Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dear HusbanD

Well,i know the cake was yummy and exactly what you wanted,but the expression is still the same and i still have the same to you which i said last year .
Happy Birthday Dear Husband, Please do remember that just because the cake is for you that doesn't mean that you can eat every bit of it,Do keep me a share till i come back home,And no,i have not yet forgiven for eating 100gm of special Ooty chocolates in one sitting just because you were hungry and no,i have not yet come to terms with your concern that Onions have become costlier and your surprise that vegetables are costlier than what they were when you were 10 year old {Note to self:Never send him again to buy vegetables} and no, we cannot have Bhindi every day,no matter what,so please stop saying bhindi every time i ask you what to make for dinner or lunch or Breakfast.

And when i ask you how i am looking in a particular dress or a saree you are supposed to say Good or Very good or the best but not to stare Blankly and not ask WHY? or you look the same everyday!@#@$@!#!@#!@ .

For god sake,when you took me to the car dealer for the first time after negotiating with him for 3 times and say "Now i will see how you wont agree,deal with her for half an hour and you will come down on the price all by yourself,good luck,Life is not easy boss" No,you are not supposed to say that and yes,i do admit that the man did come down with the price,but you still@$#@$@$.

We are on the bike and when i comment "are we traveling on a bullock cart,why are you going so slow" you cannot answer "No,this is not bullock cart but when two buffaloes are sitting on the activa it works at the speed of a bullock cart" No dammit, you are not supposed to talk about my weight,how dare you do so.

Well,one last thing, when you said " You are a headstrong, rude, hot tempered and arrogant person but you are a sweet heart" It brought a smile, i know that you know me:) and do take it from me "you are a hot tempered,rude, arrogant person too but still you are the best suited for me;p Happy Birthday Husband:)

No,you cannot count the 28 days of last one month when you gave a treat to me for that new shirt,the new mouse for your system,for being bored and for the having a new hair cut, No matter what,i want a treat on this occasion,for your Birthday:)

"Tum Bhi chalo hum bhi chale ,chalti rahe zindagi,Na Zameen manzil na aasman ,zindagi hai zindagi,Peechhen dekhe na kabhi mudke raahon mein,Jhoome mera dil tumhe leke baahon mein,Dhadkon ki jubaan nith kahe daastan,Pyar ki jhilmil chhaon mein, Palti rahe zindagi"

Yes,the same song:)

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