Friday, September 18, 2009


Little things which make us realize the importance of people in our lives and importance of those small and simple pleasures which we tend to forget. We are busy:) I am busy, or rather i was busy, No, i suddenly didn't get any gyanodaya and neither did anyone make me realize the importance of these things.

It just happened, it happened when i looked at my dying Hibiscus plant in the pot, it happened when i realized that its been ages since i thought of music, and its been a long time since i smiled effortlessly. It happened when i forgot my own birthday, Yeah, until husband wished me. Then i knew its time to wake up, Take it easy. So what did i do:) Worked on my dear hibiscus and prayed, it was almost dying and i lost hope,but still watered it daily and gave it the dose of vitamins and minerals,i saw the first leaf one day, and then it started recovering, today morning i woke up to see this.
The bright orange flower, the first after almost 4 months and i knew its time to understand the importance of those little moments.

I have a peculiar way of getting out of depression, I start cleaning,dusting and scrubbing ,its not that i am cleaning the house, i am cleaning my head, removing all those cobwebs and negative thoughts, the depressed feeling, Cleared everything.
At least tried and it started raining, heavily, and it helped, the silent house, the little drops of rain and the rain drenched leaves and flowers, the clothes drying on the hanger, the traffic outside, the sparrows on the grill and the silence in the head.

Lat two months saw me constantly travelling, a wedding at home and then the emotional challenges of handling people and their problems, caught between egos, confused because you cannot take sides and then end of the day you are blamed for not taking the sides. But how do i tell them i am not ready to loose anyone. Tired, confused,drained out of energy it took a toll on my health:)

A break, not only from work but from the emotional helplessness which i was facing, helped, the severe spondylities pain is now better, the black circles around the eyes vanishing, the ever tiring feeling gone and i am feeling fresh, and i am going to take things easy, Problems are a part of my life but not my life itself:) I am fine and i am much better, life is again back to normal, work, fun, smiles, silence and laughter,music, the greenery around, the smell of rain, the twinkling stars and the morning sun , driving late in the night where both of us have nothing to talk but so much to share, in a way, simple pleasures are all making it better. Life goes on and i am Back.

Thank you for all the mails and calls:)

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