Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ek Kahani

I was trying to recollect what all i have done past one month,Yeah,just last thirty days and i realized that i did too many things,and all made me smile,most of them,I have been busy,stocking away memories:)

When they announced the flight was going to land in Hyderabad in 10 min i knew i was almost screaming with delight,It dint occur to me that it might be silly,For me it was a big deal to be away from my family for three months and even though i talk to them daily i missed every bit of my life which l left behind,so two days i had and i have to head back to my world,
I made the most of it, In a matter of two days i met with an accident,almost broke my leg,got an X ray,stuck in traffic in both the cities for more than 2 hours,screamed in a hiiiiii at 12 in the night when i reached home and the neighbors came out thinking there was some problem,hugged both my dogs and touched each flower and leaf in the house,
Went to the place i worked,strange it felt,the warmth was there but i am now an outsider and it felt sad that way:)had such variety of food and i had 14 luggage packs to bring back to Bangalore and missed being a part of the blasts by about two hours,Yes,i was right there at the Chat bhandar which is just opposite to the place i worked and i was there having chat and after two hours i came to know that there were blasts,I am alive and the feeling is great,and thanku so much all you people out there who enquired.

Three weeks before when i stepped out of chennai airport all i could think was to ask myself if i would survive the heat and the tension that i was going to SIL's place for the first time after marriage,it was fun,And i built a house,using the play blocks and i did it first time in my life:) and all the people living in chennai, hatsoff to you,humidity has a new meaning in that city:(

So now you know the word busy when i say Busy,isn't it;p From building blocks to recollecting songs while invigilation duty to traveling to two cities and from an accident to a near death exp i had it all in the month of August:)

Now i know what that Monthly fortune given in that magazine means "Adventure and uncertainty rock your world" Yeah right!!!!

Shravana Masam,Friday,Vara lakshmi vratham,t went on so well,Husband sat down for one hour in the puja and most of the time he was looking at the Pulihara,payasam,gaarelu,He was more interested in completing the puja so that he can EAT!!!!!

They asked me to invigilate,i did but i also wrote a test while doing so,30min and i wanted to see how many songs i might recollect,did very well i must say,32 songs in 30min,not bad huh!! and no,none of the students were copying while i was busy doing my test,Thankyou for asking;p

I never played with them as a child,but never too late:)Me and my SIL's 5yr old twins got busy and i ended up with the house,one day i will own a house of my own,a Real one:)

I let mom have her say and said Yes to the Mehandi and while it pourd heavily outside and i was busy taking pictures with one hand:)

I counted,there are eight diffrent varities of plants,creepers and trees entangled here in the front yard,There is a coconut branch, malathi,Parijaatham,two creepers which bear orange and blue flowers, two huge crotons, white hibiscus,Mom says there are a few more ,oh yeah,i remember there is a Paper Rose also somewhere there:)
It rains,It always does and it makes me wonder if i will ever get over the awe for those tiny little droplets falling over me, I know i wont,certain feelings remain forever, I have mine with me:)

And then i am back to my world,to the silence of my home,To my work and to my life.

Whenever i feel sad that all the fun and happiness of being where i want to be is not permanent i remind myself,Thats why it is more precious,to go there,to be with them,to have fun,i relive the moments in my mind whenever i want to,and then i have a smile,There is always a tomorrow which will bring many more such moments of joy,happiness and For that Another New Day I Wait.


anumita said...

Wow! Seems like you had a great time. And I love the way you put up pics with the stories.

Tulan said...

boy u have been busy. wish i could say the same in terms that i could be busy doing different things and fun things but nothing that sorts just busy with one thign that is WORK

Ardra said...

when I heard abt the blasts, my first thots were abt u-thank God - u're ok- u were there just 2 hrs before...
and hows the leg? my- u've been having quite some adventures.
take care

Michelle said...

the mehendi and the house looks beautiful :) and ur living room looks soo inviting and calm and cozy :P

jupallis said...

New URL is cool like your blog.
Hmmm... OMG>>> u were there at the balsts just before 2 hours. Thank god, you are safe.

comfortably numb said...

Should say IT really was quite an eventfull month for you!! Glad you'r safe and sound.

I just bought a similar toy (the building blocks) for my nephew, but I can see that the antenna and trees are missing :(

Keep blogging and take care!!

Pallavi said...

good to know you had an eventful time. :) its nice to be back home..


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