Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Every corner of this house holds so many memories,some which make me laugh,few which make me cry,that corner on the terrace where i spent hours together talking to myself,gazing at the sky above,dreaming of an unknown future,counting the stars in the night,waiting for the sunrise.
MY room,How posessive did i get about it,the pictures hanging on the walls there,every desk and cupboard and reading table filled with so many gifts from friends,and that packet which still holds the game of snakes and ladders,chess,my first fountain pen,My seventh class physics notes,that small file which is hidden under all files filled with paper cuttings of AB's pictures,that teddy bear which was gifted to me when i was ten,it lost its softness,colour,looks shabby,but still,it looks so beautiful.
Those arguements with my brother,that struggle to prove to mom that i am the best, and then my two fur brats,barking at me when i used t force them to take bath,playing with me,running around andlicking my face to show they love me,those walks in the night.
Mom and her cooking,letting me sleep till late even though giving a lecture on dicipline, never letting me cook but at the same time scolding that i dont know how to cook:) 100's of greeting cards,my huge teddy sitting royally at one corner,
the smells in the garden,the freshness of damp earth when watering the plants, those roses and jasmines,waiting for mom to come home from office,sharing everything with her, So many endless memories,
and Now,in a matter of 3 days,i will be leaving it all,walking away from here,holding a hand which promises to be with me forever,which promises to take me safely to my destination,to walk along with me ,to share my pain,and to share my smiles,to be my mom and my brother when needed,to be a father whom i never had,to be a friend forever,to be a husband,who shares,who cares,and loves and who knows how to make LIFE A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY.
Strange,i trust it all and walk on this new path,holding to myself all my memories from here,cherishing them forever,i walk in the path of life dreaming of a tomorrow,Dint i say before also...........
"I am a dreamer,I collect all the smiles from My yesterday, Neatly pack them into words and hide them in my heart,I call them "MEMORIES" for i have a tomorrow to Take them to, with the smiles and leaving behind the tears,I walk off to that Unknown Tomorrow.


satish jupalli said...

Hi Alps,

Me first....

k.. I know that u will blast me if I do something like this.

But I also know that u dont have time to do the same. :)

Happy married life :)

anumita said...

Ohmygod!!!!!! I think I am the last one to know!!! Congratulations!!! And you are right, I am so so so happy for you. All the best and try to keep posting with more details.

Dreamcatcher said...

Congratulation. And I wish you lots of happiness :)Keep posting.

ishita said...

:-) Congrats...wishin u happiness:)!!! make new memories to cherish and share...make new beginnings and discover joys...keep smiling:)

ishita said...

:-) Congrats...wishin u happiness:)!!! make new memories to cherish and share...make new beginnings and discover joys...keep smiling:)

parikrama said...

Soon you will be making fresh memories in your new house !! U can always return back to your mom's house whenever U feel like it.. Its like U now have two solid options !

Glad to know that the haze has lifted & things are clear & beutiful around you.

Many Congrats & Blessings for a Happy & Fulfilling married life. Amen.

Arunima said...

hugs and congrats!!

Wish you all the best. It is so nice to get such news from people whom you don't know at all yet know so well from their blogs.

d4u said...

Such a beautiful post and so realistically presented:) Wishing you all the best in this beautiful journey of yours and have a wonderful life ahead:) And do keep aalaapin and maintain the musical rhythm in ur life:)

Nagraj said...

some great lines as always.i really like the way u write.great post.

Hope u find happiness always on this new path.
have a wonderful life ahead.

Prati said...
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Manish said...

Zindagi mein kuch naya paane ke liye kuch muqaam to chodne hi padte hai naa. Tumhari is post ke naam Javed Akhtar ki ye nazm...

Main jab bhi zindagi ki chilchilatee dhoop mein tapkar

Main jab bhi doosron ke aur apne jhooth see thak kar
Main sabse lad ke khud se haar ke
Jab bhi us ik kamre mein jaata tha

Wo halke aur gehre katthai rangon ka ik kamra
Wo behad meherbaan kamra
Jo apni narm mutthi mein mujhe aise chhupa leta tha
Jaise koi maan bachche ko aanchal mein chhupa le
Pyaar se daante,
"Ye kya aadat hai, jalti dopahar mein maare maare ghoomte ho tum"

Wo kamra yaad aata hai

Dabeez aur khaasa bhaari kuch zara mushkil se khulne waala
wo sheesham ka darwaaza

Ki jaise koi akkhad baap apne khurdare seene mein
shafqat ke samandar ko chuupaye ho

Wo kursi, aur uske saath wo judwaan bahen uski
Wo dono dost thein meri

Wo ik gustakh munhphat aaina,
jo dil ka achchha tha

Wo behangam si almari,
jo kone mein khadi ik boodhi anna ki tarah
aaine ko tambeeh karti thee

Wo ik guldaan, nanha sa, bahut shaitan,
un dono pe hansta tha

Dareecha ya zahanat se bhari ik muskurahat
aur dareeche pe jhuki wo bel
Koi sabz sargoshi

Kitabein taakh mein aur shelf par sanjeeda ustaani bani baithein
Magar sab muntazir is baat ki main unse kuchh poochoon

Sirhane neend ka saathi, thakan ka charagar wo narm dil takiya
Main jiski god mein sir rakh ke chhat ko dekhta tha

Chhat ki kadiyon mein na jane kitne afsanon ki kadiyaan thein

Wo chhoti mez par aur saamne deewar par aawezaan tasveerein
Mujhe apnaiyat aur yaqeen se dekhtein thein, muskuratein thein

Unhein shak bhi nahi tha, ik din main unko aise chhod jaoonga
Main ik din yoon bhi jaoonga, ki phir wapas na aaoonga

all the best for the D Day ;)

Main ab jis ghar mein rehta hun, bahut hi khoobsoorat hai

Magar aksar yahan khamosh baitha yaad karta hoon
Wo kamra baat karta tha....!

sherriff said...

wish u a great, happy married life...theres nothing more valuable & wonderful in life than an understanding companion

s! said...

congratulations, and all the best :-)

Sangeeta said...

Wish you a very happy married life!

Jackal said...

all the best.......

Sachin said...

All the very best to you and congratulations on your new life!!! You have brought out the pre-wedding feelings very well indeed and even though am a guy, I can identify with your state of mind here.


Art said...

Happy Married life dear.. Will mail u soon :)

San said...

Congratulations and I wish you a long and happy married life.

Do continue to post when you can :)

San said...

Congratulations and I wish you a long and happy married life.

Do continue to post when you can :)

Manish Tripathi said...

May you get what-ever you have ever dreamt of....
My best wishes are with you..

endevourme said...

nice posts,
nice photos,
but somewhere they are deeply sad...

Smiling Girl said...

Another sweet post...
Congrats again, buddy..:)

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