Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Musical Magic

Ok,Now hoping that this blog is visible to everyone i am back,I still miss my white and red template:( but never mind,this one looks awesome:)

Sometimes one song of a film is such a hit that we forget or ignore to listen to the rest of the songs, Happened with me lot of times,Last saturday i was watching my favorite music program on Saregamapa on Zee TV {No Indian Idol {And yes,Amit sang beautifully last week)or Voice Of India can ever match up with this show and yeah,AnuMalik is stupid Judge on Indian Idol and so is Adesh Srivatsava on Voice Of India for god sake }
and saw this guy Raja Hasan{ excellent singer,awesome voice and very cute looking guy} started this song from Omkara {And he you can watch the video here}and by the time he finished it i knew i had tears in my eyes,how did i miss this gem of a song,i know i heard it but i was lost in "Beedi ..." and "Ooo saathi re,din doobe na" from this movie {both are excellent,specially the seond one} that i lost the track of this most wonderful song from the same movie. and the lyrics are just so beautiful....

nainon ki mat maaniyo re,nainon ki mat suniyo,
nainon ki mat suniyo re,naina thag lenge - 2
thag lenge naina thag lenge

jagte jaadu phukenge re jagte jagte jaadu
jagte jaadu phukenge re neenden banjar kar denge
naina thag lenge - 2 ,thag lenge naina thag lenge

bhala manda dekhe na paraya na saga re
nainon ko toh dasne ka chaska laga re

nainon ka zehar nasheela re - 4
baadalon mein satrangiyan bonve bhor talak barsaave

thag lenge naina thag lenge
naina thag lenge thag lenge naina thag lenge -2

naina raat ko chalte chalte swargan mein le jaave
megh malhaar ke sapne dije hariyali dikhlave
naina raat ko chalte chalte swargan mein le jaave
megh malhaar ke sapne dije hariyali dikhlave
nainon ki zubaan pe bharosa nahi aata likhat padhat na rasid na khaata
nainon ki zubaan pe bharosa nahi aata
likhat padhat na rasid na khaata,saari baat hawaayi - 2
bin baadal barsaaye saawan ,saawan bin barsaata
bin baadal barsaaye saawan ,naina baanwara kar denge
naina thag lenge - 2 ,thag lenge naina thag lenge
nainon ki mat maaniyo re,nainon ki mat suniyo..

And Tomorrow there is a Anthakshari competition conducted for the faculty at the college and yes,i am participating and yes,i am enjoying my work now,any change is bound to bring lot of new experiences and this has been a scary exp at the beginning but now i am adapting to the system, lot of issues which i don't believe in but then not everything is what i want/wanted in life,so I just go on with the change of the winds:) to far off lands,chasing my dreams and reaching them one day,we all do that,Don't we?


Pallavi said...

New template looks cool. Have not watched the music shows for a while now.. and how are you doing ??

Stone said...

Needless to say I was hooked to this song the moment I heard it, one of my favorite from Omkara, its really tough to pin-point one song to be above others in that album, all of them are gems; after a really long time there is a movie-album which you can listen to endlessly in loop without skipping any one.
There are kind-of songs which have an instant appeal e.g 'Beedi' one, and then there are some which when listened over a period of time, grows on you, this particular number 'Naina' or 'Lakkad jale to...' are those kinds, more u hear them more u enjoy the beauty of lyrics, music, voice-modulations.

I think I better stop now :-)

jarvarm said...

It's Gangadhar.

jarvarm said...

btw pl edit the link in your blogroll as jarvarm..thanks

Manish said...

this song was on my list in my annual countdown... RFAK is always my fav.
I heard Raja Hasan on 14th along with other two very talented singers. on that day he sung a song from lagan. it was fabulous.

Orchid Owl said...

I wish if I can share my blog on Raja Hasan - Saregamapa 2007 here.

mommyof2 said...

I like this template:-)

Hip Grandma said...

hubs monopolizes the TV ever since retirement and haven't watched SaRe Ga MA pa for ages.It was my favorite once upon a time.BTW did you learn classical music?

shub said...

I *love* this song from Omkara. brilliant soundtract in the movie, and this one tops the list cos of the lyrics :)
howdy, neels?

Pramod said...

All the best for your antakshari competetion!! :)

jupallis said...

Hi Alps,

Template looks good.

Sad part is now I cant watch Indian Idol any more I guess u know why (: so sad right.

So please do update me who is loosing/winning :) I wish Deepali should win.

Satish Jupalli

wise donkey said...

so what happened at the antakshari..i still watch voice of India..for the song selection..
re, dreams, well done:)


Michelle said...

this is a pretty template :)


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