Monday, August 28, 2006

Glimpses of my world

It was easy,easy being a daughter,where mom took care of everything,where you had to do nothing but enjoy everything,the festivals,the food and the relatives and kids, and friends,pets, everything.No responsibility taken completely,everything was takencare of and always a kid no matter what the age is,and then suddenly you get married and grow up,you do certainly.
Howmuch ever you are pampered by hubby dear a sense of responsibility always reels in your head,right from servant to relatives to friends and to the house itself,you feel responsibile for everything and everyone.Now its up to us how we deal with it,Its a girl thing i would say,Only a woman can change herself and put her self into a new image whenever it is needed.And accept a new house,people and person into her life and they suddenly form the crux of her life.
Yesterday was the first festival after my wedding,i dint want to go to mom's place,wanted to do it here,at my house,wanted to show it to mom that i can handle it all,I did,Dint i ma:)
Now the glimpses of yesterday,glimpses of my life,which i own,i care and nurture ,and i am responsible for it to be the best,and i give my best,i try,and one day i want to be perfect,Just like you ma...
welcome home
Skyline from the balcony
Skyline from my balcony

Preparing for the Puja

Preparing for the puja







Ready for the katha

Almost done

And the evening brought friends home,And i welcomed them with diyas.


And the rain brought mist and beauty with it.

on a rainy day

And thats the end to a day well spent,with hubby who with his silence says it all,with friends who screamed at top of their voices,but whatever the form of expression maybe,i just know they all love me for what i am,and i love them all for being with me always.
I have a tomorrow to look forward to, i am off to dreaming about it.Have a wonderful week ahead guys:)


San said...

so what puja was this?

and you have decorated your place so beautifully, I am envious as we don't do so many preperations here for puja's.

San said...

how could i forget! .. this was the perfect first festival to host yourselves after marriage, Ganesh ji - we say his name before we start any good job :)

Alapana said...
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Kishore said...

Hey Neels, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.. will call u tonight.. :)

aodz said...

hey firstly happy ganesh chaturthi,

very well said... the best time of ones life is the childhood away from all the responsibilities and other stuff.

responsibility in itself a is a huge word with recursively deep meaning.. i would say even after 20 odd yrs i still feeel that i havent aquired any of the traits that my folks wished me to do so....

i doesnt matter i am 24 44 84 to my parents i would still be a kid and the best part about it....

hey you have been TAGGED ;)
cya soon

u can call me vx

Invincible said...

So u did it all alone :)
i liked hte decoaration of Om, Diyas and flowers.

We dont do it in our house. So every year we go to my uncle's place on Ganesh Chaturthi. It's a time to rejoice !

anumita said...

Wow! All by yourself! Doesn't it feel great? Since we dont have parents and in laws living close by, we also have to do our pujas and rituals on our own. But I am not sure if we do it right. Yours look really grown up! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

Arathi said...

it surely looks very beautiful... I am sure ur mom must be proud of u.. Here also one of the families here invited us for Pooja.. We had a nice pooja.. all of us prepared 1 item, so we all had lunch together... It was really nice... I missed home so much at Pooja time...

Hip Grandma said...

well done aalapana.your mom must be proud of you.

Pratima said...

Wowww...NEellu, that was a great full of life and I must say we had a great evening together :)

Pradeep said...

What you said about mother is so, so true... Good that you handled it alone. Wonderful decorations.

Stone said...

Nice photographs!!
And yes marriage does brings lot of responsibilities!! B-(

passerby55 said...

i feel blessed.....thankyou alapana

Velu Nair said...

Lord Ganesh must have been pleased for sure!!

And I am sure, it can only get better from here...!

illusions said...

She groweth up at rapideth pace, She taketh her new life with such grace,
I liketh this post because it screams of love,
You musteth continue to loveth life :)

ishita said...

Lovely pictures:) and lovely post too....

Hoping His blessings see you prosper and share more love and joy:)

keep smiling:)

Keshi said...

How beautiful and bright these pics r!


Usha said...

beautiful girl, you did a great job. what did mom say?

GuNs said...

Ganesh Chaturthi chyaa Haardik Shubhechha !!

Hoping you are Marathi [;-)]. anyhow, do you celebrate for the entire 10 days? I remember we had a whale of a time in school when we had half days for 9 of those days and a holiday on the Visarjan. REALLY miss those times.


Srijith Unni said...

Ganesha Chathurthi has always been a special occasion for me, right from childhood. The small mud idol. the flowers, fruits.. a time of expressing our richness and thanking Lord Almighty for the same.
The visit to the beach on the third day to immerse the idol in the sea. All these were great times..!
Your post sure made me nostalgic. These are little things which leave a great imprint on children and their lives.
Like Hip Grandma said, your mother shall be proud of you.!
Thanks for the post.!

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

Ash said...

it is a girl thing i guess ..responsibilty does come into our lives with a lot of pleasure ....
nice pics and you did enjoy very well ...

yoru ma would definitely be proud of you .


Pallavi said...

and that is why mamas teach us all the little things so that we implement it when we get married. I hope you had a good puja.

seriously_frivolous said...

Yup! Women are so adept with that. Its amazing how they can adapt so well not jus toa lifeless environment but with people too. Hats off to you; and to my newly wed wife as well.

btw we share the same apt #..

satish jupalli said...

Gr8 to know that u celebrated vinayaka chaviti on ur own...

It looks gr8 to me but, I wish to know ur mom's comments on the same....

One more thing.. now we can find ur apartment with out ur help.. as the search is narrowed down to 303 Just kidding.....:)

Michelle said...

beautiful pictures!

Alapana said...

San,you are right,vignahartha he is known as and the best way to start anything first time:)


aodz,you are right,but qwe do growup and take up the responsibilities in our own way when the time comes,isnt it:) thanks for tagging me.

Alapana said...

Invincible,Yes,i did it all by myself,first time in my life and sure did feel great:)

Anumita,thankyou lady,your comments lways make me smile:)

Arathi,you must be in Bangalore right now,isnt it:) must be fun being home after such a long time.Hope you are having fun.

Alapana said...

hipgrandma,Yes,she is very happy,but she wont show it all,as always shewill point out some flaws and ask me to mend them all,mom she is afterall:) The best,isnt it:)

pratima,Yes,we did.

pradeep,thankyou,but howcome we cannot see your profile?

Alapana said...

stone,thankyou,Oh please,dont remind me of responsibilities plzzzz:(

Passerby55,thankyou for coming here.

Velu,I hope so,thankyou.

illusions,thankyou,it was so wonderful reading your comments,yes,i am learning,and learning it with delight:) Will love my life,because its making me love myself and others aswell.


Alapana said...

Keshi,thankyou dear.

Ushaji,Mom was happy and now she knows that her little daughter is all grownup and responsibile,but she would never trust me at first instance for any responsibility,she would say "what would you know,still a kid:D,isnt that the beauty of being a mom:)

guns,i am not a marathi,i am a telugu,and yes,we do celebrate it for ten days:)

Alapana said...

Srijith,its all about memories,which makes us smile,takes us back to such times where we were kids,out of all worries and always in a joyful world of dreams.But today is also one where we smile and try to live that way.thankyou for the comment.

ash,yes,some or the other time we women get pushed into responsibility knowingly or unknowingly,at times its pleasure and at times pressure,i hope it would be the first most of the times for me and for all of us:) thanks for coming here.

Alapana said...

seriously_frevolous,thankyou for accepting the fact that is a women thing:D,and you must be experiencing it all with your newly wed wife,have fun.

Satish,welcome back,how was it all,i am waiting for all the news,where r you planning to go now that you are back in Bangalore:) Mom said i did well,and said i am good at such things:) but still found soem mistakes,amma ep[patiki amme kada,thappu pattadam vallaki alavatu,she is a perfectionist,i am not:)


Balaji said...

very nice...loved the photos


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