Friday, June 23, 2006


ME: Always blah blah blah,keeping silent for me is a tough job,No wonder you keep bribing me to be silent for an hour:D
YOU:Always silent,errrr,mostly,No wonder i keep pinching you when instead of saying it out you nod your head for most of my blah blah blah:p

YOU:You wake up at 6am everyday and read the newspaper and watch TV with the MUTE button on:) and try not to wake me up,Wont disturb my peaceful sleep:)
ME:I never wakeup before you do,the reason is i love you the most and dont want to disturb you either by pinching your nose,pulling away your blanket,and last and the most effective.....pouring a mug of cold water right on your face:D See,i am so considerate;p

ME:I cook,No,not because i love doing so but i love to make experiments and now that i have you who has to taste everything i make i am busy always in the kitchen,But i make sure not to eat what i make,i dont ever taste it first,You always do:D
YOU: Eat everything i make and appreciate it and you relish each bit of it,you keep smiling while eating it and you make sure to msg me "Thankyou for a nice lunch" Now thats like a good boy.

ME:A die hard romantic at heart i keep sending you sms and calling you up when i am away from you,writing to you,expressing it always.
YOU:I get one romantic sms per day when i am away "Had your lunch?" and at home i get a smile for every word i say and nothing more.......but i know what your eyes convey:)

ME:when i am angry about anything or with you i tend to vanish from the place,i hide,i go silent,i runaway,wont let anyone come near.
YOU:when you are angry you just reason it out,and explain it,try to talk,you pamper me,try to soothe me with words,try to hold my hand and yes,i give in ultimately:)

ME:I fight,crib,sulk,throw tantrums,headstrong,arrogant,and hot headed.
YOU:Extremely patient,ever smiling,silent and level headed,no nonsense kind of a person,always ready to pamper me.

ME:I always loose to you in every arguement but you make me feel as if i won and jump around saying that you lost.
YOU:You win but you make sure to make me feel that i have not lost,with a hug you say i always win:)

ME:I say i love you
YOU: you make me feel that you love me without saying it out.

This song is for you, my favourite from the movie "hastezakhm"

betaab dil ki tamannaa yahi hai
tumhein chaahenge tumhe.n poojenge
tumhe.n apnaa Khudaa banaayenge,

soone soone Kvaabon me.n jab tak tum na aaye the
Kushiyan thii.n sab auron kii,
Gam bhii saare paraaye the
apne se bhi chupaaii thii dhadkan apne seene kii
ham ko jeeena padatha thaa, Kwaahish kab thi jeene ki
ab jo aake tum ne hame.n jeenaa sikha liyaa hai
chalo duniya naii basaae.nge, betaab ....

bheegii bheegii palako.n par sapne kitne sajaae hai.n
dil mein jithnaa andheraa tha, utne ujaale aae hai.n
tum bhi ham ko jaganaa naa, baaho.n me.n jo so jaaen
jaise Kushbuu phoolo.n me.n tum me.n yuun hii kho jaaen
pal bhar kisi janam me.n kabhii chhoote naa saath apnaa
tumhen aise gale lagaaenge, betaab ....

vaade bhi hain, kasame.n bhi, beetaa vaqt ishaaro.n kaa
kaise kaise aramaan hai.n, melaa jaise bahaaro.n kaa
saraa gulshan de Daalaa, kaliyaan aur khilaao naa
hanste hanste ro de.n ham, itnaa bhi to hansaao naa
dil me.n tumhin base ho, raha aanchal vo bhar chukaa hai
kahaan itanii Kushii chhupaaenge.

Pic courtesy: thanks to my LG mobile,could capture the moment when you gave me the first gift of flowers:)


Prakash said...

:) - Happy to see this post. It got me out of dullness i am having now. Thanks Apls.

Prakash said...

:) - Happy to see this post. It got me out of dullness i am having now. Thanks Apls.

Neelima Arora said...

Hi Alps!
Life is so amazing , if u know someone is there.your narration is so good.Song is my favorite too.

wise donkey said...


i loved the waking up part a lot..aaah so considerate indeed:D

d4u said...

Life becomes amazing when you have someone to share it with:)

s! said...

awww, isn't that so sweet :-)

Stone said...

nice :-)

Manish said...

Cho chweet :)

Kishore said...

heee.... hee..... :D

satish jupalli said...

Hi Alps,

Show this blog to Abdual kalam & AB Vajpayee. I'm sure they will definately regret for not marrying. :D

@$#!$# said...


Gangadhar said...

Me going out from your blog happily after reading dis post!!!

amrit said...


s said...

life is beautiful :)

Arunima said...

nice to see people busy being happy. :-)

rachana said...

hii, first time here..ur expression is beautiful...liked ur write ups..

Gangadhar said...

Hey Alaps,
you're one of my family members..just go and visit my blog for details...

thank you..

Arz000n said...

I get one romantic sms per day when i am away "Had your lunch?" that is romantic I believe :)

Havent heard the song which u'd put up...but the lyrics are pretty kewl

Your selection of songs is fantabulous...

Usha said...

That is really really sweet!
I was going to ask you"so how are you dear?" and you have already answered it.


Pallavi said...

marital bliss eh ?? do you have any photohgraphs ? do share if you do not mind

Murali said...


I came to your blog from Kaunquest's blog. Ajay and I have been doing some work on his poems together. and in your blog, this blog got my att'n and made me smile at many places. Nice writing here ! though it is narrative, it does have a poetic undercurrent !

Anonymous said...

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