Sunday, July 23, 2006

Woh Kagaz ki Kashti

There are no kids in the apartments we stay in,except for a three yr old Monish or monu in the next flat,he is the only kid and he plays with toys,toy cars,planes , soft toys,and he knows about video games and racing cars also.
He likes me,well,i am sure he does:) he is very shy of people,he just runs into kitchen when anyone visits his house,but he comes to our flat daily,when hubby is yet to reach home Monu becomes the hero of my house,he becomes busy with teddy bears,monkey and tweety,the soft toys in my house.
He keeps asking me a 1000 questions,he calls my hubby "anthoo" he cannot spell ka and la still.The moment my husband enters house he rushes off,crying in case we try to stop him,he is fond of all the chocolates and milkshakes my hubby gets for him,but hubby dosnt stand anywhere in his favourites list.
He keeps asking me if i have to college every day? why cant i play with him all the time? he holds the iron grills with his tiny hands and keeps waving to me till i get into the auto.When i reach home i find him at the same spot waiting for more goodies from me:) I love buying things for him,but i wish i could get him a childhood,that innocent childhood which i belonged to.
where we grew up with neighbours,friends from next house or next street,where in the evenings the local park or streets were filled with kids of all ages shouting laughing,running around and moms standing in small groups busy with gossiping yet having an eye on their kids.,
those days of galli ka cricket,gullidanda,marampeet,cycling,aais-paais (I Spy), chhepan-chhepai and pitthoo,running race and skipping race,kabaddi and Kho Kho and ring game,by 7pm we were busy sitting in front of books,No TV in most of the houses or No cable TV,but we had so much to talk about,to share with each other,when chitrahaar,rangoli,Ye jo hain zindagi ,Ramayan were the shows we used to be busy with on doordarshan on a sunday morning.
Summers were spent at granny's place in villages,flying kites was a challenge we lived for,festivals used to be of more people joining in the happiness,sweets made by mom,those days of sitting down in the kitchen and eating from a banana leaf on special occassions,waiting for dad to be home by 7pm,whole family planning to go out once in a month and that used to be such a wonderful exp with small joys,no expensive shopping but getting that candy or icecream,ballons and jasmine flowers for mom and when 50paisa melody chocolate tasted really sweet.
Getting drenhed in rain and making paper boats and coming back from school all wet and smiling even when mom screamed at us:) there were no mothers day or fathers day but we sure had more time for them and they had all the time for us.

As i read somewhere in a mail sent by a friend "I belonged to a time when " we were crying and laughing more often, moreopenly and more sincerily …When we were enjoying our present more than worryingabout our future … When being emotional was not synonymous to being weakWhen sharing worries and happinesses didnt meangetting vulnerable to the listener …When blacks and whites were the favourite colors instead of greys …When journeys also were important and not just thedestinations,I really miss it all .. do u?

Was listening to this song on radio today..........
Yeh daulat bhi lelo, yeh shoharat bhi lelo,
Bhale cheen lo,mujhse meri jawani
Magar mujhko lautado bachpan ka saawan
Woh kagaz ki kashti,,woh baarish ka paani

Muhalle ki sabse, nishaani poorani
Woh budhiya jise, bachhe kehte the nani
Woh nani ki baton mein pariyon ka dehra
Woh chehre ki jhuriyon mein sadiyon ka tera
Bhulaye nahi, bhul sakta hain koi
Woh choti si raatein, woh lambi kahani
Woh kagaz ki kashti, woh baarish ka paani
Woh kagaz ki kashti, woh baarish ka

apne ghar se nikalna
Woh chidiya, woh bulbul, woh titli pakadna
Woh gudiya ki shaadi pey ladna jaghadna
Woh jhulo se girna, woh girke sambhalna
Woh pital ke chaliyon ke pyaare se tohfay
Woh tooti hui, choodiyon ki nishaani
Woh kagaz ki kashti, woh baarish ka paani
Woh kagaz ki kashti, woh baarish ka paani

Kabhi ret ke, oonche keelon pe jaanaa
Gharonde banana, banake mitaana
Woh maasoom chahat ki tasveer apni
Woh khwabon, khilono ki jaagir apni
Naa duniya kaa gum tha, naa rishton ke bandhan
Badi khoobsurat, thi woh zindagaani


justme said...

me first..!! :-)
me was thinking on the same lines too..!!

Het Waghela said...

Childhood! thats something which is most missed by almost everyone.

I do have still that child inside me left alive for my children to play with them and do dhamal-masti. I do that with my better half too and she wonders sometimes whether I am alright or what?

Very sweet post Alapana :).

Gangadhar said...

I'm sure you're having a great fun time with Monish or Monu...
And I love playing and spending time with kids.I forget all the stress,if any, while doin so.

One more memorable post from you,Alaps!

Can u pl do me a favor? Pl edit my url on ur blog to

thank you

satish jupalli said...

Hi Alps,

This blog made me cry.. (offcourse , in this sophisticated concrete jugle & corporate culture) even u can not cry out.(:

I wish I could become a kid, just to cry, if not to enjoy...
It made me realise what I'm missing - irrespective of the enjoyment(thats what we call it) we do . Probably bcz I still have that child in me who is fed up of this caged animal life.

Really nice post.. thx for the post. :)

I pitty that kid for the aprtment life , at the same time I feel happy that a girl like you is there to care about him & to think waht he is missing.

amrit said...

surely everyone miss it :)

starry nights said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and please come again.I can relate to your post,because when I was growing up life was a lot different.endless summers out in the open playing with my brothers,flying kites(I have written a post about it).was not sitting in front of a TV,mom was home and it was fun.I wish my children could relive some of mine.

San said...

hey Alps,

married life suiting you then? lovely post .. got me thinking :)

Stone said...


ishita said...

:-)...lovely post...and beautiful song...!:)

childhood memories are so precious na:)....i try and capture glimpses of vedant's childhood in my blog and some of my poems...who knows some day he'll read all this and have something to smile about:)...

*sigh*...i do miss my childhood too ... who doesn't? being a grown up isn't all that fun as we would think as children!!! :o!

tk care...keep that smile:) and a big hug n kiss to lil monu:)

Keshi said...

Childhood can never be yeah all parents must give the best childhood for their children - devoid of too many material joys.

Beautiful post Alapana!


@$#!$# said...

:-) childhood memories are the sweetest of course....

we just lose the simplicity of childhood on our way to adulthood...n then miss it all the time.

wise donkey said...

:) yes but actually right now, i prefer the stage i am in now:)

childhood was fine but this is better:D

as for the kid, yeah pity, thats all u can give..:)

loved the quote

tc and have fun:)

wise donkey said...

and i still cant help stoppin for few more seconds to stare at the sky and moon..beautiful pic..:)

Bindu said...

Ya, I grew up like that too.. playing on the streets with neighbors' kids. By comparision kids these days are growing up all alone!

upsilamba said... got us all mushy.
Missing India and my home, very much.
Only if we could be children again. Just us and our parents, like old times. Kaash!

Roy said...


Simple but very interesting blog...seems like u r very much to music, great!!

this Jagjit Singh's song is really best to describe how we miss childhoor though I also like this lines from Michael Jackson:

Have you seen my Childhood?
I'm searching for that wonder in my youth
Like pirates and adventurous dreams,
Of conquest and kings on the throne...

Nice to land here..

anumita said...

You are so right! Even I think of my own childhood and the outdoor carefree days when I see kids today. Am catching up on all your posts after ages. How I missed them! How are you doing and how is married life treating you? Am sorry to hear your mom was unwell. How is she doing now?

Manish said...

bachpan ki yadein monish ne taaza kara hee deen aapko !

rachana said...

hey!! beautiful post! as if u talked about my childhood.....for today's kids--"har bachcha maano bada ho gaya, bachpan na jaane kaNha kho gaya."

TII said...

Here after a looong time. The layout and design are simply breathtaking! The look of your blog definitely changed but the feel hasn't! Keep going.

Kishore said...

True! Sometimes I do wonder, why did I have to grow up.. it was so nice being a pampered little kid, no responsibilities, no worries of futures... I want to grow younger...

Alapana said...

JustMe,When it comes to the matters of heart we all think on the same lines,isnt it? afterall we all are humans,and we do miss good things in life:)

het,something which i can relate it to:) i do a lot of masti and kid stuff with my better half too and i get "Oh,god when will this girl grwo up" kind of stares from him:) But who wants to grwo up,this world of fairytales is so beautiful,let me be here forever and dream on,isnt it?

Alapana said...

Gangadhar,sure it is a stress free zone when we are with kids:) will change URL asap.

Satish,such are the walls of todays world which block all emtions to pour out of our heart also,isnt it.Yes,we do call it enjoyment but then its our own choice to be what we are today.Changes are a part of life but how well do we take it and how well do we make use of it is upto us.To a large extent it might be difficult but still,Be a kid,its a beautiful virtue,a gods gift i would say,and smile all you can,tomorrow we dont know how the days will be:)
Personally i feel the day i cannot even cry and laugh and cannot even show my emotions i dont think i can use the word LIVING anymore:) and i dont want to have such a life.

Alapana said...

amrit,we all do:) How have you been.

starrynights,sure i will keep coming back to your blog again and again,I can relate to what you are saying also:p i had a wonderful childhood which was simple but beautiful:) ANd i too wish the same for my kids.

Hey san,well,i am making myself suitable for married life. Thankyou.

Alapana said...

ishita,longtime,How have you been,I keep reading all your posts but was busy with new life:) so couldn comment often,will make it up soon,Ofcourse i can see a glimpse of Vedants childhood in all your posts and comments,thank god for kids,its because of them we still laugh and live a few moments innocently.

Keshi,If only parents understood the fact that its not material virtues which kids seek,Its love and attention and loads of care.If only parents have more time it would be really wonderful.

Alapana said...

Ashish,Yeah,they are the best memories which anyone can have.Strange isnt it,The biggest virtue of being a kid is innocence,Its this same virtue which moulds a persons character but alas,With walking towards adulthood we leave it behind:)

Gaya,happy to see you here and glad that you like your present stage,Good and better and i wish you use the word BEST very soon:)
Pity or rather i would prefer giving him a few moments of my childhood by playing with him and being with him,today i am his fav aunty whom he keeps waiting for..daily,and those two hrs of playing with me gives him utmost joy and happiness,the third floor of this building where we stay resounds with his laughing.And i keep smiling with him:)

Yes,its ofcourse one of my fav pictures too:) Thankyou.

Alapana said...

bindu,sad but true,these days they are all alone in a big crowd:) thanks for dropping by.

upsilimba,I understand:) Kaash aisa ho jahaan zindagi firse mere raaste aajaye,kaash aise ho ki dheeme kadam koi purvaayi rukjaye mere gali:)
Sometimes getting mushy is imp in life,isnt it:)

roy,thanks for dropping by,i have been to your blog too,yours is a true musical blog i would say:) I am not much into English music but sure this song is one of my fav.

Alapana said...

anumita,your presence in my blog always makes me feel good:) happy to see you back blogging nad blog hopping,Mom is recovering andlife is going on pretty well {touchwood} but been hectic as well.
I can sense your childhood through most of your blog posts,how i wish todays kids had such beautiful life as we had as kids.

Alapana said...

rachana,Exactly,bahut khoob kaha aapne,woh jo bachpan mera saathi tha najaane bade hone ke jaldi mein maine kahaan kho diya,lautado muje woh din jaan main ek baccha tha,dil se aur khushi se.

Alapana said...

Manishji,sahi kahaa aapne,woh bachpan jise main kahin bhool ayi thi,uski yaadein tazaa hogayi hain aaj.

tii,good to see you here after a long time too,how are you and how is the new job? Now when will i see new posts at your blog? thankyou for the words,i love the picture of the template.

Kishore,grow younger,its in our hands ,isnt it? Let not the harsh reality of adulthood affect your innocence and you can be a kid forever:)

Poornaa Venkatesan said...

When journeys also were important and not just the destinations
Loved this line...

I soo miss the 7 o clock power cut games!...:-(

Smiling Girl said...

ummm... that was nostalgic.. :)

Pallavi said...

I love that song

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