Tuesday, July 10, 2007


If you are a reader of this blog please do let me know if now you can see the blog,i mean is it visible now,past 20days people kept sending mails that they are unable to see the blog in IE whereas i can read it in on my desktop and the laptop in both IE and Firefox,and when a friend said it might be the the blog template i deleted my favorite blog template and switched to this hoping that the problem would be rectified,but heard last that its still not visible,what to do:( i feel so frustrated. Why is my blog not visible dear god and dear IE what did i do:((((
Help ,help,help

I reverted to the blogger template and now everyone is able to see the blog but i am so depressed with the look of it that i quit,i wont write anything till i know what was wrong with a nice good looking template which i choose for my blog and why IE had to be so cruel,i wont write till the look is what i wanted it to be:(

Update2: I have no idea what is it with blogger,but i couldn see my blog in those blogger templates:( and shifted to this which was long long back was custom designed for my blog by a very good friend:) I am not going to write for a few more days,Lot of work and lack of discipline is taking a toll on my personal as well the professional life,Let me handle that first,as of now this blog looks good to me,but if anyone is still not able to see it then i have absolutely no idea what and how to handle it:(
takecare all of you.


Ardra said...

No dear, it is still not visible on IE. :-( I'm posting this thru firefox. Last week, in between I could view your earlier template on IE for a day or two and then it dissappeared again. I was thinking something was wrong with my IE. Hpe things get set right soon...

Gaizabonts said...

visible thru Firefox and IE7. Cant see the header image.

pria said...

I am using IE and can see your blog.

Smita said...

hi neeluji! i was among the ones who complained!! but now it is perfect...was frustrated to see that u hd put in new posts (on the visible right hand sidebar) but unable to view the content!!! ab jaa ke rahat mili!! okay lemme read the posts now..

Art said...

I can view this.. Was able to view the earlier one too.. in IE and firefox..
Dont let the template stop u from writing.. I so love reading ur posts...

cheti said...

I am viewing through IE and it looks fine to me !!!

Manish said...

Couldn't chk it last night. It is visible now .

@$#!$# said...

well...its visible in IE, firefox, safari & opera.... :)

so you can relax now...and keep writing

P.S: All you ie fans out there...get a life, switch to firefox

GuNs said...

the blog is visible though a lot of the links are in white colour on a white background i.e. they are invisible.

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