Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Home

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Edited to Add:) I will be back in another week,i am able to read all the blog from my phone but not able to comment and i will get back my connection in another weeks stay tuned. and thank you for the mails, i will be back soon.

It just came out while talking to a friend "You are talking about getting attached to a person, someone who can think, feel and reciprocate, I realized yesterday that i am attached to this house which cannot express anything also" and now when i think of it i know how it feels, Just 14 months back i walked into this house, empty, as if waiting for us to complete it, i started my journey of knowing a city, knowing a new person, a new job, new lifestyle and new everything from this house, The walls saw us laughing, fighting, saw the silence, the tears and the growing attachment and then we are leaving,
I don't know why i am feeling so empty, i just don't know why i am feeling so sad leaving this house, i always kept cribbing that there is no balcony, that there are no neighbors to talk to, that there is no enough light and that i cannot look at the sky and now we are moving into our House.

home sweet home, which we bought with our own money, for which we saved,we planned,we compromised and then the day the priest said its auspicious time and that we can enter into the house we felt nervous,so many people around and so many rituals and we both were standing there, held our hands and walked in,into every room, soaking in the feeling,as if we were asking the walls to recognize us,as if we were making acquaintances,we are excited,of shifting there now, where i don't need to worry if a lock is not working or if the paint is coming off or if the shower broke,i am not answerable to the owner,i don't need to be cautious and most of all,its my house,the one which i always dreamed of.

But then i don't know why i am feeling sad about leaving, it just doesn't go away,the feeling of emptiness, i feel as if i am loosing a part of me, why so much attachment to a house? to a rented house? to something which i don't own?
Strange, when people are redefining or finding the reasons or logics and answers to the relations with parents, love and friends in this world i am worried about leaving a rent house, but then thats how i am, and i am just fine as i am.
Tomorrow by this time i will be sorting things in our house, i will be away from blog world for sometime,till i get a net connection there. Will miss this place,well,not many come here now, but those who do, i will be back soon.


~nm said...

there are homes and then there are homes :)

What I meant was there are homes that you feel attached to the moment you step into them and there are the kinds that take you some time to get attached. I have had experiences of both kinds.

But whatever it be, it does pinch you when leaving a house where you have spent nice loving moments of your life.

Hope you settle really well and quick in the new house and also that you get your net connectivity fast! :)

jupallis said...

This is for Your Husband..

Kotta Illu,
Kotta car,
etc. etc..

My Life, My Music....... said...

This is the difference between HOUSE and HOME......... :)

Stone said...

looking forward to hear from you.

Satish Bolla said...

i know how u feel. i can't even throw a pen which's with me for a few months. i sometimes fell that bonding is more between people n things than people n people.....

Usha said...

Hey congratulations on moving into your own place. Now is THIS the place that is in my neighbourhood. mail me on details. If it is Rose Garden or Adarsh it may be just a hop away.:)

Vamsi said...

As always your posts makes me feel better.
But font and design makes it difficult to read.
Think about it.

Jayashree said...

Such a strange attachment with the place we live-in!
Congrats.I wish you move on with lots of good moments in your new house.

Endevourme said...

hmmm....i ws attached to a mickeymouse doll, a broken electronic watch, an old house,,,,
its amzing naa we attach ourself to things which arnt alive!

diya said...

I have lived in many houses in Delhi and Calcutta as my father had a transferable job but there was I house (11/B Portland Park ) which my brother and I were very attached to. Even today if I dream about a house it will be like 11/B.
-nm is right it must have to do with the special moments of your life that you have spent in the house that creates the bond.Hoping to see you back soon.

anumita said...

Congrats! Still setting up house? Come back with loads of pics!


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