Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I thought i will have a thousand words to say but right now all i have is silence, the tears wont stop and the pain wont go away. You left us, silently, middle of the night, without a sound, just resting your head on the shoulder, you stopped breathing, we knew you will go but then no one is ever prepared, RAJA, we miss you, i don't want to go back to a house where you wont be there. 40 days with out eating food, you knew you have to go, we tried every damn medicine, every damn injection and glucose and whatnot, but as if you were telling us to let go. we stopped, after 30days, not before giving a last look at your frail body and the tiredness on your face when we took you to the doc one last time. We wanted you to leave in peace, not in pain, the last ten days you just were lying in the bed, and one night you left, just like that. Its been 11yrs when you first came into our life. I wish you could be with me forever, i dreamed of introducing you to our kids, to see how you will react but then you had to leave. I have nothing more to say, the tears wont stop. God bless you kid, be safe in the heaven.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss...God be with you in this difficult time!! Take care..preethi

Sree said...

RIP... take care buddy.

wise donkey said...

so sorry. and it doesn't help when illness is prolonged. Praying for you.

Manish Kumar said...

Its must be very difficult for u to accept this u were so much attached to ur pets.

Prati said...

Dear Neels,
I'm so sorry to hear about the loss..still can't forget the good times we had with Raja.He was so dynamic and caring and meek when aunty was not around...I wish you get over the loss.take care.Hugs!

Anonymous said...

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Arunima said...

eh, i lost 2 dogs and i know how it must be. when we lost the first one, i even lost about 5 kgs.

diya said...

I am so sorry, dear...I wish you strengh to overcome the grief.


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