Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chote chote sapne..zindagi ke.

I have been humming this song past two days and it goes with my mood too."Tum Bhi chalo hum bhi chale ,chalti rahe zindagi,Na Zameen manzil na aasman ,zindagi hai zindagi,Peechhen dekhe na kabhi mudke raahon mein,Jhoome mera dil tumhe leke baahon mein,Dhadkon ki jubaan nith kahe daastan,Pyar ki jhilmil chhaon mein, Palti rahe zindagi"

Winter is here and atlast i could feel the chill in the air,i love this season,something about it makes me feel content and happy.The first sun rays,the morning dew,lazy days and cozy nights and freshness in the air,the festivities of Christmas and new year all around and fresh flowers and lots of greenery all around.I love this season. Went home a few days back and my house was all filled with flowers and greenery and its so cold when compared to our apt.Miss being there and being with mom.But then chaltha hain na:)

Dear Hubby,
I felt strange today,I still have no idea how come you are not excited about it,How can you sleep like a log and not taking any calls at middle of the night,How can you not wear new dress or how can you not feel special,How can you go about your routine and be content with home cooked food and prefer staying home with a few movies and music and sweets.
How come you don't jump around or worry about the day coming to an end,How come you are not sad that you have to wait for one more year to feel it all again,and the only shocked reaction pleasantly was when you saw mom and bro calling you at middle of the night just to say that they are waiting at the gate to wish,they traveled all the way to give a surprise to you and you were not ready to believe it that they came all the way to be with you for 10 min,and i know its kind of new to you to see so much of affection but then you better get used to it all and by the way did you get my two messages which i sent yesterday night when you were snoring away to glory?
You never showed any reaction! ! ! ! but then i got adjusted to your way of living already,so Here it is for you my dearest husband........Happy Birthday To You. No problem if you want to celebrate it your way or not to celebrate it at all,but i will keep celebrating it for you and by the way I don't want my birthday to be this way,you already have a taste of it and please do keep giving me bigger surprises and biiiiiiiiiiiiiig and huuuuuuuuuuuuge gifts every year.God bless you and have a wonderful life {with me},Keep behaving,keep listening to me,please keep waking up at 6am to open the door to the maid,and make your own coffee and keep filling those water bottles and keep saying that whatever i cook is good {i would prefer you say wonderful} and more than anything please do let me use the laptop all the time and follow the instructions when i give them:D

Your loving commanding,demanding,dictator wife.

Dear hubby called me while i was out
Him: I am hungry and cooking rice,how many whistles do i wait for?

Me: R u sure you can handle it? clean the rice and pour a glass of water and use the gas cut and then wait for two whistles,and the whistle is in that small box on the right side of the platform.

Him:Oh,i can handle it,you don't worry.

After half and hour i called him up to see whats up.
Me: had your food?
Him: No,i am still waiting for the whistle.
Me: whattttttttt? it hardly takes 10 min for that small cooker,what did you do?
Him: Nothing.

Me: What do you mean nothing {then it occurred to me} did you light the gas stove??
Him: Oh { i heard him muttering to self but he quickly recovered and says } But you never told me to on the gas.



Gaizabonts said...

am sure you made that up @ never told me to light the gas. So i am going to think of this as a humour post

Tulan said...

hehehehe. that was really funny. I love the way u write. hehhehe is it really true or u just playing with u. but nonetheless really funny and happy birthday Sri

Alapana said...

Atul,Tulan.......No,i was not making up @ lighting up the gas.He did that before also,and why him,even i forgot at times and realized only after an hour or so.And it is supposed to be humor post,these days i write only such experiences which bring a smile. I am no writer,only real life exp are on my blog.

Anonymous said...

:-) feels so nice to see all this happinees in your life...

i'll pray to god that this is just the beginning...and may u get more happiness in the times to come...

and wish sri a belated Happy B'day on my behalf too!!


satish jupalli said...

Hi Alps,

First of all Happy BDay wishes to ur hubby.

This is not fair blaming Men. U didn't told the requirements properly , and u expect us to be fine. Not at all fair.

At last we software guyz work according to the requirements all the time , don’t deviate from what client has told to do. Same is the case with Sri I guess. Frankly speaking you should appreciate him, where can you find such a good husband who will follow word-to-word dictated(Commnded / demanded) by wife.

satish jupalli

Tulan said...

That is really funny and also really nice if it happens those are innocent little joy and small happiness that one usually seeks in married life and those are stories that you tell your kids and everyone around you. I did not mean to say that it was story or anything i was just like saying that was it real or were u being funny. heheh but glad to hear that you are writing funny experience and happy ones compared to rather sad one that i read in the other posts

Keshi said...

LOL men can be pretty ignorant :)

btw I love the pics in the slide-show.

heyy u can comment in my blog now...cos I have enabled Anonymous comments just for ya :)


Perspective Inc. said...


Usha said...

Loved the photos as usual and that sweet little dog.
Sweet post!

d4u said...

Nice slideshow

Gangadhar said...

haha..i believe it's true..but i suppose Sri was pretending to be innocent @ lighting up the gas..just to tease you...
And a very happy birthday to your husband..

mommyof2 said...

Belated Happy B'day to ur hubby.. Whatever u wrote about ur hubby is as if u were talking about my hubby:-) I arranged a surprise party for hubby and later he told me that he doesn't like surprises or parties so not to do it again.. Its like any other day for him too..

Alapana said...

Ashish,Thank u,happiness is contagious,so i hope i can pass it on to you too to make you smile and be happy.

Satish,good to see you here,its been long since i saw your comment,how is life and how is wife;p and by the way men are seriously dumb,okkkkk.

Alapana said...

Tulan, thank u and i hope to continue writing about smiles and joy.

Keshi,thank u somuch my dear,i will now keep visiting and commenting also,and the slide show is of my house:)

Perspective :) thanku

Alapana said...

Ushaji,thank u and her name is Sandy and the other one is Raja:) both are mine and i miss them the most.

D4u,how have you been.

Gangadhar,i donno if he was innocent or stupid;p

Mommyof2,happens with men,they are kind of weird:D

Hirdu said...

he he he....

It seems that you are torturing the poor soul too much...He is one of those guys who follow word by word instruction set....I believe that your friends must be jealous of you coz of him ;)

Enjoy....Life is a celeberation!!! Live it :)...

Stone said...


satish jupalli said...

By the way men are seriously dumb,okkkkk.

--- meeru ila ante emi chetam, Simple gaa ee statment ni teevramga kandistunna ..

Balaji said...

:) funny experience. What will you laugh on if he does not do something cracking like this?

Good stuff mate..keep it time keep it on top of the television hoping that the heat from the telly will cook the rice... :)


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