Thursday, May 15, 2008

"..Pooche jo koi.."

There are times when you just don't feel like doing anything,well at 2am in the night there are very few choices you have but still, Thats the time when i just kept staring at the darkness with a song playing in the background. A song which never got a mention here at this blog.
But its been with me past two years, it was a ring tone and a caller tune on my phone and i had friends who kept calling on my phone just to listen to the song. I wanted to hate the song,I wanted to forget it, maybe because it brought back memories, of someone, of a time when everything looked so perfect and so beautiful, of those nights when I could hear a laughter, where there were promises,there were dreams and this song always played in the background,most of the times there was silence between two people but the song always played.

And one day everything ended, Anger took over, pain became a soul mate, hurt and left alone just wanted to erase memories, of the beauty, of the promises, of the laughter and i started deleting songs, tearing off the cards, throwing off the gifts, burning those pages from the diary, did everything,or did I? I deleted the song as my caller tune, as my ring tone, forgot the song or so i thought. But well, I tried erasing something which was etched in my heart forever, we can move on but forget anything, Still, I kept trying..
Memories come back to you in a flash of the moment, just like that,Isn't it? And tonight it just came back to me just like that,the song, the lyrics and made me wonder, do I hate the song? hate the memories? and somewhere the answer i knew came up to me, NO, i no longer hate anything, the song or the memories....they are a part of my living. Got back to the song, downloaded it but i am still trying to put it back as my caller tune, hope i can do so..
Sometimes simple things bring back such peace in life, maybe its time i made peace with a past which i left far away...... For now i am lost in the music, in the darkness of the night i just close my eyes and move into the distant land of dreams, drift away into the beauty....."Pooche jo koi,meri nishani,rang hina likhnaa,gore badan pe ungli se mera naam adaa likhna......."


Arunima said...

I like this song a lot but haven't yet watched the movie. I meant 'pooche jo koyi'

Endevourme said...

i luve that song...n urzu durkut too :D
movie ws a flop tho

Desparado said...

Indeed a nice post...reminds me of d mulberry memories of d days long gone:( The craving wud alwasy b there though...

Thanks for dropping by o my photoblog...if u wud like to see I blog at

Rohit said...

Precious moments cannot be frozen forever.The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever.Certain songs trigger certain memories, and with the memories come the emotions, and emotions Can Make Us Feel Overwhelmed............ keep listening and keep memorising......:)
Have a nice weekend.


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