Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jai Mangala Murti

Certain feelings,some days,a few moments can never be portrayed in words,I wish i can capture the fragrance which is still lingering around the house and keep it with me forever,the smell of chandan,flowers,fresh fruits,sweets,coconuts,mango leaves,haldi,kumkum and the lamps glowing forcing the darkness to give way to the light in the heart,forcing away all fears and being a part of the moment,praying silently knowing that i am not alone who is feeling it all,knowing that you are with me makes it all so fulfilling.Thank you god,for everything i got in life and thank you for something which i lost,i am a better person today.


MM said...

Thats a wonderful post, wonderfully penned on a wonderful occasion, Alapana!!

God bless!


Michelle said...

sweet post :) why don u put up a pic of ur ganapati? :) i love looking at how my frnd sets up hers

Anonymous said...



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