Friday, August 18, 2006

Music again.

Surely hindi film music lovers will remember "Ganga aaye kahan se,ganga jayen kaha re" or Mora gora ang lei le,mohe shaam rang dei de,chhup jaaoongee raat hee me, mohe pee kaa sang de de" from bandini Or,Tum pukar lo,tumhara intezaar hain....kwaab chun rahi thi raat,bekaraar hain" from Khamoshi, then came Guddi and the song which till date is sung in many schools as a morning prayer "Humko man ki shakti dena,man vijay karen".
Jab bhi ye dil udaas hota hain,jaane kaun aaspaas hota hain" from seema has been with me since i knew about loneliness.How can we forget the movie parichay which gave us "beeti na bitay raina,birhaa ki ye raina or saare ke saare gama lo lekar gaate chale"
Anand" the movie which till date makes me cry has this "maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune,sapne sureele sapne" and "naa jiya laage na,tere bina mere piya..."

GULZAR,by this time you all know the lyricist who penned these beautiful songs,Today being his birthday and as such i have been waiting to remember all his songs {which is not possible for me } this post goes for my favourite lyricist,poet director Gulzarsaab.

Remember Mausam,then Khushbu,all the songs from this movie have been my fav "bechara dil kya karen,savan jale,bhadojale,do pal ki raah nahi,ek pal ruke,ek pal chale"
Aandhi? i dont even need to remind the songs from it.."tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa tho nahi...."And then came the simple and light hearted GHARi,so were the songs, "terebina jiya jaayena,bin tere,tere bin saajana...." or "aaj kal paaon zameen per nahi padte mere"

"Thoda hain,thode ki zaroorat hain,zindagi fir bhi yehaan khoobsoorat hain" from khatta meetha talks about the way i look at life myself,So simple yet so beautiful lines.

I rarely talk about my father,too many memories which hurt.but still the song "Do deewane shahar mein,raat ko aur dopehar mein" always reminds me of him,.this song dosnt play anymore in my house,there was a time when as a kid i always woke up and slept with this song playing in the background.Its his favourite.

Hrishikesh mukharjee's movies have a flavour which is liked by all,not much of melodrama and simple characters makes the core of the picture,but it wouldn be complete without the songs from gulzar's pen......GOLMAAL my fav comedy has "aane wala pal,jaane wala hain,ho sake tho isme zindagi bitado,pal jo ye jaanewala hain"
The list gets endless with namkeen,basera,masoom "tujse naaraz nahi zindagi haraan hoon main or "do naina ek kahaani,thoda sa badal,thoda sa pani" sitara,angoor, but i wouldn want to miss out on Sadma,Lekin,Izaazat and Libaas, nothing can be compared to these songs,........"Katra katra milthi hain,katra katra jeene do,zindagi hain" or Yara sili sili virha ki raat ka jalna" aie zindagi gale lagaale,humne bhi tere har ek gham ko gale se lagaaya hain,hain na? "khamosh sa afsaana,pani mein likha hota,na tumne pada hota"

then came Mammo,maachis.Aastha,dilse,satya,yahaan,Omkara.the list will go on.
I have all the songs abouve mentioned with me,but one album stands out, "Pancham-Gulzar remembers RD Burmam,which is out of stock in almost all the cities and rarely available i made it possible to get a copy from an old music shop where i have been going past 12yrs,but i regret doing so.Because i did it for someone whom i no longer remember as a friend,The first and last regret that i shared my beloved music with someone whom i donot relate to anymore.sad that people tend to forget friends so easily and move on without realising what it might have done to the other person.Well,no regrets,i am what i am:) I move on with my life,along with people who are with me,who trust me and walk with me knowing that i would be with them...forever.

"Kitne saahil dhoonde, koi na saamne aaya
Jab majdhaar mein doobe, saahil thaamne aaya
Tumne saahil, oh, pehle bichhaaya hota
Khaamosh sa afsaana paani se likha hota
Na tumne kaha hota, na humne suna hota
Khaamosh sa afsaana"
"Hum ne bahane se, chhup ke zamane se,
palkon ke parde main ghar bhar liya Hum ne bahane se,
chhup ke zamane se
palkon ke parde main ghar bhar liya
tera sahara mil gaya hai zindgi,
Ae zindagi gale lagaale,
humne bhi tere har ek gham ko
gale se lagaaya hain,hain na?"


Pallavi said...

Lovely songs.. there ... I love Gulzar .. the combo of RD Burman and Gulzar is amazing !! :)

Dreamcatcher said...

Gulzar and RD is amazing. My fav. Gulzar song is 'mera kuch samaan"...but really there are so many favourites cannot choose.

Stone said...

In 'Anand', some of the songs were written by Yogesh, and In Ghar, actress was Rekha not Jaya.

Other than his writing prowess, the movies and TV serials he made are unmatched!!
Happy Birthday Chacha Gulzar!!!

Sush said...

Its been a long time since i dropped in here, haved missed you a lot these days...the essence and the emotions in the post havent changed even a single bit and i love that...

Alapana said...

Stoneji,Point noted,I was thinking about Piya ka ghar,starring AnilDhawan and Jayaji.the lyricist was Anand bakshi.
And the two songs mentioned from movie Anand were written by Gulzarsaab and rest by Yogesh.
Ofcourse who can forget his Mirza galib,Kirdaar.Alibaba chalis chor,Guchee,and Alice in wonderland.and do u remember the title song of Jungle book:)

And his films parichay, Koshish, Khushbu, Mausam,Aandhi,Kinara,Kitaab, Angoor,Izaazat,Lekin,Libaas,Maachis...
oh,the list goes endless:)
And i remember when last yr you commented on my then blog saying "I expected a post from you about Chacha Gulzar,today is his birthday" So this is written remembering the comment:)

starry nights said...

I loved the movie Anand. even though it was sad.and also love that song. I have the movie and still watch it several times.

sherriff said...

"tere bina jindagi se koi" fav. song....heard it first time when i was in class 3 or that time obviously wudnt have understood the meaning of the lyrics....but there was something in the song that it was etched permanently in my memory...and after more than two decades it still remains my favorite...sort of grew listening to that song thousands of time

Hip Grandma said...

that was a wonderful collection of all time favorites.good father too had his favorites from sahgal

Mumbai Guy said...

Anand is my favorite movie till date. Best music, best emotions.

Manish said...

yes all these songs are wonderful creations of Gulzar !

Het Waghela said...

Hrishikesh Mukherji, he is a legendary director. I am his big big big... fan, nice to see mention of some lovely songs.

Keshi said...

**,.this song dosnt play anymore in my house,there was a time when as a kid i always woke up and slept with this song playing in the background.Its his favourite.

that got me crying...

I still have tapes of my dad's fav songs...sometimes I do listen to em. He was such a wonder Im like that too! A big part of me died when he died.

Hugggggggz girl!

Invincible said...

Long live Gulzar !

You have in-depth knowhow on his work.

I can pick almost all of my favourite songs from your list.

Velu Nair said...

Quite a big coincidence that I see ur post barely a couple of hours after I got myself a Best of Gulzar collection from HMV!!


d4u said...

Some of my all-time favourites are there in your list and it is indeed amazing!! What a cobination..RD and Gulzar...pure magic:)

anumita said...

I love all of these too!! Do not regret sharing your music... it could even make him or her a better person. How's life otherwise?

Gangadhar said...

i love Gulzar's lyrics..and whoelse not?
And i'm glad..some fantastic lyrics festival here!


Stone said...

You remembered my last year's comment :-)
Thats so nice of you!

vibhor said...

hi alapana,
you have avery lovely collection of songs.. all time fav..
hope soon you will download it all..

Alapana said...

Pallai,Yes,the combo is wonderful,my fav too:)

Ishani,nice to see you here,Yes,there are lot of fav to choose from.

sush,i dont chnge that easily,so does my words:) How have you been,Its long time since we last spoke:)

Alapana said...

starrynights,Yeah,its one of my fav movies too,i do the same,have the cd with me:)

Sheriff,its one of my fav too,i keep singing it all the time and that was the song i sang for my hubby when i had to show him my singling skills-;p

hipgrandma,Yeah,i love gulzar and have a decent collection,sehgal is my fav too.

mumbaiguy,we all agree abt the movie,isnt it.I love the movie and the songs till date:)

Alapana said...

manishji,sahi kahaa aapne:)

Het,but what a sad day today in the history of bollywood,Hrishikeshda is no more,but his movies are immortal,one day i will own all his movie cd's,its been one of my dream to do so:)

Keishi,i am so sorry girl,i know no one can ever make us what we were when we had our lovedones around,when we loose them time stands still,and nothing will be same ever again,we all move ahead with life later,but still,nothing will be as before,what we were is complete out of picture with the ones who leave us.Wish life was little fair,but whoever said it is.So lets be a part of it and walk off those steps ahead of us,waiting for us.

Alapana said...

inci vinci minci is backkkkkkk:D good to see you my dear friend,no dont go away even before we get used to having u back:)

Velu,how is going with the best of Gulzar,music is a part of my life,specially hindi film music of an era which is no more a part of music here now in India:( sad,we dont get to hear such music anymore.

Animita,life is rocking with the new challenges as always,who knows if it will make him a better person or worse before,all i know is i hate him being a part of my friends list and not being there atall now,My mistake,should have known:)

Alapana said...

d4u,yeah,its a magical combination of gulzar and have u been,long time,been busy or what.

Gangadhar,Yeah,its kind of lyrics fest:) but i wish i could write many such songs but i dont know many.

Stoneji,hum doston ki kahin baatein itni aasaani se nahi bhoolte:)

Vibhor,thanks,but i already have all the list of songs which u see here.

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Anonymous said...

i heard the song "aaj kal paaon zameen per nahi padte mere".. really a nice song. but i would like to know the meaning in some few lines. will you help me?

Rupesh said...

Really very nice song. Even after listen this song,I just say hey this must be of gulzar lyrics.


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