Monday, February 19, 2007

Zindagi ki yehi reet hain

I wish things fall back to their respective corners of life soon,wish there was no uncertainty about anything,Those dark clouds of sadness looming over the life again,will it rain?As i see the reflection in the mirror, all my questions keep staring back at me,will there ever be any answers? what is satisfaction? happiness? where can i buy it in loads and fill my accounts with it and what do i do to make sure it is safe in there always? where can i lock away these tears to?how do i discard the pain life render from time to time? why do i have to inherit the big chunk of it always? And why does questions have no answers when i need them the most? And when all i can feel is silence in the darkness of the night i stop staring into the blankness and close the windows and get to sleep,Hoping that tomorrow is going to be a bright morning and with the sun rays creeping in i will wake up to read all the answers to my questions ,Hopefully,nothing wrong in Dreaming and Hoping,Is it not? and the wait continues.........

Zindagi ki yehi reet hai,Haar ke baad hi jeet hai
Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi,Aaj gham hai to kal hai khushi

Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi,Aaj gham hai to kal hai khushi
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai,Haar ke baad hi jeet hai
Zindagi raat bhi hai, savera bhi hai zindagi
Zindagi hai safar aur basera bhi hai zindagi

Ek pal dard ka daanv hai,Doosra sukh bhari chhaaon hai
Har naye pal naya geet hai,Zindagi ki yehi reet hai
Gham ka baadal jo chhaaye to hum muskuraate rahe
Apni aankhon mein aashaaon ke deep jalaate rahe
Aaj bigde to kal phir bane,Aaj roothe to kal phir mane
Waqt bhi jaise ek meet hai
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai ,Haar ke baad hi jeet hai
Thode aansu hai, thodi hasi,Aaj gham hai to kal hai khusi


Kishore said...

It will be a great day when you wake up. We are moving ahead in Hope, lets keep moving...

jupallis said...

Hi Alps,

This is like asking "who can cure the doctor?". A slightly moderate version of "who will guard the guards". I visit your blog searching for the same happiness and you end up asking the same questions.

Do visit my blog and let me know your comments & critics if any.

San said...

A beautiful song.

We need sadness to appreciate happiness .. they balance and complete each other. But I ditto Kishore's comment. :)

@$#!$# said...

the only thing that makes us appreciate happiness are tough times...i know a lot is not fair in life, but then at some level or the other it is a decision we made that leads us to the situation we are in..

just keep smiling...i am sure u will never need to buy loads of'll get it without even asking for it :-)

Tulan said...

oh there u go again with a sad post after so many nice happy posts. dont worry you will be alright and will find lots of happiness really soon. take care and dont let the tough times make u kneel down.

Sush said...

sadness is part of gives meaning to happy times...

kpowerinfinity said...

great to see you here :)

mommyof2 said...

Here is big {{{{{{{hug}}}}}} for you.. Hope you are feeling all better now:-)


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