Monday, April 30, 2007

Rain rain come again:)

One summer evening when it started raining i just walked out of my room to look at the world outside and was greeted with silence {or i thought so} which at times scares me,makes me feel alone but when i heard carefully i could hear the sounds,of all sorts,the cycle bells of a commuter rushing home to avoid drenching,the pitterpatter of rain falling everywhere,the trees moving their heads happily welcoming the cool wind and the rain after a bloody summer afternoon and the birds flying back to their nests in a hurry,i could hear the buzzing wind and i smiled,sounds which i loved at that moment.
i remembered this song from Libaas which is very close to my heart,specially the last few lines........

Khaamosh sa afsaana paani se likha hota
Na tumne kaha hota, na humne suna hota
Khamosh sa afsana

Dil ki baat na poochho, dil to aata rahega
Dil behakata raha hai, dil behakata rahega
Dil ko tumne, oh, kuch samjhaaya hota

Sehme se rehte hai jab yeh din dhalte hai
Ek diya bujhta hai, ek diya jalta hai
Tumne koi, deep jalaaya hota
Khaamosh sa afsaana paani se likha hota

Kitne saahil dhoonde, koi na saamne aaya -
Jab majdhaar mein doobe, saahil thaamne aaya
Tumne saahil, oh, pehle bichhaaya hota
Khamosh sa afsaana paani se likha hota

My first video at Youtube,and the first video of my life,with my new Cannon A-530 digicam hubby gifted me,and thats my house,the one i grew up in,the one which saw dreams,failures and smiles and joy,pain and love,the one which will always be a part of my life,no matter where i am,no matter i am not living there now but then it is always my home,the one which gave me smiles to live with:)

Been busy {well,such is life} and will reply to all the comments soon and there has been people who link this blog and i have been lazy to link back,i am updating my blogroll,so all those good people out there,do let me know if you link this blog,i would love to link back and check your blog as often as i can:)

"aanewala pal jaanewala hain,hosake tho isme zindagi bithaale,pal jo ye jaanewala hain........."

Friday, April 06, 2007

"Ye dil aur unki nigahon ke saaye

"Ye mulaaqat ek bahaana hain,pyar ka silsila purana hain...main hoon apni sanam ki bahoon mein,mere kadmon thale zamaana hain.."listening to this song at 7am makes me feel great.
Lost in the world of thoughts i just kept scribbling in the silence of the morning,not many sounds except for the songs..
"ishaaro ishaaro mein dil lene waale bataa ye hunar tune sikhaa kahaa se,nigaaho nigaaho mein jaadoo chalanaa,meree jaan sikhaa hain tum ne jahaa se"
all the wonderful songs early in the morning,i love early mornings because of music and....... And? there came a smile,was it not long long back when it was only music and the diary,Diary????
oh,the one which i always kept writing early in the mornings or late in the nights,i love both,watching the sun rays entering my room,the roses in the garden,the freshly drenched earth in the dew and the late nights when all i had was music and the wind chimes and the breeze touching my cheeks while i just kept writing,whatever,i felt, anger, frustration, smiles, pain or just a line portraying my love.
It was a small world,friends,family,studies and dreams,of a better tomorrow,thats it,I have come a long way,haven't we all?
Today when i look back i just smile at that innocent little girl full of dreams,where did she go? today after heart breaks and frustrations,failures and success and cut throat competition and jealousy and winning a lot and loosing a few am i better than that innocent girl? Sometimes i feel i am not,i wish to go back,but then life is always about walking into a tomorrow,isn't it:)Not that i don't love my today but then i miss my yesterday.

"Almost an year" Reminded the date on the calender and he says "Already? was it not only a few months back?" Yes dear,it was few=11months back and in a months time we will be celebrating the First wedding anniversary"
Life has been good,well,sort of Khatta meeta {was watching this extremely wonderful and lovely movie by Basu chatterji} and the song "thoda hain,thode ki zarrorat hain,zindagi fir bhi yehan khoobsoorat hain"
Dates form an important reminder of those wonderful time gone by,and Dairies also are a part of that to me,was searching for a particular entry and found this diary of 2006,the year when life took a U turn and changed everything,brought so many changes and the scribbles there made me nostalgic.

March19th when i met you for the first time,March26th when the wedding was confirmed,April 12th when we got engaged:) dates they are all now,but with a thin thread of memories which hang around my world forever.they are not only dates now,they are the links to my yesterday,to such memories which will remind me to smile and be thankful to god for what is given to me,to us.

How do you feel?are you happy? why can't i see it?
"Not all happiness need to be shown,or reacted up on,this is beyond a humanly reaction for me,a feeling of complete bliss,it can just be felt but maynot be expressed" True,no amount of words can ever say what this one year was like,how it was to be with you,Sometimes silence says it all

"aao huzoor tumko sitaaron mein le chalun, dil jhoom jaaye aisi bahaaron mein le chalun,aao huzoor aao"

And then goes the other favourite of mine"ye dil aur unki,nigahon ke saaye,ye dil aur unki nigahon ke saaye,mujhe gher lethi ye baahon ke saaye........."

The world of music and memories and those unspoken words of promise of a better tomorrow,Life is beautiful:)


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