Monday, November 27, 2006

Musical magic or magical Music;p

If you are reading this then go trhough this post here by Eroteme

Staying at home for four days with severe cold and cough isn't easy,specially when you stay alone whole day:( the only companion is again music,today i was listening to very old songs,i skipped gulzar,javedji and Kishorekumar, and i went ahead with Rafi,Mukesh,Hasrat Jaipuri,Salilchoudhary,MadanMoham,Chitragupt,Naushad and others whom most of this generation have forgotten or busy only with the remixes,Sad and i am against all the remix versions of these old beautiful melodies which need no makeovers and silly videos showing some dancergirls with least clothing and stupid facial expressions.
How can you emulate the everygreen "Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen ,Humein darr hai hum kho na jaaye kahin,Suhana safar,Yeh kaun hansta hai phoolon mein chhupkar ,Bahar bechain hai jiski dhun par" or" ghadee ghadee moraa dil dhadake, haay dhadake, kyon dhadake,aaj milan kee belaa mein, sar se chunariyaan kyon sarake",from the movie Madhumati.

Who can forget Baiju Bawara or Naushad saheb,he was the on who introduced Lataji and Rafi to hindi film industry,is "Mohe Panghat pe Nandlal chhed gayo re,mori najuk kalaiyaa marod gayo re,mohe Panghat Pe....." from Mughal E Azam or "Madhuban men radhika nache re ,Giradhar ki muraliya baje re" from Kohinoor or rememeber DilipKumar from GangaJumna and the song "Dhoondo dhoondo re saajna,.dhoondo re saajna,more kaan ka baala" can someone in todays music industry bring back such melodies?

Sahir or the magician of words,he is a dream maker,i listen to "zindagi bhar nahi bhooloongi woh barsaath ki raat,ek anjaan.." from Barsaat ki raat and vivid images form a picture infront of me,and then comes mannadey's voice in " Ai merii zoharaa jabeen,tujhe maaloom nahiin"
or Ashaji's eternal voice in "Aage bhi jaane na tu, peechhe bhi jaane na tu,jo bhi ha,Andekhi baaho ne ham sabko ghera haiYe pal ujaala hai baaqi andhera hai,Ye pal gawaana na ye pal hi tera hai" from waqt makes me wonder about the truth which is right in front of us,songs do depict shades of life's exp at times,specially the one's from the golden era.Cannot move on to anyother lyricist without a mention of the wonderful "Pyaasa"Gurudutt,Wahida and HemantKumar,and a magical "Jaane woh kaise log the jinke pyar ko pyar mila,humne tho kaliyaan maangi,kaaton ka haar mila" by the end of the song i have tears in my eyes,such pain in the voice,and the movie itself is a masterpiece.

"Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishara hogaya,bhaite bhaite jeene ka sahara hogaya" Remember? CID,nayadaur,Tumsa Nahi dekha or AarPaar and we remember O.P.Nayyar. i still hum "Babuji dheere chalna,pyar mein zara sambhalna,haan,bade dhoke hain is raah mein" i miss Geetadutt's voice for that natorious or chulbulapan. or "Ude jab jab zulfen teri,kawaariyon ka dil machle jind meriye" and till today NayaDaur is one of my very few favourite meovies from black and white era,Pran and Dilipkumar again. and i absolutely love the song "Leke pehla pehla pyaar,bharke aankhon mein khumaar jaadu nagari se aaya koi jaadugar" remember shamshad begum? its her voice.

Those who used to listen to chayageet on Radio at 10pm or Rangoli on sundays on National TV or specially who remember Binaca geetmala on Cylone radio,the ever green Ameen sayani's voice will sure remember the songs played and one such song which i remember till day is "Chal Ud Ja Re Panchhi Ke Ab Yeh Desh Hua Begaana,Bhool Ja Ab Voh Mast Hava Voh Udna Daaali Daali" and the one "Jaayen tho jayen kahaan" from Taxidriver.

And the one which still has a great impact on me is "man re tu kaahe na dheer dhareo nirmohi moh na jaane jinka moh kare" from the movie chitralekha.
Rafi's voice excels in "abhi naa jaao chhodakar, ke dil abhee bharaa nahee,abhee abhee to aayee ho, bahaar ban ke chhaayee ho,hawaa jaraa mahak to le, najar jaraa bahak to le,ye shaam dhal to le jaraa, ye dil sanbhal to le jaraa,mai thodee der jee to loo, nashe ke ghoont pee to loo,abhee to kuchh kahaa nahee, abhee to kuchh sunaa naheen .."
and devanand's smile in the song "Maein Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya,Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Udata Chala Gaya,Barbadiyon Ka Shok Manana Fizul Tha,Barbadiyon Ka Jashan Manata Chala Gaya,Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Uda…"

Surely songs at one time depicted life,its experiences,hope,reality,Aastha,Patriotism and laughter,tears and pain,joy and happiness.I am in still love with such music,and i am in love with Life:

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thankyou Wilson

My brother stopped at a traffic signal,after hurriedly talking for a min in the phone he tried to drop the phone back into his jacket,well,it landed up on the road,and he rushed off on his bike.He had a meeting and he realized only after 6hrs that he lost his favorite samsung mobile on which he spend more than 20,000Rs.
He tried calling at his own number but it says "phone currently switched off"{ and we lost al the hope of finding it,why will anyone switch it on,they must have already removed the sim and using the phone {we all love to generalize or believe that everyone is a fraud out there}
and one last attempt and voila,......the phone is ringing and Wilson picks up the call,he was crossing the road and saw my brother dropping the phone,he tried yelling but the sound got lost in the car honking and bus horns,he was about to take it to the nearest police station after his work but thought of switching it on which accidentally got switched off when it fell on the road .
He gives the complete address but we couldn go to his house on the same day,Next day mom suggested a gift,and bro went there,Wilson refused to take the gift,but then bro insisted to open the gift wrapper and then accept or reject it,and he accepted the little holycross made of glass and took bro to his elder brother's restaurant,they both had good food and nice chat and decided to keep in touch and mom invited him for lunch coming Sunday.Welcome to our family wilson, now you are a friend:) and Thank you.

She is back:) the one who introduced me to the world of blogging and the one who got married exactly one year before me and then quit blogging and my last post made her rethink and now she is back here at Saffron skies.My best friend is back to blogging:)

"eek din fursat mein thaamein haath hamare
le gayi uss dagar pe jahaan rehti hai bahaaren
chal diye ham bhi ghar se ke kuchh befikar se,dil tha apne bharose ham the dil ke sahaare
raah mein mod aaya roshani ho gayi kam
bewajah lag rahi thi jab talaash hamari ,ek khushboo uthi aur rutt badal gayi saari
saamne toh khade the faila ke baahen "
From the movie Zindagi rocks.
All my life i lived in an independent house filled with plants trees and creepers and flowers,the house is surrounded with greenery and the flowers always greeted in one or the other corner.but now,here in our flat i just don't see a hint of greenery,except for the lone Tulasi plant in the tinyweeny balcony,and i said enough is enough.One fine evening Called up hubby to come home fast and early if he wants to have a sane life and he rushed home and we hurried to Tulasi nursery at NMDC and Hurrrrrrrrraaaaaaaayyyyyy,i have all in all 5 pots of indoor plants which i can keep in the hall and i am so glad i did so,and now i am going to buy a few more,i will takecare of them,i will,i will ,i will:)

Me:Shadi se pehle you always sounded so sweet and were always willing to say Yes to whatever i said or asked for,but now it is always a NO,huh,you dont love me anymore:(
Sri:Shadi se pehle i was expecting a wife and i used to accept it as a gods gift and said "Yes" and now i realized i got a dictator and Teacher rather than a wife,so i keep saying "No" always;p

mujhe mat roko,mujhe yaar ke ghar jaane do,main hoon parwana
mujhe shamma pe mit jaane do,,usko pana hi meri zindagi ka maksat hain
agar woh milta hai mujhe marke toh mar jaane domujhe mat roko
dil ki aankhon ne meri apana sanam dekh liya,ab isi dar pe mere dam ko nikal jaane do
mujhe mat roko,mujhe yaar ke ghar jaane do

From the movie Gangster.

Have a wonderful week ahead guys,Zindagi rocks for sure:)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another milestone;p

you and me

6 months of togetherness.
Thankyou for everything dear god.
Life has been good.

My exp post wedding.
"So here i am ,learn t so many things which i never did when at home,when i was just a daughter,i always demanded there and got it all easily,here:) i leanrt to live and live it in my own way,work my way through a path which i carve myself.
Learnt cooking,cleaning,waking up early,washing cothes,worrying about getting them ironed,handling the servant,breakfast varieties,browsing through food blogs,still travelling in auto,learnt to live in an apt,climbs all three floor steps {no lift},can make roti in the shape of roti {almost},eating lot of fruits:(, i have solutions for clogged kitchen sinks,variety of floor cleaners,the new broomstick which i need to buy,that roomfreshner i need to change,and @#$%##@$.
And these days when i call up my best friend we both end up talking about servant or wasted food or which super mkt has good trash bags,and there was a time when it was all about movies and partying and music and hours of non stop nonsense.
also learnt to let someone else pay bills and whatever.I actually neednot worry about them all:) feels good,isnt it,learnt to live with a person who can be silent for 5hrs 45min at a stretch {that was the time counted in the latest exp when we both were not sleeping and in the same house,he dint say word for that much time,Hmmm,now i know why people say i talk less these days,"sangat ka asar hain bhai.In and all,life has been good,thanks to him.

Now i had to coherse him to write these few lines about his experiences,literally threaten, shed a few tears,even warned that i will stage a walkout,a dharna and sigh,he said OK atlast.

Sri's version of life after wedding.

Hi,well,life is the same as before,Errrrrrrrr,let me change that before i can hear some thrashing sounds from her.Life has been good,Not many changes,Or..Hell,Yes,there are lot of changes post wedding,the biggest of them is now i worry about a tomorrow,my....oh..sorry,Our future,i plan and became more conservative in my approach,i worry,i play cautious when see risk.
well,there are changes,my phonebills have gone down,weekend parties have been cutoff,now when i am going out with friends i better make sure to inform before its too late {before the dinner is planned at home,mind you,only plan,not the actual cooking,she hates her plans to be busted} I know how to make the beds now,i now know that as soon as we wakeup we need to foldup our blanket {huh,why?dont we use it again tonight,so why fold it atall????}
i now know that eating at home needs lot of work {but why cant we eatout as before?} i now know that filling waterbottles is a daily chore and i know that green vegetables can be of different varities {next time i will ask for spinach instead of greenleaves} and i know that corriander is to be bought in a limited quantity,not in 50 bunches just because we get it cheap.
And now i realise the word Driver whenever i take her out for shopping.i still have no idea what she does in a shopping complex for more than 3hrs,all i know is to carry a bag or a trolly while she regally inspects all the items in the mkt which we donot even need in our whole life,she can talk endlessly,abt quality,quantity,hell,she can talk about that watchman or salesperson also,even about our neighbours dog also
.why do we have to match curtains to doormats to table covers? how does it matter if we read the newspaper in bed? how does it matter if we have breakfast at 11am or have 4cups of coffee insted of 2?why do we have to take bath in the morning on a weekend? why should we always remember the word "cleanliness is next to godliness" always {somuch so that it is made as a poster in my room now}
Errrrrr,Sure life has been good,for a simple reason that now i have someone to got home to,Someone who loves me unconditionally! ! ! ! ! But lot of conditions for my lifestyle though.
Now i can go back peacefully to watching TV,let me search for the remote which she hid till i finish writing this,Cya sometime again,till then be good and havefun.

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