and surprised to see hubby completely drenched and then i realized it was raining,I was angry,frustrated,
How could i not know it was raining?How could i not know,Me,who loves the rain like mad,i was cursing and murmuring to myself,cursing that this city of walls is no fun,that there is no open sky to watch over,that there is no open space,I just was going on"how could i not know????" and i hear this one line from him "Because you chose not to hear or know anything about it,You closed yourself and you chose to lock yourself here my dear,try going out,you will feel fine,give it a try " I dont know if it were only for the rain or for my attitude of not trying but it did hit at the right spot।
With in two hours i was seen busy posting my cv and getting an interview call and the next day saw me travelling alone,rejecting a recommendation from a well wisher,and by afternoon i gave a call to my mom and then to my hubby "I GOT THE JOB,Yes,the first one i applied for and the first interview i attended and the first demo i have given got me a job,Yes,this is my first sincere attempt with out taking any suggestions or with out trusting any false promises and i got it on my own,Yes,again as a teacher in one of the very good colleges in this city, and i loved every moment of the experience,
and then while i was waiting there came hubby,I am proud of you was the only line i heard from him and it reminded me of mom, thank god for these two people in my life,they are always there to make me walk straight when i am loosing my path.

And yes, it did rain again that day,and i got drenched totally and all my certificates got wet,and i almost lost my wrist watch,something which i am wearing past 13years,yes,13yrs but it is still working after all that soaking wet in rain:) and poor hubby was trying so hard to save his laptop from rain,and while coming back i was still humming the same song which i started in the morning "aashaayein khile dil ki,ummeedein hase dil ki,ab mushkil nahi kutch bhi,nahi kutch bhi kutch aaisa karke dikha,khud khush ho jaaye khuda,aashaayen khile dil ki"

चीनी कम हैं,चीनी कम हैं,थोड़ी थोड़ी तुझमें हैं क़ुम, सुनले कभी कहती हैं क्या,दिल कि सदा, दर्द जाता हैं मुस्कुराके, देखले देखले आज्माके ...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just Like That

Yes,I get Tread mill as a gift from Husband and i am yet to recover from the shock;p, Seriously both of us should be given an award sort of thing for finding the most unusual! ! ! ! sort of things for each other,But whats so unusual about this he asks innocently, Sigh!@$#$!# This man never gave me a flower or a card till now but he gives me a Tread Mill,A digi cam,A Laptop, etc etc and he still dosnt understand the importance of flowers in a womens life,neither the imp of cards, Sigh! ! ! He is still sulking that i was not excited or dancing around after seeing the gift,Now he seriously expects that!@#$%^^#W!@$

I should have known that marrying a geek who can discuss routers, I P Numbers and net working when he meets his would be wife for the first time can go to any extent when needed, He did. Whenever we have a fight i make sure to show my displeasure or anger by not giving him the news paper,by putting more salt in the curries or adding salt to his coffee but what does he do?? He Blocks my IP Address while i am browsing and i keep wondering why i am unable to connect to net while he is happily plying with his laptop,I keep checking the wireless broad band router,calling up the service provider,sigh, This man is impossible:(

I met the Principal of a very reputed college today and am yet to come out of the shock of knowing that people can be so rude, they don't have the basic courtesy of offering a chair or responding to the wishes,not a smile all the while,pompous, and can just throw a card on the table and show off the books written by him {Only to know that he is not even eligible to write those subjects}
and that the credentials given in his card are far more less and meaning less when compared to mine and i taught double the subjects than he did and i am more experienced than he is and that he is given that position because he belongs to such and such community left me sad and depressed,i so want to go back to my work place,i wish i can, and as for the offer from that college,i will starve to death but would never go back to that place and work with such people.
So my first attempt at starting my professional life here goes for a toss,and i am busy munching chips and peanuts and having rasgullas and gulabjamoon and looking at that TREAD MILL:)
Happy weekend all of you:)

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye,jab koi mushkil padjaaye,
tum dena saath mera woh hum nawaaz,na koi hain,
na koi tha,zindagi mein tumhare siva,
tum dena saath mera,woh humnawaaj

Monday, May 14, 2007


One song which always makes me smile,which always helps me to remember that there is a better Tomorrow,the word HOPE sounds so good hearing this song,one of my favorite movie,one of my favorite songs and one which i needed the most today,sometimes no amount of words from friends, wellwishers or your loved ones help and then i turn to music,which has always been by my side when needed,I feel much better listening to this and hope this sure helps me to go get something which is important,for my existence,to prove to myself that i can still fight and win,i will try.
i am enjoying the light of HOPE,
which shows me a new path,
filled with lot of happiness and smiles,The journey is unknown,
but when there is someone to hold my hand and take me down the road,
into an Unknown future,I am ready to walk with you,
Will you be mine forever?

teri woh raftaar ho,roke se bhi tu na ruke
haasil kar aaisa shikhar,parbat ki bhi nazrein uthe

udd jaaye leke khushi,apne sang tujhko waha
jannat se mulaqaat ho,puri ho teri har dua
aashaayein khile dil ki,ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahi kutch bhi,nahi kutch bhi
kutch aaisa karke dikha,khud khush ho jaaye khuda
aashaayen khile dil ki
ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahi kutch bhi
nahi kutch bhi

From the movie Iqbal

It bends,it twists,it sometime hides,but rarely does it break,It sustains us when nothing else can.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

There is no Tomorrow here.

Death takes away every hope,It takes away A Tomorrow,It takes away a smile,forever,I have no idea why it had to happen,but it did happen,the sms in my phone still says the same,i keep reading it again and again,hoping that maybe i missed a word,but no,it says "N,Professor R is no more,we lost him to a heart attach an hour back"
On my first wedding anniversary i lost my Mentor,my guide,whom i knew past ten years,whom i went to with every problem,he had every solution and he always said i am his elder daughter and that he would want me to be happy and when i was coming to Bangalore his words were the same "You did enough for everyone,now its time to sit back and enjoy life,get a job there and be with your husband,i will come and meet you in June,i don't want you to come back here to work,your priority is your family"

I just wanted to say this "Sir,i never had my father when ever i needed anything in my life,but past ten years you have been one person whom i turned to with all the problems,I don't know if i will ever meet my dad or know even if he leaves this world,but your loss will be one vacume which no one can fill,thankyou for being there"
I still wish the sms was just a mistake,I still wish it were a bad dream and when i enter the college campus in June i hear his booming voice checking out things,I know we have lost him for ever.
With him my association with my eight year career in my college ends,i don't know if i will find a job in Bangalore but i am sure i will never go back to the campus again and work there,its over and wish it was not this way.
Death takes away all the hope.It does.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Tumka & The Tumki

His Version
Exactly an year back i lost all my independence and thats when i realised that i am now happy married,i am a married man:( She wont let me forget that even in my sleep. I am feeling so sleepy but still wanted to say this,Now that we both completed one year i am going to give a name to ourself, yes,a new name,when she can rip me away with all her jokes on me at this blog let me also take this opportunity and share this name with you all. Ladies and gentleman,presenting to you the Tumka {thats me} and the Tumki {thats her}
Why why why? she keeps asking me, Hmmm,i will tell you all even before you start,now the tumka and the tumki are two lazy people who stay at home most of the time when they are not in the office and just keep talking {she talks and i listen} and they never bother to go out,socialize,meet friends or explore the new city,they have no interest in the latest fashion statements,they both love watching comedy movies and can laugh aloud while sharing an orange or a banana or some groundnuts {how boring na,they are too lazy to get popcorn also} They prefer simple music and love reading their newspaper on every sunday morning sharing it and tumki cooks well and she did start a new blog also for that:))) so no chance of going out to the only restaurant which they used to visit often{even the waiters there are bored of them now:(
and they can think of food whenever they feel bored,yes,they can always think of food,they both are like small size errrrrrrr or,large size {hmmm,lets settle for medium} size round pumpkins,golgappas, potatos or whatever comes to ur mind, they love to climb on to their bechara kinetic Activa and go to reliance fresh or foodworld which is just half a km from their house and have fun in the name of shopping {oh,never mind even if it is called grocery shopping}
they hardly go out on a vacation,past one yr all they did was to plan and while the word execution come they excuse themselves and postpone the plans
All they have in their life right now is few friends {whom we blatantly ignore and do not meet but they still love us} and a street dog which she adopted and feeds promptly even before she realises that there is a husband who is hungry:(((( Sigh!!!!! that dog dosn't even give bhaav to me:( Now you know why i say the Tumka and the Tumki,it suits, isn't it:D
Now i hope all your doubts are cleared and i am sure now no one will ask us "what are your plans for today {huh,even that doctor whom we met today had the same question,huh:(

By the way i am supposed to say "Happy wedding anniversary wife" {Oh,i don't want to say first,because it reminds me that i just completed only one year of my life long imprisonment} And now i am rushing off from here before those chappal and jaadoo and paperweight lands on me,runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:)

My version of shaadi ki saalgirah
A year back exactly on this day i was awake at this hour,the house was filled with people, flowers and lights and bangles ,puja,mehandi, silk sarees, glittering gold,sweets and laughter around, but still there was a strange silence in my room,i was still wondering if it were all true? Was i really getting married? but why and how? i mean why would someone want to stay with me forever? why would someone share his life with me? The answers which were not known and in midst of all the confusion at 7am, we both got married, not once did you look at me and all the time i was looking at you "Why is he taking all this trouble to marry me?? Me out of all the people?? huh,strange man and i smiled to myself.
Dear hubby,exactly one year and on this day of our first wedding anniversary i am sitting by the window and typing away while you are happily dreaming away in the wonderland of sleep,Its so peaceful and silent,i cannot sleep but today i have no questions or confusions,i dont need any answers,All i know is that we were destined to be with each other and both of us are trying our best to feel it all for life,i know we will be happy, Happy first wedding anniversary dear husband,you mean a world to me today and forever:)


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