Wednesday, July 09, 2008


"TAG" I don't like the word frankly:) Nope, not on this blog, in four years of blogging i did just two tags, and i am tagged yet another time and i dint frown for this one. When i read a post about this at Asuph's blog i mentally started making a list, i felt bad that he dint tag anyone and that no one will even notice it but someone else had ideas and here i am, making a list of atleast five things which changed because of "S" {Atul, my significant other is also S,And i completed this tag in a record breaking time of one day:)))))}

Forgiving people. Yes, now i go back and talk to people who hurt me if they realize what they did, I learnt from S that life is too short to have a grudge forever, But yes, there are limitations here too, he is no saint to forgive everyone, but he is the one who taught me to just forget and move on or forgive and smile again at people who hurt.

Now i know the meaning of "Waiting for the right moment" I now wait, i don't blabber away right away but wait for the right time and an appropriate situation to make my point clear.

Patience- I now have 50% more of it now that i stay with a man who can drive me nuts at times with his ways of living and ideas but i learnt to live with it all, Well, he did the same, so we both benefited.

Colors, I started using colors which i never looked at before, I now have shades of green, brown, black and blue in my wardrobe.

I started appreciating Telugu movies and watch more comedy movies and laugh at some silly jokes without becoming the moral police all the time:)

I eat loads of fruits, thanks to him, my hemoglobin is a record high of 11% after almost 10 years.

I learnt to appreciate life as it is, not to worry about tomorrow and ruin my today. Most of all,i started living all again.

One important aspect i learnt is that everyone in this world is special and great in their own way, They all have their own talents and specialties and its up to us to look around and know about it,So now i don't just ignore this aspect.

I wont say i stopped it all but i judge people a little less:)

And now i know that its all not white and black to what you see in life, there are Grey shades too.And that it wont help to walk straight always, you need to take a different path when needed:)

Well,that's about it, {In fact S would have done a better job i guess,hahaha) and now its time to tag people,bhuhahahaha, I love this part. My list...

According to Atul...."here are the tag rules: Write about the changes that have happened in your life, at least five, because of your significant other. Then Tag five others. If they don’t have a significant other, then any one person, who has caused the change. Please don’t leave the tag alone in the wild.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking up this tag! Truly! I notice there are many significant "S's" in this world!

Also, I am glad you agree with me that Asuph should have not left the tag in the wild!


Sree said...

that is so true how we change without anyone forcing us just being there with another person.. and yeah, my OH is S too ;)..

Will take it up..

~nm said...

Will do it but can't promise soon! There's too much to do at work so leaving me very little time at home :(

Its an interesting introspective tag must say!

Pallavi said...

Thanks for the tag. Neels. Its been a while I did a tag.. :)
Will do it..

kinfook said...

the bear is so cute!

Invincible said...

Hey Neelu,
Good to see all those positive things. I remember you had a distinct philosophy of life and i know you as a strong person. I think the 'changes' would be a filling for the tiny crevices.

It was good to be here after long long time.

Art said...

hi... I am back to blogging :)

raj said...

One plus one is more than two.
That is what the stars say.

~nm said...

Finally managed to do this tag. Read it here


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