Thursday, August 03, 2006



Time moved us all apart,there was a point in my life when i had all the time for my friends,today i am still struggling to find my feet firm on the ground in the new found life filled with new emotions,loads of people and enough challenges.
Some who left without turning back,few whom i turned away from,i Miss you all,In the real world around me and here in the real virtual world where i had friends whom i trusted,who trusted me,shared their grief and smiles,joy and pain but then moved apart owing to lifes battles and ego hassles,i miss you all today,those moments when we were all together and the times when we laughed merrily,i miss them all and i remember you all.
That lovely group in Bangalore, those musical exchanges from Madras,mails and calls to you in Trichi, endless conversations with you all in Delhi and Mumbai and those might never meet but still great friends to be with from US of A, the list keeps growing as i remember them all.But then today many left,or did i leave them all? But i still have those memories which make me smile.Friends might leave but not the feeling.I miss you all and fondly remember those moments when we were together.


I am happy i shared so many smiles and joy with you all,its over but i am glad it happened:)
"Mushkil hain Aasmaan par chalna,taare chubte hain"

On a lighter note found this picture really cute:) Have a wonderful weekend all of you,Yeah,i know, i know,there is one more day before you start it all,but then i will busy performing Varalaxmi puja tomorrow and eating all those sweets mom and granny are preparing for the guests,Yesssss,Life rocks:D



starry nights said...

Me first...That was beautiful. We make friends and just start to get comfortable and we lose them.Friends may come and go, some may stay in your life forever.But it would have been sad if you had not met all these friends. You sure will miss them but hold on to those memories because it will get you through. Have a good weekend. There are lots and lots of good friends around new ones you will make .I like those pics. cute.

justme said...

life is all about those memories..!! some good some bad..

Stone said...

hmm...lovely words..'"Mushkil hain Aasmaan par chalna,taare chubte hain"

Keshi said...

OMG that last pic is so damnnn cute! lol!

I say life is an album of memories...some great and some not-so-great. Mine is filled with the latter.

Lovely reminiscing post Alapana...

Pallavi said...

hey sweetie !!

I have been well.. trying my best to get into blogging..

by the way we are planning a Hyderabad trip from 12th to 15th..

Can we meet you. ? What say ?

Roy said...


The things which forced me to look ur blog patiently are:
1. superbly maintained template
2. posts with highlighting facts
3. lots of insights
& more...

nice to land on ur blog...

d4u said...

The pic is so cuteeeeeeeeeee:)!!! Happy friendship day in advance!!!

Gangadhar said...

juss loved da cute1

Usha said...

really really cute !

Het Waghela said...

Hi Alapana,

Lovely pics and nice feelings.

I do miss my friends of college and schools who are still very in touch but all are based at different ends of the world.

Blog has helped me to create a new world of friends and meet such nice ppl.

Happy friendship day!

satish jupalli said...

Hi Alps,

Picutres are chooo chweet...

Here is the change request for your blog:
Plz change the last picuture quote to:

Dear God,

Please tell Alps to post blogs daily. :)

Can you do it??????

Velu Nair said...

Hello there

my first time here, and I have been roaming around, generally getting a feel of things. The template looks real awesome and kinda goes hand-in-hand with ur blogger name. and i loved going thru ur posts too, especially the one on entitled Woh kaagaz ki kashti! evocative post!

i guess i wud be a regular visitor for sure.

happy blogging!

Hiren said...

food for thought. Is there a baby'sday?

Rangakrishnan Srinivasan said...

true, very very true. :) hope all is well with you.

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Anonymous said...

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