Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ek Sham...

I have done very few tags in three years of blogging,Yes,been three years already,SO many things changed,but then Things change,so do people and here i am,Writing 7 Random things about myself:) I was tagged by two Food bloggers,Yup the current craze is food blogging and i do have one for myself .

Jyothi and Bharathi,Here are seven random things about me, and i don't want to tag anyone but yes,i want to hear it from Stone,(Atleast that way you will write something more than cricket:D) Pallavi,Its been long since you have done Tags lady) Gayatri{And its been long since we both had a nice emailing session gaya,i will resume it soon)

I am a difficult person to deal with,I am a cleanliness freak,i am an order freak and i am crazy about being in control in whatever situation,Very few people who are close to me know me and how emotional i can be at times,if not for them the general impression about me is that i am Arrogant and that's a nice label which i wear proudly on my sleeve:),No harm,as long as i don't hurt anyone doesn't matter what you perceive about me,There are people who know me the other way and thank god for that;p

I am obsessive about music,When i hear a song i need to get it no matter what.There are times when i walked up to the reception of hotels to find what song they are playing and where can i get it and there was one time when the guy at the billing counter informed me that he got it all recorded personally and i cannot find such a combination in any music center, we convinced him to give us the CD for ten minutes,rushed to buy a new CD,went to a Net center,got it written and then went back to the restaurant to get back my friend whom we kept there in lue of the CD,yes,i did that:)

I started cooking exactly an year back,i started cooking after my marriage,before that i have never been into the kitchen to cook,No matter What.But to tell you the truth i hate cooking,i do it because i need to,and every cooking session for me is not an art but a science project which has to be completed with precision if you want correct results,thats how i cook,Precision,timed,Perfect combinations and using my head and not my heart,thats why i say i am not a good cook,I cook because i have no other choice:(

I don't forgive people easily,Well,thats what is said at least,I guess it depends,most of the times if i am hurt by the one who is close to me i don't forgive easily,if it is someone whom i don't know or who has no idea about me i take it much more easily,I am like that:)

If someone asks me what or whom i miss most about staying away from my family i would say My dogs,Yes, I mean it. They both are the two kiddos who love me to bits without any expectations and i miss the way they jump on to me and their innocent faces make me all happy and forget any pain in this world.

Each day i hum one song till the people around me get bugged,husband putting cotton in his ears,mom screaming in frustration and i do it silently even when i am in an important meeting or attending seminars. Sometimes even while sleeping i suddenly remember songs and it goes on in my head till i drift off into deep slumber.Today it was "Roz sham aathi thi,magar aisi na thi,roz roz ghata chaathi thi,magar aisi na thiye aaj mere zindagi mein....."

When i am stressed or restless or angry i start cleaning the house,or start scrubbing the tiles or s floor or even better,I start eating and if all these are not working then I sleep,and i am fine when i wake up:)

Ok,one more...

I love rain,i just cannot resist drenching myself when the clouds are pouring,The best time was to stand in the beach and watch the waves meeting the rain drops,I did,I was there,there was water every where, my feet getting wet with the waves splashing the shore and the rain drops hitting my face,and i always remember it when i am watching rain.

Music,rain and silence,My favorite combination to be in love with myself,the Magic is woven at such moments:) The magic of falling in love with oneself,the magic of loving life,The magic of being alive and being able to feel it all.....Isn't life all about that unknown magic which weaves such moments which help us keep going on with life,Knowing there are uncertainties but we still look forward to such tomorrow, Hoping that there is a magic there too,waiting for us:)
"Choti si kahaani se,baarisho.n ke pani se saari waadi bhargayi,naajaane kyon,dil bhargaya,njaane kyon Aankh bhargayi"

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Stone said...

You know, just 5 mins back, 3rd Test match ended in a draw, and India won the series in England after 21 years, and I was about to blog about that :-)
But now, will on the emotions and will do this tag pretty soon :-)

Loved this combo 'Music, rain and silence' -- sureshot recipe for loving life again :-)

anumita said...

I love this blog, I love reading about the person behind. Thanks.

Art said...

U r arrogant.. this is something i dint know :)

Tulan said...

Hey aalapana

since u like music so much can u please help me find the name of the movie of the song below

"tujse naraz nahin zindagi" i heard it on sare ga ma pa.

i lov edrenching in rain too but hardly get a chance here. maybe some day when i get back home . good to know lot of things about u.kniwr

Bharathy said...

I enjoyed reading it Alapana.I forgot to mention in my tag post that me too a crazy listener of songs...jus like you I HUNT for the song I want and till I get a copy of it,I wont rest!!:)
he he same pinch for you too being a nevertheless or a hate to cook person..!!!Thanks for the lovely post..

Marlee said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post ans getting to know some more abt u! :)

Jyothi said...

Hi Alapana! you keep your word. Thanks for participating in this funny meme...

But your post I mean these random factors telling so many things about you. Even I like the music very much.. Thanks for sharing your such things with us. Have a great day with great blogging.

jupallis said...


you forgot to write one more things about your self.

that is, great wrting skills be it songs, music , cooking or anything you blogs are simply great.

and the other one might be teaching skills and last but not the least you are great fighter. You will never succumb to the sittuations. It may not be just cooking , you want everything to be perfect.

@$#!$# said...

really loved to see you write again...i was wondering if i needed to call u up to persuade u to come back...

but i know...there's somethin u like abt blogging, and that something will never let u stop writing :)

Michelle said...

nice to know u better :)

Alapana said...

Stoneji:-) Waiting for you to complete the TAG,and thank god that my blog inspired you to write something more than about Cricket:)

Yes,Nothing tastes as good for life as "Music,rain and Silence"Those who experienced it know it well:)

Anumita, and i thank you for being here from time to time,making me smile with those wonderful words.

Alapana said...

Arathi,I am very Arrogant;p but with people whom i want to be known as arrogant i show this trait only to them, Definitely not to you lady;p

Tulan,the song is fron the movie "Masoom" Starring Shbana azmi,Naseeruddin shah and Urmila madonker and Jugal hansraj acted as child artists in this film. If you want i can email you this song:)

Alapana said...

Bharathy,there is something about music which soothens my mind,helps me to be calm and helps me to love life:) good to know there are more people like me.

Marlee,good to see you here after a long time:)How have you been?

Alapana said...

Jyothi, thanks sweety,but sure the tag was tough,something about TAGS make me irritable so i generally keep away from them but yes,i wanted to do it for you and i did so:)

Satish,You know i kwwp wondering at times,how many words of affection and encouragement i receive here online,do i deserve it all? But instead of thinking much into it all i say is Thank god,it helps me to know that there are people who like what i do,for anyone it is important.
How is life treating in Singapore? will write back to you soon.

Alapana said...

Ashish,so now you need a reason to call me up??? There is something about writing,I agree,it helps me to know myself better and more than that it helps me to connect with people,so i might keep writing,till when is a question.No answers as of now.

Michelle,thanku girl,how have you been.

Dreamcatcher said...

OMG that song roz shaam ati thi... was going on and on in my head and i couldn't remember who why where the song was from.
and here you go blog about it.
thaaaank you

Madhavi said...

Hi Alapana!
How r u?I just liked reading this post of yours. I felt like Iam reading this person.I like this blog more than your cooking blog you know frankly. how was your varalkshmi puja and on the whole hyd mails lately.keep mailing

Pallavi said...

I shall take that tag up.. yeah its been a long time..


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