Monday, May 11, 2009

thoda hain....

"chandnii raat mein, ek baar tujhe dekhaa hai,Khud pe itraate hue, Khud se sharmaate hue,chandanii raat mein " the sounds of music fills the house, Thank god that we took the flat to the other side of the road, no traffic sounds, I don't miss looking at the main road lit up and moving vehicles at night, i prefer my silence and my plants in my balcony, and i can see the kids playing with a puppy and a few kids playing shuttle and the neighbor lighting a lamp in front of tulasi plant, I wanted it this way and i got it.

A week's stay at Hyderabad made me realise i miss my home, miss bangalore not as a city but as a place where i made a little place for myself, "mera ghar" When at InLaws place and saw those mango trees and loads of jasmines she pluck for me i dreamed of doing the same for her when she comes to bangalore, but maybe not loads of them, for my jasmine plant in a pot yeilds a few of them, but then:)) I selected the most beautiful....." Thoda hain,thode ki jaroorat hain, zindagi fir bhi yahaan khoobsoorat hain...." from the play list.

"Ankhiyon Mein Chhote Chhote Sapne Sajaike,Bahiyon Mein Nindiya Ke Pankh Lagaike,Chanda Mein Jhoole Meri Bitiya Rani,Chandni Re Jhoom Ho Chandni Re Jhoom" Sanjeev kumar in Naukar if i am not wrong, Its been ages since i heard this song, too many songs:) or say that's why when i find it after a long time its fresh again and as beautiful as ever. Staying alone is a blessing at times, no need to make unnecessary conversations or you need to have a partner who understands your need to be silent and i am lucky i guess:)
"Kya mausam hain,aye deewane Dil,Chal kahin door Nikal Jaaye,Koi Humdum Hai,Chaahat Ke Kaabil,To Kisliye Hum Sambhal Jaayenge,Chal Kahin Door Nikal Jaaye..." Kishore, Lata and rafi, What a combination..
I was listening to this song yesterday, we went on a long long drive, its rare for us, both of us are lazy and not much of long drive and romantic evening kinds:) but we did, yesterday, He insisted and we went, the colors in the sky were matching the mood and the music, well spent evening, and hubby turns to me suddenly and says "Hey i forgot to tell you something, Happy wedding anniversary" Yes, after three days he realized he had to wish me:) On the day of the anniversary we were busy with my brother's engagement, everybody wished us but we had no time to wish each other, i am yet to wish him, well, right time, or say right moment is what i am waiting for:)
Well, what to do, we are like this only:)
And i got my gift too, one of my favorite CD's, "Malgudi days" He did notice that i was longingly looking at it last time when we were there:)

Waise, how many of you remember this line from my favorite movie Bawarchi " Its so simple to be happy but so difficult to be simple" aanwala pal jaanewala hai, ho Sake To iss mein zindagi bitaado Pal Jo Yeh, Jaanewala Hai.....

Monday, May 04, 2009

All happies:)

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Happy wedding anniversary sri:) Its been a wonderful journey and if not for you i wouldn have been what i am today. Thank you for letting me be what i am, For letting me make mistakes, letting me learn, never stopping me for anything and holding my hand when i fumble. C ya in Hyderabad on May 7th, three years back we were there getting married and three years later we will be there witnessing one more family member getting engaged:) Cheers to many more happy times:)

"too is tarah se meree jindagee mein shaamil hain,
jahaan bhee jaaoo ye lagataa hain teree mahafil hain,
ye aasamaan ye baadal ye raasate ye hawaa
har yek cheej hain apanee jagah thhikaane se,
kaee dinon se shikaayat naheen jamaane se,
ye jindagee hain safar, too safar kee manjil hain


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