Monday, April 27, 2009


Four months in 2009 will be done with in another 3 days and the list of things i did in these 4 months scared me, when did i become so busy and the To Do list is even more lengthier:( I just made a list of a few random things which makes me smile:) Life is good.
  • Went to Hyderabad 3 times in four months.
  • Done with M.Phil exams in march, preparation time= 3 hrs for 2 exams:)
  • Going to Hyderabad in another week's time, Again:)
  • Met with a small accident, made it a big issue.
  • 4 months and i took 9 days off from work:)) Advantages of being a teacher.
  • Had at least 12-14 days holidays, again the perks of being a teacher.
  • Indian railways needs to award me for traveling with hoards of luggage.
  • The amount of luggage i keep transferring between hyd and Bang is mind boggling.
  • I get all my sarees dry cleaned in Hyd once in 2 months ( benefits of being pampered)
  • Amma sends me garam masala, dry copra, haldi, mirchi powder, tamarind juice, ghee, papad every month,all home made:)
  • MIL & Amma compete in buying sarees and crockery for me.
  • I save money and you know the reason for my bank balance now:)
  • Tickets are booked always either by hubby or brother:)
  • When i am coming back from Hyd one bag will always be filled with pickles,sweets and savouries. Always:)
  • The rats in Yashwanthpur second AC compartment love me the most:) Or my luggage:))
  • When i get down in bang and reach home i am not worried about cooking, amma packs curds, biryani, curries, puri and sambhar for the day, i just use microwave to heat it:))
  • Coconuts, mangoes, and a few varity of green leaves, curry leaves always make way into the luggage:)
  • My hand luggage always is filled with magazines, music player, mobile, camera, gold ornaments and popcorn:)
  • When i get down at hyd bro waits with car and i just get in:), when i return, hybby waits at bangalore station, i get in the car, rest is always taken care:))) no,not by me.
Well, why all this now you may ask:) Because all good things might end one day and i want to remember that i am the first one who has been pampered so much by the people who loved me. The love will last forever.
Did i tell you that i am resuming blogging again:) Yes, officially i am back on facebook, orkut, twitter, thanks to the Happy vacation which is soon starting. And the picture above is that of a picture perfect pose giving by the darlings of the house:) All i had to say is call their names:) Did i not say Life is good:) Yes, it is.


jupallis said...

To add to your list ...

4 posts in these 4 months
0 replies to the comment

Stone said...

Good to see again :-)

Anonymous said...

I knew you would come back...irrespective of the fact that life is good or bad...blogging is also part of life if not life itself:D...

chal..happy blogging:)

diya said...

Hey good to see you back! I too am busy at social networking, will you be a friend if I send request?

Anonymous said...

The most interesting baat is that you will be blogging again. Welcome back! :)

Sree said...

hammaya vacchesaru kada, alaaga continue aipondi.. missed you.

Prati said...

Neels, Welcome back! Good to read your blog and once again, the template is awesome!
Woww! Your list reminded me so much of myself..only diff. is I can't take most of those things or else I'd be paying to Luftansa Airlines, so these days I'm being a lot strict in bringing stuff to Brussels.
Great chatting with you and do try to come online.
Baga holidays lo enjoy cheyyi..amma ni adiginatlu cheppu.
Loads of wishes to tammudu!

Alapana said...

Jupallis, to add more... Last two months... Not one mail or a msg from you:(((

Stoneji... thank you

athmakatha... Thank you, i knew i will come back too:)

diya, you know the answer

Alapana said...

Atul, and the most surprising baat is to see you commenting here:)

sree, vachesaanu, malli vellanu ani cheppanu, kaani untaanemo mari:)))

Pratima, old friends are like wine, they get better and better with time, hahahahaha, i just wanted to use this line, god knows why:)) kaani bale dialogue kottanu kada:))) Hugs dearie

Prati said...

Neels, nijamgane bale dialogue, okesari na mind block ayindi..
Now keeping aside the humor,I completely vouch for the line on friends...thanks a ton and hugs to you..such thoughts keep us going although we are miles apart!
P.S. still awaiting your telephone numbers and pics!

Amrit said...

Welcome back :)

Anonymous said...

good to have you back. i always told you, such beautiful writing as yours is to be shared with everyone :)
- anumita


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