Thursday, May 08, 2008

..Maine Dil Se Kaha....

3PM,Its raining and the wind and rain are playing their game and and both are not ready to give up,the windows are still open and the rain drops are hitting me fast but the gush of happiness which comes along with it is priceless. "na hai yeh pana, na khona hi hai,tera na hona jane, kyun hona hi hai,tum se hi din hota hai, surmaiye shaam aati, tumse hi, tumse hi,har ghadi saans aati hai, zindagi kehlati hai..." Another beautiful song from Jab we met" Some days it just feels so perfect. you wakeup to the sounds of tinkering bells and silence all around and reminding you that there are no deadlines to follow,you need not rush to work by 8am, Nothing,no planner for the day and no lunch pack or water bottles and purse to search and rush before you get late.No need to smile if you don't want to and no need to answer if you choose not to.
No cooking, doesn't mind, the bread and butter seriously sounds delicious when you are lazy to fix yourself the usual breakfast. Just lying in that huge bed you can read the newspaper,send the sms to as many people you want and make all those calls to friends which get postponed most of the days. And in no time your best friend,your laptop finds a place in your bed to the added list of a mobile,the headphones, a water bottle,a Ulta Perk and a diary and a pen and the newspaper along with you. Complete bliss, everyone around must have gone to offices but you,you have all the free time in the world.
You make a few friends jealous by telling them about your summer vacation and wonder louds how people work without any holidays:) and then you find a fellow blogger and seriously discuss music, and the beautiful." ore piya....." sung by Rahat fateh Ali khan comes to mind. The songs continue and so does the time,but i am not worried about the day coming to an end,it just started,there is whole night, like good old days when i just stayed awake,reading,writing,listening to music,watching the sky, and it feels so right, For one whole month i just have so many things to do and the required time also...Life is good:)
Do you remember the song "Nai lagtha tere bina dil mera,sajnaa abhi ja" from the movie waise bhi hota hain, sometimes random choice of songs in real player throws in a surprise to my delight. Let me soak myself in the colors of music and the rain,the house is still silent and the good times continue.

If anyone finds it difficult to read the blog do let me know:) and lot of changes to be made to the blogroll too...


Prati said...

Hi Neels,
Wish you and Sri a happy anniversary!!! Remembered you'll yesterday but I got caught in day-long meetings that I finally got to wish you now...sorry for the belated wishes...but you were in my thoughts.
I like the new template and ofcourse your musings of music....ore piya..jab we met...some of my fav.songs these days!!!! Take good care and happy hols :)

life.andre.heege said...

Hi Alapana,

Belated 2nd anniversary wishes :)

I like your posts very much. Infact its here i got links to 2 other bloggers who are also awesome.(Ushaji and atticus)
I dunno why but, in my free time I'll be usually reading the posts of you three people.
Is it possible that I can customize the templates to my preferences to read your wonderful posts?
I'm only half way through this book :)
Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alapana,

I like your posts, though I didn't know much Hindi.
Please keep writing.
I felt it difficult to read in the new template(and font color).


Hip Grandma said...

I can relate to what you say.

'No need to smile if you don't want to and no need to answer if you choose not to.'

How true.

Satish Bolla said...

well, everytime i visit ur blog, it seems that i lost my way in the music echoing in my ears(even though there's no music). such was the impact of ur writing style n choice of songs.
lucky u(for the holidays). have a blast.
btw, i forgot to mention my warm regards for ur 2nd anniversary in my comment to ur previous post

My Life, My Music....... said...

Now its looking Good.... and yes easy to read also.... Looking forward for new changes..

jupallis said...

Belated 2nd anniversary wishes.

Keshi said...

rem em Alapana? :)

ur post reminded me I NEED A HOLIDAY!



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