Sunday, February 07, 2010


I am trying to fight, fight everything which isn't easy, everything which makes me weak, which makes me give up but yet, there are times when i just want to give up. Am i wrong? I am holding on to a thin hope that one day things will be fine, but that's just too thin and the hope is giving away to despair, the smiles are fading away and the darkness sets in and its scary. I wish i can say more, i wish i can talk, i wish i can talk to friends but i am too proud to admit that i am loosing a battle, too proud to admit that i feel depressed. Ya,. depressed.Miss everything of the past, family, friends, life in Hyd, my way of living, my way of thinking, my way of fun, i miss it all. When did i change so much? when did i become so practical? when i did i become such a big loner? why did i push away everyone who cares? I wish i had answers. Just to remember that they do care, even today. I am holding on to a thin line of hope. One day, maybe one day i can share it all here. I am holding on.....


Sree said...

This was exactly my state of my mind a while ago back in US, I understand it pretty well.. easy to say, but do talk to the loved and trusted ones..

This is a phase which will just pass, it is only a fleeting moment.

Patricia Torres said...

Hey... if you need to talk.. write me a note.. Dont worry.. there is nothing wrong in feeling this way.. Whats important is how quickly you get out of this phase and start being your normal self again..

You are writing the story of your life... one moment at a time!! so what you want in there.. is entirely upto you!!

Life is like writing with a pen.. you can cross out your past, but you cannot erase it!!

So no point dwelling on the past... look ahead.. and live to the fullest in your present!!

Arunima said...

it is a state of mind. think positive thoughts and yes, hold on to that hope.

Stone said...

hmm....hang in there.
Comment for this is in my latest post.

Anonymous said...

Sree, as you said,it will pass but just that at times it gets too difficult to handle it:)

Patricia, i have only one word for you, Thank you:)

Arunima, that i am doing:))) holding on.

Stone, yes indeed.



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