Sunday, June 24, 2007

Aaj mera jee karda.....

There is silence all around and i just drift of in to those memories,the days where life was simple,dreams were beautiful,people were a part of everything and you had a goal,a challenge,
all that laughter with a group of friends sitting in one corner in the Gokul chat bhandar or that icecream corner at Abids or that Johns bakery for sandwiches and that swati tiffin center at kachiguda where i always ordered chole bhatura no matter what,and that shop near to the college where hot samosas were delivered every morning at 9am and we used to line up for them,and then that drive over the tankbund or a walk with corn or bhel when it rained,

the waiting in the bus stops and trying to balance the books while standing and chatting with friends in the bus,handling those romeos whose just stared and stared, sitting in PR Sir's accounts class and playing anthyakshari with pen and paper,Sitting in the library for most part of the day right under the display board of "SILENCE PLEASE" and talking away to glory,bunking classes for the first show in maheshwari parameshwari theater.

sharing lunch boxes and gossips,those fights which happened in the seminar hall for planning the freshers and farewell,counting all those certificates and medals on the D day and waiting to reach home to mom and at times waiting at the public booth for making that one call to mom's office,waiting to here her voice and then excitedly telling her the result,and to hurry or the limited one re coins to be used will be over {I dont even remember when was the last time i used the land line or a public booth to make call},

Buying a Reynolds pen and a super delux long note book, carrying steel lunch box and a milton water bottle,that just time pass shopping at sultan bazaar and the ganne ka ras {sugar cane juice} at the entrance of the college,panipuri at the badichoudi where the moment he saw us he used to smile, the shanti selections showroom where we took 3hrs to select two chudidaars and then rejected them at the bill counter when and walked off while the salesman was still cursing us all:)

While Professor V walked into the classroom from the front door to teach economics we all used to rush out of the class from the back door,simple life,simple pleasures,that 100rs of pocket money was precious enough,Those simple dresses amma bought for festivites or birthday were worth all the smiles,there were no cards or bouquets of flowers,no sms but the wishes poured in from the loved ones,the early morning temple visits were refreshing,never celebrated mothers day but made sure to save money to buy a cheap nicknacks for amma or bro,that 10rs pen which he gave or that chocolate we shared tasted sweeter,daal chawal in the tiffin box was relished totally,
singing away the whole day i crossed one obstacle from another and one fine morning i found myself BUSY,with life and with the world,i was trying to create a future,i was on my way to becoming successful and i did,and when i looked around i found a decent bankbalance, this two bed room flat,the closed doors,the security lock,all the gadgets like the laptop,that dvd player,the music system,my two mobiles,and lot more,these which makes life Easy,entertaining,but i am busy,as always,rush through life,i have a mobile always with me but i have no time to call friends or amma,i keep it short always,i have N number of cd's with my favorite music but i have no time to listen to,I am Busy.How many times do we use this word in a day?

Stopped typing and looked out,these days i keep the windows open,i don't want to miss out on that cold breeze or that first drop of rain or that squirrel who occasionally gives me the company and then i heard a cuckoo singing one day,And it started raining,am i loosing my life to being busy? I felt depressed,scared,and it started raining,heavy rain and somewhere from some flat i heard a song in between the lashing rain,the song which is beautiful,amazing in its meaning and which says it all...i am smiling again,the high volume in which the song is played was a blessing,i could hear it all the way through the pouring rain,maybe there is a music lover in some room over there,who loves the life and knows how to make the most of it......
Aji mera jee karda ....
Rabba Rabba Mee Barsa, Saddi koti daaney paa .... (4)
kaava kaava kaava....
aaji mera ji karda ...

kaava kaava kaava
aaj mera ji karda, mei ut jaa naale haava vava
ki meri kismat ne (2) karditiya tandiya chaava ....
ke aaj mera (2) jee karda, mei lut jaava
lut jaa naale haava vava, aaj mera ji karda,

kaava kaava kaava ... aaj mera jee karda
lut jaavaa naal havaa vaaa .... ohh ...

Rabba Rabba Mee Barsa, Saddi koti daaney paa

sada neer achanchal paraiyan ki
khushiyan nachdiyan nachdiyan paraiyan ki
kaliyan rathan lagan paraiyan ki
gaavo toliyan gaavo toliyan gaavo toliyan
nijaa boliyan

Rabba Rabba Mee Barsa, Saddi koti daaney paa ....
I cannot translate the whole meaning but i am just trying to copy what i know of it.

"Hey bhagwaan,kaale badal barsao,
aaj mera dil kartha hain ki main jee bhar ke naachoo,
mere dil mein aaj tamannayein bhari hain
kaash mein panchi ki tarah ud paatha,
kismath jagaai hain,barish ki boondein khushiya lekar aayi hain
,kaash mein us paatha,kaash panchi udaan lepatha......"

Live,and live with a smile,live and live with people around,
Live,and live to share with others,Live,and live to wipe a tear,
Live and live to tell a tale of the days gone by,but do so with a smile,
live,live to look forward for a tomorrow,for a better tomorrow,
Live,and live it to the fullest.
Have a wonderful day ahead all of you.


Art said...

Wow!! U took me down the memory lane... I also started thinking about all the stuff I used to do.. Those small moments of joy.. always bring a smile on the face...

Tulan said...

it is only in india that those small things brings so much joy nad happiness. when in other places even the biggest things brings u hardly any joy

remembered all the small joys i had when i was a kid. it was great. why do we grow up???

@$#!$# said...

kya baat a nostalgic mood, eh :)

u know....that is what good times are for, you have fun when you are there, and you smile when you think about them....

wise donkey said...

life is about living the moment..
but ur post brings back memories..
sigh life was so simple and uncomplicated then..
what complicated it. the lifestyle or just us..not sure..

take care
with lots of love and hugs

cheers to rain and memories and the music lover who kept the song in high volume:)

Usha said...

beautifully recollected - but you know this is only a phase - all this busy ness and struggle to balance and to find time for all the things you want to do by taking time from things you have to do. Enjoy this too while you can - for there will again come a time when you have a lot of time in your hand to do a lot of things at leisure. The trick is not to lose oneself completely in all this running and to remember to make time for some of those simple pleasures.

Stone said...


asuph said...

Long back I remember, I started blogging on sulekha (my first foray into blogs) with a poem that expressed similar thoughts. But this is so heartfelt, this made me relive my past.

I just have to find time to listen to music, to read, to watch good movies. I cannot defer that. But still a lot has changed. Sigh!

thanks for this lovely piece,

Pallavi said...

Well when you are beginning your life in a new place... all you have to warm your sentiments up are memories sometimes.. .and one can float.. :)

RML said...

Hi alapana,
That was a very nice recollection of memories.You made me nostalgic by reminding me the places in Hyd.
No matter how far we are those sweet memories will also be with us forever.
Will keep dropping by...

jarvarm said...

Fantastic one.Beautiful memories.

Dreamcatcher said...

Nostalgic this is. Isn't it sad that there are some people you will only meet in memory lane.

Amrit said...


Stone said...

Hi Neels!
Nope I didn't get your mail; just check you gmail, I've sent a mail there, you can reply back on that id.

Take care!

GuNs said...

Its been only two years since I've finished college and I understand all that you write here already. It weird how people change their priorities when they start working. I am proud to say I havent. I still think a walk down our old colony with one or two old buddies is a lot more important than sitting in office slogging so that I get a better raise. Playing football with my old friends was always more important than rest after a harrowing day travelling in crowded buses and being dehydrated and tired to the bone.



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