Friday, June 13, 2008

Yes,i am back, Officially, in the new house, my house, sitting in the balcony and watching the little rain drops forming beautiful tiny droplets and listening to "sili hawaa choogayi.."
God, i have a wish, and i am hoping that i will soon get it,Will you grant my wish?


~nm said...


So what's your wish? I hope it gets answered soon by god!

Sree said...

If I had the power I would grant you immediately but since it is God, he will do it too whatever is good for you :).. good to see you back :)

Ashish said...

hey....nice template u've got here...

me likes :)

sindhu said...

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Michelle said...

i really like the rains this yr...m not much of a rain person btw tht is an amazing picture!

Stone said...

post some more pics!

good to see u back.

Amrit said...


San said...

Congrats - new house ey :)

Sooo what have i missed .. any kiddies to complete the new household?

Arunima said...

May He grant it!

I have been planning to have some flower pots or some pots to plant tomatoes and green chillies for the sheer pleasure of seeing something grow. I don't have that much space but I think I should try. I am really inspired.

Nasir Jamal said...

I hope your wish is grante.


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