Thursday, November 14, 2013


"ek purana mausam lauta yaad bhari puravai bhi,aisa to kam hi hota hai wo bhi ho tanahai bhi,yadon ki baucharon se jab palaken bhigne lagti hain, kitni saundhi lagti hai tab manjhi ki rusavai bhi"

It took me more than two hours to remember the password, smiled to myself when i logged in, Is it in me still to just write what i felt? Do i still crave the silent expressions which pour in at this place?
But then i remember what i read early in the morning..... Sometimes, its not worth to think, to analyze, just flow with the thoughts.....
A rare silence and time devoted to doing nothing specific, a day off from work, i laze around the house and try to capture the stray thoughts, try looking back and remember the moments, little moments, just like the glittering trinkets run down the memory lane, moments filled with carefree laughter, happiness and the innocence of it all. I have come a long way.
I wish i can write, but may be the skill is lost? or may be the innocence is gone with the wind....

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