Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Started adapting to Bangalore, slowly finding my way, getting familiar and enjoying it too. But the idea of going to Hyderabad still makes me all emotional.I know in this age where people travel from north pole to south pole i am stuck between two neighboring cities and still feel all emotional:) but don't we all come in different shapes and sizes.
If School gave a sense of security and familiarity college life gave wings to fly.School was about innocence and college taught me to be smart.If i discovered a world in school i learnt how to live in that world through the college life, all of it happened in the city i love the most, If the defence school was fun and discipline so were the friends.
My first college was in Nampally and it was the first time i got to travel in bus daily, new dresses were made,new hand bag and sandal from liberty where bought and that's when i realized that i no longer will wear a school uniform and white shoes and red ribbons every day:) and i was handed over to a girl who studied Degree in same college and there started a journey of discovering the city, scared, shy to talk to strangers and silent most of the times i slowly learnt to be independent through this journey,i remember the first day of college where my classes got over by 12pm but waited for the other girl till 4 because i dint know where the bus stop is and was scared to ask a stranger. learnt to get into buses at signals, push and rush into the bus and get hold of a seat for me and for friends too.
Friends, classes, movies, panipuri and flirting, all happened in high doses during this phase of inter to under graduate. Swati tiffin center was our adda and i always ordered chole batura there, and near by sultan bazaar made me always dream of a future when i will have loads of money and buy every dress hanging there in shops:)
If graduation is fun then post grad is responsibility, its about time to learn to be professional and being a management student i did everything to prove myself, campus life is altogether a beautiful exp, getting photocopies, those library hours and then rushing to libraries for reference and sharing lunch boxes with friends and sitting in the garden till 6 in the evening and then rushing for the classes for another course and ultimately reaching home at 10pm in the last bus, amma waits in the bus stand, we walked back through the dark deserted lanes in rainy season while i used to tell her about my daily adventures.

My most fun and beautiful phase is 6yrs of teaching in a college with a 50acre campus and there we were,three in one friends:) we traveled triples from Koti to Tarnaka in rain, ate panipuri as if there is no tomorrow at shivam, went to Lorven to buy loads of gifts, Did crazy things like sitting on the pavement at the ever busy tarnaka flyover to just laugh at a guy who was staring at us, stayed at each others house and all night dancing and singing and our mutual love for Veg fried rice and paneer saw us finding some good and lot of weird places to gorge up on chinese food and we seriously saw some wierd movies together which were senti and emotional and we three laughed it all for 3hrs and one such evening,we hunted down a cake shop at 10pm when he almost was closing it and bought a cake, traveled triples at 11pm,reached home,went for a walk with two dogs in toe and cut a cake at 1am to celebrate Christmas and sang carols and at 4am again went for a walk,sang all sorts of songs and slept at 6am.
Life was good with all of them, friends, family and the job, don't forget my two Dogs, and then....And then marriage happened. One by one and we all parted ways, in the way we lived to the style to the smiles and to the fun, everything changed.......This is another phase.albeit a new city but then such is life, Yet another place and phase and personality to discover.

Gulzar says Here, "kuchh nahin Taharta na Pancham! Kabhee bhi kahi bhi. na tum Thahare, na main hi rukunga. main kya bataaun ki jab aa raha tha to jaa raha tha.
ye gHalat hai ki waqt guzar jaata hai. waqt, time eternal hai, permanent hai. aur kabhee nahin guzarta. Jo guzar jaata hai, wo ham aur tum hain"


~nm said...

Lovely post!

The nostalgia from yesteryears always puts a smile on one's face..nahi? :D

Anonymous said...

Nice post..

"School was about innocence and college taught me to be smart.If i discovered a world in school i learnt how to live in that world through the college life" ...... very well said

Satish Bolla said...

i was thinking to post the same comment as keerthakka, but she's always faster than me. anyways, oka saari hyderabad darshanam cheyinchaaru. thanx

Pradeep said...

Hi... There is a sense of familiarity here... You were one of my oldest blog pals! Good old days are described so not without reason: they often recharge us.
Glad to see you are adapting to Bangalore. Saw that you have linked Google Reader to your blog. Even I have; I think it is a very useful tool.
Best wishes, PRADEEP

Pradeep said...

Just added you to my Google Reader and linked that my blog.

Prati said...

Neels, although each of us has stepped into the next stage in our lives, the memoirs will always be reminisced with the same feelings. I do miss those days but at the same time, I'm sure we can relive it whenever we meet..be it even 10-20 years down the lane...awesome post!
I still, can never forget the way u and Jo got me into the habit of eating pani puri....imagine it's been ages since I last ate it...maybe the next time I plan my holiday to Hyd., we can meet over a weekend and relive those wonderful hours!!!!! :)
Smiles and hugs!

Sree said...

okkasari Hyd gurtocchesindi :(.. very well-written one.

Stone said...


Endevourme said...

i jus luvved the dog foto hehe
nice expressions! :D

Aadi Aggarwal said...

I like ur blog and the way you express urself and ur imagination , hats off to ur presentations.

Anonymous said...

I never thought hyd was such a safe place to wonder at late hours...
but somehow we MANAGED to caught up in rift with someone or other everytime we made it...


Anonymous said...

You have been tagged!

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Nagraj said...

Its been a long time neelima since visited ur blog......may be two years now....but there is no change in ur way of writing .excellent as always.........great post and reminded me of my OU days in genetics dept...Lorven ,tarnaka,shivam....similar places my frds and me had grt fun.....

(Nagraj....i used to write on alochana before..on cricket which u dont like......)


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