Sunday, November 25, 2007


All through the train i was singing and don't ask me which song,the list is big but thanks for the music and the camera the journey was good,and Mr.Husband (Tumka,tumka) was silent,Or shall i say as usual Silent,and answers in monologues like Hmmm, Ok,Yeah, fine,Huh:( How does this man survive without talking?? Anyways, He had is usual means of entertainment,Yeah,the same old laptop and newspapers and Outlook Money,Huh.Now a few of the words presented in the form of Pictures:) what to do,Better than talking in monologues:(

From the train,was greeting with such beautiful colors at 6am.

At home,On Diwali evening,i love lamps,of all forms:)

At Hyderabad,just outside my bedroom window i have a neighbor,
nice house mate:)

From the terrace,welcoming the winter sun:)

Ok,may be come inside and taste those mirchi bajji and chikki
and all you are eating lady,You come all the way from bangalore only to eat ,huh!!!

Sunset,on the way to Shirdi from Pune,How do i know its sunset?
Because i took the picture:D

Mr.Husband,i do like Lotus but don't you think there are so many varieties
of flowers and you can give a rose at least once?? out of two times you
gave flowers it was only Lotus:( No, No complaints:D

And for a few more pictures or to know what was Tumka's gift for Tumki head here:) to my kitchen

Sunday, November 18, 2007


This blog wont die a slow death,

This blog won't have once in a blue moon posts anymore,

I will blog more often,

I will comment on most or all of those 50 to 60 blogs which i read silently every day

I will reply to all my mails on time

I will reply to my Orkut scraps on time and search for more school friends

I will seriously through a sheep!!!! at my friends on my Face book

I will religiously check my mails daily

I will log in to my Yahoo messenger and YES,will reply there to the msgs i get.

I will return all the calls and sms i get from friends {Note:Please donot reply to telemarketers and airtel customer care.

I will add all those blogs i read to my blogroll without any delay.

I will sort out my bookmarks in Mozilla and try to reduce the huuuuuuuuuge list there.

I will try and add new gadgets which most of them are using and start bugging my techie friend to re do my blog design;p

Ok, at 12am in the night and after a 16hour long train journey and with a travel tour of about 3000km in 12days and two flight,three trains, and god knows how many taxi's and autos here i come up with my WISH LIST and a sleepy promise to keep up with the promises i made here i am off to the dream land to think of more promises, you be good,Yes,the one who is reading this now, have a good week guys:)

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