Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just Like That

Yes,I get Tread mill as a gift from Husband and i am yet to recover from the shock;p, Seriously both of us should be given an award sort of thing for finding the most unusual! ! ! ! sort of things for each other,But whats so unusual about this he asks innocently, Sigh!@$#$!# This man never gave me a flower or a card till now but he gives me a Tread Mill,A digi cam,A Laptop, etc etc and he still dosnt understand the importance of flowers in a womens life,neither the imp of cards, Sigh! ! ! He is still sulking that i was not excited or dancing around after seeing the gift,Now he seriously expects that!@#$%^^#W!@$

I should have known that marrying a geek who can discuss routers, I P Numbers and net working when he meets his would be wife for the first time can go to any extent when needed, He did. Whenever we have a fight i make sure to show my displeasure or anger by not giving him the news paper,by putting more salt in the curries or adding salt to his coffee but what does he do?? He Blocks my IP Address while i am browsing and i keep wondering why i am unable to connect to net while he is happily plying with his laptop,I keep checking the wireless broad band router,calling up the service provider,sigh, This man is impossible:(

I met the Principal of a very reputed college today and am yet to come out of the shock of knowing that people can be so rude, they don't have the basic courtesy of offering a chair or responding to the wishes,not a smile all the while,pompous, and can just throw a card on the table and show off the books written by him {Only to know that he is not even eligible to write those subjects}
and that the credentials given in his card are far more less and meaning less when compared to mine and i taught double the subjects than he did and i am more experienced than he is and that he is given that position because he belongs to such and such community left me sad and depressed,i so want to go back to my work place,i wish i can, and as for the offer from that college,i will starve to death but would never go back to that place and work with such people.
So my first attempt at starting my professional life here goes for a toss,and i am busy munching chips and peanuts and having rasgullas and gulabjamoon and looking at that TREAD MILL:)
Happy weekend all of you:)

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye,jab koi mushkil padjaaye,
tum dena saath mera woh hum nawaaz,na koi hain,
na koi tha,zindagi mein tumhare siva,
tum dena saath mera,woh humnawaaj


Surinder said...

treadmill dekhne ke liye nahin hoti !! .. uspar workout karna hota hai !! :P .. jaoo and karo !! :P

Tulan said...

treadmill and all other machines are just more sophasticated clothes and towel hangers for drying them. nothing more.
Much on those jaamuns and stuff. well i would not mind if i get a digicam or a phone or a laptop. My wife hates flowers not hate but she rather have something else.

Well anyways my fav song u have up there. Vinod khanna nad meenaxi sheshadri

Manish said...

It seems ur blogging speed has increased by leaps & bound.

So how much wt loss we could expect by the end of the month ;p

Stone said...

Treadmill as gift?? hmmmm...Is he trying to say something? ;-)

Note to Sri -- Best gift for girls are the 'most-useless' kinds :-)

Balaji said...


blocking your IP...Cut his food i say... :)

Jokes apart. I reckon it is a nice gift. Something that will keep you fit and happy isn't it. Ya Ya..I understand a simple card or a flower will be a good gift...

I reckon what matters is the feeling behind the gift isn't it?

BTW, Pls feel free to name the that everyone knows.

Deepa said...

Hehe, treadmill..must say a very unique gift:)

Neelu said...

Oye Surinder singh,tu pehle apne weight ke baare mein sonch aur kuch kar,kya jaao aur karo, mujhe usko dekhna hi accha lag raha hain filhaal,me khush just watching it,Now let me go,get that bowl of rasgullas i was talking about:)

Neelu said...

Well,Tulan,as of now i am not thinking of using it as anything,I am sure i am going to use it as i hate gyms and i hate going there every day and i do know that my weight is increasing by leaps and bounds,hahaha,but yes,lets still talk about the jamuns and stuff,wanna join?
Yes,thats my favourite song too,infact my brothers caller tunr it is,and i keep calling him only to listen to the song.

Neelu said...

Kya Manishji,aap samajhe hi nahi,main tho abhi berojgaar hoon na,tho sirf blogging aur eating chalthi hain,isiliye tho pathidev ne ye treadmill di hain gift mein;p I dont know how much weigth loss but i can assure of hubbys salary loss every month on these unique gifts:)

Neelu said...

Stoneji,pehle tho i am sorry ki main aapke posts pe comment nahi karthi aaj kal,padthi zarror hoon lekin comment nahi karthi kyon ki i am busy eating with one hand na,hahahaha,heights of unemployment i would say:)
Hinting and he? Hmmm,let me wake him up from his blissful sleep right now and murder him for those wrong hints:)
Aapka male bonding kuch zyada hora hain aajkal,mujhe kuch karna padenga iske baare mein:)

Neelu said...

Balaji,you said it right,right:) i will,i will,and thanku for being on my side,hahaha:)
Yeah,jokes apart,i know its a very sensible gift,he knows that i dont like going to a gym,so he spent money on this:) and no,i am just making fun of it but not mocking about it:) and flowers do make it beautiful but even without them Life is beautiful with him around:)
Well,about naming the college,I am advised not to,but i am so tempted to do so.

Deepa,it sure is:)

anumita said...

This is so cute! You guys make an ideal couple. Please dont change doing all that you do :)

Atul Sabnis said...

you should be munching chips and peanuts and having rasgullas and gulabjamoon "on" the tread mill :D

Chandan said...

Heee He, Blocking IP address. Reminds me, I always wanted to buy a cellphone signal jammer. It would be fun to watch ppl look at their cell phones often while I keep talking with mine.

In btwn, If i gift flowers or cards I cant use them. But with gadgets I can use them whenever I want to. ;-)

Just kidding. Interesting Blog. Keep making waves, It has an effect

Michelle said...

Happy Cardio-ing ;-) id love the treadmill as a gift hehe since m sucha fitness freak :P

Art said...

thats a unique gift.. well all the best for the usage :) I also dread going to the gym.. but i go for time pass.. and thats when i listen to songs too..

jupallis said...

Very innovative thinking.. Thats really nice idea!!!

Thank him for such a nice gift, If I know sri, I would have some suggested hin to add more masala to the gift , by gift wrapping the whole stuff and put one flower just to please you :)

Neelu said...

Anumita,thank you lady,atleast from my side i will make sure not to change doing all that we do:)

Atul,hahahaha,Husband is hopping mad trying to keep me off the treadmill after reading your comment,well,i was walking on it with peanuts in my hand{making a hutch puppy face}

Neelu said...

Chandan,Nice name,hahaha,do let me know when you buy that signal jammer:) well,you are right about gadgets,but hey,flowers and cards do work wonders for a relationship,for specially mushy people like me:)
Thank you,i love those waves which you are taking about.

Neelu said...

Michelle,thank u lady,i am loving all this Cardio-ing;

Arthi,yup,i am doing the same, listening to songs while i am at it.

jupallis,Hmmm,what sir? where did you vanish.Innovative gift? huh,sounds like a technical term to me.Now i have been imagining sri wrapping that huge treadmill but i am unable to imagine him buying me a flower to please me:( he pleases himself by not buying it i guess.

Marlee said...

Here after ages...this was a great read! I can't wait to get married! lol! ;)

Pallavi said...

Well its a digi world darling.. hahah
thats why you have been gifted to him ... to make him appreciate reality over the digi world.. :)

hahahah !! your hubby is cute..


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