Monday, May 19, 2008

"ye din jo aaye"

Its silent and it usually is,the apartments,the corridors and the surroundings are always silent here,all i can hear at times is doors being opened or closed, And today a friend asked how i am spending my vacation and i said "Eating,sleeping, movies and blogging" and she said "wow,sounds good" I just asked myself, does it really sound good?
Is this how vacation is spent,was it not different when i was a kid. When i dint have a mobile or internet or dvd player? It used to be fun when we finished the last day of exam and knowing how every friend is going to some place, nana nani or mausi's house.And i went to my village, that small village and there i had a smile, or laughter.when was the last time we all laughed out loud, screemed and ran, yes,when was the last time we ran and played without the fear of getting hurt and were covered in dust and sand and sweat but had no fear of hygiene?

When was the last time i woke up the sound of temple bells in the vishnu alayam and shivalayam in that small village,and then there were other sounds, the servants taking the tractors and bullock carts to the fields and someone sweeping the huge aangan and another putting rangoli and where we all cousins just there in the bed looking around,pulling and pushing each other, and then brushing our teeth with a neem stem, we ran to play, yeah,at six am we played, at the banks of the river flowing slowly,not much water there and we just jumped into it from the tree branches near by.No fear or no one to scold and someone walking on the bridge would recognize us "ha haa, Came from Hyderabad isn't it,how is your mom and which class are you in and my cousins would proudly announce it all"

Playing to the hearts content we went home, only when we realized we were hungry, took bath near the coconut tree where a huge tub made of cement had cold water in it and the hibiscus flowers falling from the near by branches,we would scream, fight and finish the bath and then sat in the kitchen, down,on the floor with peddamma serving idlis and loads of ghee and we gleefully tell her stories, she always thought we were thin and held mom responsible for it and we,we just glowed in her love and affection.

Play time again, paaleru or the servants are back from fields to take food for others and we follow them,two km,we just walk to the fields and there it was time for fun again, sitting on the buffaloes {yes,i did} and running in the sugarcane fields we drank coconut water and ate mangoes. scotching heat but it just dosn't make us feel bad,we are having fun and we did it wholeheartedly. came home for lunch and then the discipline starts, peddamma never allowed to play after lunch,she scolded always to sleep and we did sleep,under the huge banyan tree, with those folded beds and played,yes,we sang and we played with five stones or ashta chemma, pacchis and other games, me and my brother were the king and queen whom other children would treat as,we came from Hyderabad you see:)

and the evening arrives with such beauty, "godhulivela" A beautiful word in Telugu which means that time of the evening when all the cows are returning from the fields with bells ringing which are tied to their necks,and the dust raised from the walk tries to match with the red orange sunset over the water,the dust from that red and black clay mud, And there was a mile stone in front of the river and i stand there,kids jumping into the water from that bridge built over the river,it joins two sides of a village, the other side which i can see from this end,but to reach i need to either swim or walk on that bridge,the one which was built 70yrs back.
Time for dinner,Dinner,i smile,the image of very hot rice and mango pickle,ghee, sambhar and vadiyalu or papad as we call and then curd with rock salt and lemon pickle makes me so hungry.the lanterns are lit in all the rooms,the beds are being made outside the side varandah,white bedsheets and pillows and hand fan if it gets too hot,but its never hot in summer also.

jasmines and roses and hibiscus blooming allover and there are not many sounds now,the river looks serene,i keep watching the ripples and the moonlight falling on it and slowly fall asleep,i was not busy but still tired,i dint work much but still very hungry,i dint have a blog or TV but i still feel satisfied,i dint call anyone from my mobile,but i feel as if i chatted the whole day,I have had such a wonderful day,that day,sometime back,or was it long back when i was there?

"Ye din aaye.. lage phool hasne,Dekho basanthi basanthi hone lage mere sapne,...sone jasii ho rahi hain har subah meri,lage har saanj gulaal se bharii.."


~nm said...

yeah..we have forgotten how to really enjoy our holidays! We are always entangled with the gadgets or the TVs

DivSu said...

Hey Beatutiful Post! "Godhulivela" beautiful expression isn't it? :)

Thanks for your comment. Sure I'd like to catch up with you sometime and exchange notes on house-hunts;)

Sree said...

you reminded me of everything so village-ish :((.. I surely miss everything.. especially, the afternoon forced naps which gave us renewed energy for the evening.. sleeping outside at nights with the table fans in oscillation made :(((... the gen next is surely missing out on all of it.

jupallis said...

Alps at her best.

"Godhulivela" , this word brings lot of smiles on my face, as last time when you posted this word with meaning in one of your blogs, it took lot of time for some of my friends(Telugu) born and brouth up in cities and English medium studies.

Now the blog colors are perfect.

Though the picture with the book titled Dew drop dreams in your "experiment" (meandmytemplate) blog is very nice, the present color combination is very nice.

Endevourme said...

i cant read the blg properly! the colours are skewed! no proper contrast :D

phatichar said...


Endevourme said...

thanks da :D
me not an artist yaar, just someone on the road hehe

Arunima said...

I imagined every word that you said. It was nice, it was calm, it was childhood.

I grew up in concrete but I did experience this once or twice in my childhood through some friends.

Stone said...

simple and beautiful post!

Satish Bolla said...

this is wht i did in the past. n this is wht i want to do in the present n future. want to escape away frm my laptop to the good old b&w tv with that chitralahari, want to escape away from my mobile to the tring tring phone, want to escape away frm the never stopping AC machine to the cool breeze across the fields.....

ila chaala unnai. kaani entha twaragaa vaatiki dhaggaravuthaano maatram theleedhu....

btw, meedhi ye ooru?


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