Saturday, May 27, 2006

"kataraa kataraa milatii hai,kataraa kataraa jiine dozindagii hai, bahane do"

Such is life and such are the experiences,ts been raining past two days,suddenly the temperatures came down,from the scrotching heat now its the rain dops which greet me when i walk into the balcony,yes,now i talk of balcony and my flat in the third floor,what a change,all my life i stayed in a independent house,and now suddenly i am instructed to keep the doors close,instead of greenery i see concrete jungle all the way my eyes travel,yet another change,and how do i cope up,when people ask me,when mom asks me if i can handle it all,i smile,maybe because i know its not easy,it was not easy past one week,but then i know something
"Its easy to complain,but its even more easy to see the brighter side of life,and when you do so you find your smiles and happiness coming back to you silently and being with you forever"
so i am happy,happy setting up my house, small two bed room flat,with terracota pots,snow white teddy bears,jingle bells,lamps and twinkling lights,and diyas,fresh flowers and bright sunlight welcome me in my room,and they make me smile,i am happy being here,i tell myself and that makes my day.

chhoTii sii kahaanii se, baarishon kii paanii se
saarii vaadii bhar gayii
na jaane kyon, dil bhar gayaa
na jaane kyon aaNkh bhar gayii

rukatii hai chalatii hai
kabhii barasatii hai
baadal pe paa.Nv rakh ke
baarish machalatii hai la la
chhoTii sii kahaanii se

shaaKon pe patte the
patto.n me.n buu.Nde thii.n
buu.Ndo.n me.n paanii thaa
paanii me.n aa.Nsuu thaa
chhoTii sii kahaanii se

pehle mile bhii the
dil me.n gile bhii the
mil ke paraaye the
do ham_saaye the
chhoti si kahaani se...


Manish said...

Ye pic dekh ke to Aastha ka wo geet yaad aa gaya
pe lagti hain kaanch ki boondein man mein chubhe to jaanoon..!

Sahi hai badlaav to aata hi hai zindagi mein, kuch batein jo zindagi ka ek hissa ban gayi hotin hai achanak hi unse naata toot jata hai.
Naye rishton, nayi chaukhat mein pravesh kiya hai aapne par sath mein prem ki dharohar bhi mili hai jo ki baki sab baton se upar hai..

Izazat ke in pasandeeda geeton ki yaad dilane ka shukriya!

Gangadhar said...

Me too like to talk about the pic..Not able to say any song or poetry..I had a feeling that those drops're about to fall..and i wanted to catch them...lolzzz..nice pic,alaps..Have u taken it? or?

Btw loved chhoTii sii kahaanii se.....So apt for this post..

d4u said...

Such a simple yet such an amzaing song:) Im waiting for the first rains here:) And decorate your house nicely cos "home is where the heart is";) :)

illusions said...


Kishore said...

Its raining here also.. :) Have a great monsoon life... :)

Neelima Arora said...

ek alag hi ahsaas hota hai, us jagah ko chod , jahan aapne apne jeevan ke svarnim pal beetaye ho, aur jis jagah ke har kone mein aapki yaado ki khushboo mahakati ho, us ko chod ek naya ghar basana. par us ghar ko bhi aap yoon hi sajayengi , aur kuch saal baad ye ghar bhi itna apna ho uthega ...
" jahanpe basera ho savera vahin hain" .

Invincible said...

So Hyd too got its first showers. It's so pleasant after the rains !
It rained here again y'day.

So you are now getting used to the 'apartment' life and what a way to do it ! with all those positive thoughts.

The pic is awesome !

satish jupalli said...

Hi Alps,

So far this is best pic of the Aalapana.

It's a bit difficult to adjust with the Apartment culture and concrete jungle.

Soon you will enjoy this part fo life/changes too .. as you have a person with whom you can walk hand in hand in the evening :)

gr8 .....

satish jupalli said...

Hi Alps,

So far this is best pic of the Aalapana.

It's a bit difficult to adjust with the Apartment culture and concrete jungle.

Soon you will enjoy this part fo life/changes too .. as you have a person with whom you can walk hand in hand in the evening :)

gr8 .....

Atul Sabnis said...

wonderful pic - guess there are two sides to every :)

Stone said...


sherriff said...

reading about ur "flat" rememered this song....

"yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar
kisi ko dekhna agar
tu aake mangle pehle
teri nazar meri nazar"

...i am sure once ur thru setting up the house, it will have the same artistic touch reflected in ur blog

...and its raining everywhere in the blogworld...fourth post which i am reading which talks about rain

s said...

nice way to adjust to change...
u got a thousand reasons to smile ..:)

Alapana said...

Manishji,badlav tho zindagi ek naya naam hain,jaanthi hoon main,par pehli baar ehsaas hua ki ye jo itne saare badlav aathe hain,woh zyada thar ladki ke jeevan mein aathe hain,apna shaher,galiyon ko,maa papa,bhai behe,gudde gudiyan,kaliyan phool,saare rishte naathon ko peeche chodke ek naye rishte mein bandhkar ek naya zindagi sawaarthi hain ladki,aisa kyon nahi ki ladke ke jeevan mein itni saari badlaav aathi hain? Not that i am complaining but it hurts to change so much at times,even for love,i dont think i want to change but i did:)

Alapana said...

Gangadhar,i dint take that picture,a friend sent it to me,yeah,that song is so beautiful,even right now i am listening to it:) How is Aarush,does he go to any school? must be fun time with holidays,isnt it?

D4U,You said it dear girl,Home is where heart is:) and i am trying to put my heart into this home,I hope i can do it soon.

Illusions,Hi,how have u been:)

Alapana said...

Kishore,Wow,so much be all fun with those beautiful showers from heaven:) Hvae fun.

Neelima,haan,sahi kahaan aapne,itne saare badlaav ek ladki hi sambhal sakthi hain shayad,aur kuch dino baad,yaa fir kuch saalon baad isi ghar ko woh apna kahege,jise woh apne mehnath se seenchthi hain,jaise koi kisaan apne zameen ko seenchtha hain.

Inci,vinci minci :D hiiiiiiiii,have loads of fun with the rain god blessing us all,isnt it an amazing feeling when they greet us:)

Alapana said...

Satish,yeah,i will adjust to this also,but then memories always come back,of those coconut trees and lot of open space,and jasmine flowers and rose garden and mango grooves:) they make me smile and at the same time they make me miss my Home:) when now i am not a part of but still the memories make me smile.

Atul,Hahahaha,yeah,there are two sides,but how come i am always turning to that side which shows only negative aspects,i am trying hard to turn the other way but times:)


Alapana said...

Sheriff,i remembered the same song while writing this post:) It sure will have the artistic touch,but still something makes me miss my home:) where i spent 15yrs of my life,the one which i was a part of and which knows all my smiles and tears and fears:) Its raining everywhere in the country,so it is reflected in the blog world,hear Mumbai also is blessed by rain gods:) having fun or busy with work?

S.. Hmmmm,positive attitude helps forget the negative aspects of life....Errr,Flat i mean:)

s said...

oyy .. did u get time to read my mail??

Alapana said...

Oye,I did get time to read the mail,but dint find time to reply,but i keep reading your blog for updates,will mail you soon:)

wise donkey said...

wonderful:) take care:)
love and hugs:)

pisku said...

I have no words. I shall say a small prayer for your continued happiness!!

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