Sunday, May 13, 2007

There is no Tomorrow here.

Death takes away every hope,It takes away A Tomorrow,It takes away a smile,forever,I have no idea why it had to happen,but it did happen,the sms in my phone still says the same,i keep reading it again and again,hoping that maybe i missed a word,but no,it says "N,Professor R is no more,we lost him to a heart attach an hour back"
On my first wedding anniversary i lost my Mentor,my guide,whom i knew past ten years,whom i went to with every problem,he had every solution and he always said i am his elder daughter and that he would want me to be happy and when i was coming to Bangalore his words were the same "You did enough for everyone,now its time to sit back and enjoy life,get a job there and be with your husband,i will come and meet you in June,i don't want you to come back here to work,your priority is your family"

I just wanted to say this "Sir,i never had my father when ever i needed anything in my life,but past ten years you have been one person whom i turned to with all the problems,I don't know if i will ever meet my dad or know even if he leaves this world,but your loss will be one vacume which no one can fill,thankyou for being there"
I still wish the sms was just a mistake,I still wish it were a bad dream and when i enter the college campus in June i hear his booming voice checking out things,I know we have lost him for ever.
With him my association with my eight year career in my college ends,i don't know if i will find a job in Bangalore but i am sure i will never go back to the campus again and work there,its over and wish it was not this way.
Death takes away all the hope.It does.


anumita said...

Happy Anniversary darling! And am really sorry for your loss. But god gives as he takes.

Tulan said...

sorry for u r loss friend. But i am sure he is watching from up there and smiling upon you for remembering him with utmost respect


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