Sunday, June 18, 2006


Bhaite bhaite zindagi hume teri yaad agayi, woh lamhe woh baatein yaad again,dhalte suraj ki laali se bhari aasman aur baarish ke woh din yaad agaye,koi khoya dost tho kahi khoya hua pyar yaad agaya,kisine pukara nahi,kisine yaad kiya nahi,fir bhi aaj dil udaas hain,waqt ke panno ko paltaane ka mann kartha hain....kaun hain jo wahan jise dekne ko dil tarastha hain,dhund mein koi nazar nahi aatha par aas hain kisike hone kya......zindagi aaj humne teri yaad agayi......

We form opinions easily,and at times forget that what we see is not what the reality is,but then we all love to live in our own beautiful structures called Egos.It was easy to say i am busy,you should have tried calling me like always,i would have answered as always,wish you turned back once,i was waiting there till the clouds formed and then it started raining, no one knew i was crying,the tears flowed along with the rain drops,while walking away i kept looking back,hoping that you might come back,but you dint,and i reached a point where i had to walk off into an unknown tomorrow,these days my yesterdays took a back seat,i have no time to look back but then do you know my dear friend?
"I still wait for you,wishing and hoping that one day you will be back,One day we will be together again,with all smiles and joy,and we will be again called "friends "

"sunate hain ki mil jaatii hai har chiiz duaa se
ek roz tumhe.n maa.Ng ke dekhenge Khudaa se

duniyaa bhii milii hai Gam-e-duniyaa bhii milaa hai
vo kyuu.N nahii.n milataa jise maa.Ngaa thaa Khudaa se

aaiine me.n vo apanii adaa dekh rahe hain
mar jaaye ki jii jaaye koii unakii balaa se

To those friends who feel i changed,or feel i am busy and maynot respond as before,Just to let you know that i am the same,Changes are in my life,not in me as a person,Wish you knew that,wish you understood that. Miss you.


amit said...

BAhut khoob!Amazing place!

Manish said...

So are u back to work?

Stone said...


Gangadhar said...

Very gud.Thank you,Alaps.

satish jupalli said...


Your blog it self says u have not changed. :)

Be the same as long as u can. :)

Truth Fairy said...

Glad to find you here again! :)
And yeah, the moment I came here, I knew it was you. There's no mistaking your style of writing, the songs you put up and not to mention those pictures. Good luck with your new life. I hope it brings you all the happiness you deserve. :)

Truth Fairy said...
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Art said...

nayi baharen hain.. nayi fizayen hain... aise nayen jeevan mein tum ab bhi humari purani saheli ho

Keshi said...

Nice post abt friends...I feel the same as u do right now. Alot of my close friends on the net just chose to say I have changed and took the easy way out. Im alone now but I have no choice.

**to live in our own beautiful structures called Egos

ur absolutely right there!


Neelima Arora said...

Very true Alps!
We change, but it does not mean that our feelings change, the heart that is filled with sweet m,emories of shared beautiful moments change. Though life and its various tasks may keep friends apart, yet the heart knows the affection, recognises the longing.

Rangakrishnan Srinivasan said...

I seriously do not know as to from where you get these amazing pictures for every blog post of urs.

okie, this reminds of me of a well-known saying, dont remember who said it.

the best part I like about walking in the rain, is that no one can see me cry! the coalescence of the tear with the raindrop.... what more can one say!

and one more thing, with time people change... and we all change... one can only say, hopefully for the better!

Alapana said...


Manishji,Yes,i am back to work:)

Stoneji :)


satish, it depends on what people want to see,some want to see a change,so they see what they want:) thankyou.

Alapana said...

Truthfairy,good to see you here,i never knew i was so transperant in the blog space:)thankyou somuch for all the words,congratulations to you to for a new begining,How is the new home,saw the pictures,it looks so beautiful:) god bless.

art,nayi bahaaron me apne puraane saathi ko dekh kar jo khushi mili uska kya bayaan karoon,zindagi ke daud mein dost hi tho woh saathi hain jo hamaari muskuraahat lataatha hain hamesha.

Alapana said...

Keshi,i know how you feel about it,i understood because i have been through this phase myself and it sure hurts.But i am learning to copeup,being lonely in itself a good exp,we get to know better of ourselves,lets give it a try girl:)

Neelima,thats why they are called friends,is it not:)

Ranga,Hmmm,i search for such pictures which suit the mood of the post,i spend more time on searching for the pictures that on the content of the post,maybe because words coemout when i feel something:)
i like walking in rain always,it conceals the tears,the pain and more than anything the fear of being unmasked abt the pain in front of others is minimal when i am a part of those rain drops,isnt it? afterall,i could never makeout the raindrop and a tear drop both running down the cheeks:)
People change,we all do,but for better,but the change dosnt mean we need to move away from friends,does it always have to be "Make way for others?

amrit said...

"In life only change is constant" so true na.. howz u :)

sherriff said...

"Changes are in my life,not in me as a person"...luved this line

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