Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Every day while i travel in this city one thought comes into my head silently,makes me wonder for a moment and then vanishes,i tell myself that with time it wont be long when i will just forget even you are/were a part of this city even before i stepped into this place,but then its been 7months here but each living day i have this feeling,Of knowing/not knowing someone in this crowd, zipping away fast and furious bikes and cars,buses and other vehicles,those hundreds of pedestrians walking fast to their destinations remind me that one in them might be known to me,the one who is not known anymore,
the one who is lost,but always there in thought,the same lanes where while walking you shared dreams with me,those which made me smile,and a few which made me Dream-of life,of love and one day it all ended in tears,Now,after such a long time while i silently walk down those lanes i am satisfied and in peace with myself,Everything ends one day and gives way to new hopes,new life and new dreams,i am content, now i don't fight the feeling that you are somewhere near, now i know that it ended for you too,Hoping and wishing that you too are walking in the lanes of memory with a content and peace of knowing that all ends and gives way to a new Beginning, I wish that smile stays forever,I wish that for you my dear stranger....Do you feel the same???


Stone said...

hmmm...kinda tough!!!!

'been there...felt that'...and overcoming it..one day at a time with a SMILE :-)!!!

MM said...

i have always been overpowered by the feeling of a city drawing one into its lights and shades; its familarities and unfamiliarities, its faces and gestures and the warmth and coldness.

simply loved this post.


Raj Yadav said...

wow!!!! wat a nice post..awesome....awesome....keep it up.i welcomes you at my blog..

Atticus Finch said...

Hope all's well...

Sent you a mail a while back asking for contact info... No response :(

BTW, drop by at http://flickr.com/photos/atticusdiaries/tags/laurentians/show/ and let me know what you think...

Atticus Finch said...
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Dust Unsettled said...

Thanks for this post. I would just quote Javed Akhtar:
Dard ke phool bhi khilte hain, bikhar jaate hain zakhm kaise bhi hon, kuch roz main bhar jaate hain

Alapana said...

Stoneji, yeah,it takes time:)

Velu, for me its a first time exp,i wish it were easy but it is not:)

raj yadav

Alapana said...

Atticus, sorry,missed the mail,
replied now.

dust unsettled, sahi hain,zakh bhar jaate hain,dard mit jaatha hain lekin un yaado.n ka kya karein jo math thak saath nibha jaate hain:)

Jadedism said...

Ajnabee shahar ke ajnabee raaste,
meri aur yoon hi muskurate rahe..

main bahut der tak yuhin chalta
tum bahut der tak yaad aate rahe..


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