Sunday, June 03, 2007

With Love-From Hyderabad:)

Welcome,our gates are always open for you
and we wait with flowers any time:)

Knock knock,Anybody home;p

This is my favorite spot any day,
love sitting here and watching all those birds in the garden.

My favorite{70yrs} araam chair which has my
grandfather's name scribbled on to it.

Wow,wow and big woooooooooooooooow;p

We occupy the roadside also and plant trees,
wish i can see the road but nope:)

Mummy,Yummieee coconuts, nariyal pani in hot
summer afternoons is free in this house:)

Whats up buddy,you came for a day and all
i see is that you are damn busy with that camera.

Ok Lady,Lets get over with this and then i want
to come inside the house,No matter what!!!

Oh God,Will you stop clicking now,
we are kind of tired of giving those poses;p

If you are stubborn so am I,
Let me take a nap in your favorite almost 90yr
old chair your nani gifted to you,now stop frowning,
you know i love this chair,
be good and let me own it as always:)

god,you are impossible,forget it lady,i have all
my eyes on that butterfly over there,
how dare she is entering my territory;p

If god ever asked me if i wanted any changes in my little world i would say NO:) Life is beautiful with love,music and memories " hasthe hathe,katjaaye rasthe,zindagi yunhi chalthi rahe,kushi mile ya ghum,badlenge na hum,zindagi chahe badalthi rahe"


Stone said...

hmmm..homecoming :-)

Beautiful snaps!!

No wonder why you so much miss Hyderabad :-)

Kishore said...

When r u coming back to namma bengalooru?

starry nights said...

Thanks for sharing these pics.I would have missed home too.

San said...

nothing beats "home sweet home"

@$#!$# said...

:-) so how was the trip back home?And have u started at your job yet?

Art said...

home sweet home.. no better place than that..

Tulan said...

hey good to know that u are feeling better. sorry i havent been reading much of late as u know from the last entry. been really busy like crazy

Velu Nair said...

Superb pics, Alapana!!

Usha said...

Nice home, nice pics and yes, there is no place like home. Those two dogs of yours are adorable.

Pallavi said...

so are you in Bangalore or hyd.. and congrats on the job..

its been ages.. since I read blogs.. am trying to get back.. hahah

and I love your dogs.. as usual


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