Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ek Sapna

summer memories


I ended the day with a line........"The day might be over,but the memories will last forever"


"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands
If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it"

Its Sept8th again

SO much changed,so many people lost in the shades of life,the path is narrowed down to specifications,goals,dreams which are now shared,a future now looking forward to,but still i miss something which i had earlier,But then it always happens with me,Yesterday is no more,and tomorrow is yet to come,All i have is a today,and i live for it.


"Ik kal jo chala gaya vo chala gaya nahi aayega ,ik kal jo aaya nahi jab aayega dekha jaayega aaj ka din bas apna hai baaki sab kuch sapna hai "


This year i would only say...A year gone by,one more to come,i welcome it with a smile and hold on to the happiness,look at the beauty of life and say to myself
"Happy Birthday"


Anonymous said...

Many more years will pass by and we will see your smiles through this blog."Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years."
Happy Birthday!!!!

Growing old is mandatory;growing up is optional.
~Chili Davis

With lots of smiles:)))))

hirdug said...

This blogger login challenge is killing me somehow :) it's now conflicting with gmail logins...grrr...anyhow...leaving that behind here are my wishes for your birthday...

May you enjoy the joy of being showered by the Moonlight..and sip the freshess of dew after day...

Velu Nair said...

Hope U Have A Wonderful Year ahead, thats loaded with blessings and lotsa good luck!!!


Anonymous said...

WISH U A VERY HAPPY B"DAY NEELU.....wishing you loads of happiness and good health :)

Stone said...

Hap hap hap HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
This year its lot more special :-)

Enjoy your day!!!

Invincible said...

Wish you many many happy returns Neelima with tonnes of smiles.

Hip Grandma said...

Happy B'day aalapana.I quote from a song that I sang as a school girl
"Save Your Sorrow for Tomorrow,
Smile away today.
Till today tomorrow never comes and when it comes
It's yet again today!"

So why worry about a tomorrow that will never come.Have a great time today!

Ardra said...

Had sent you mail...and offlines...hope u saw them...
if not, I wish you here again...
loads of luv

Gangadhar said...

Happy bIrThDaY,alaps..

rajalakshmi said...

happy birthday to u, loved all ur posts at akruti, missed u for very long time, i thought u stopped blogging but now i find out u.....happy abt . ur words r more powerful, dont ever stop blogging pl do write atleast 15days once. i am very happy that my sis is happy over there. i like to mail u. if ur interested pl do mail me: love to u my sis. raji

ishita said...

hApPpPyYy BiRtHdAyYyY!!!

wishin u loads of happiness...smiles and wonderful memories...!:) hope the year ahead has in store, all that u wish for:)

passerby55 said...

wishing you loads && loads of happiness, merry and fun.

enjoy, have a blast of time, alpana

Ganesh said...

Happy Birthday, Neelima..

Wishing you all the very best in life..

Keshi said...

Some amazing pics!!!


amrit said...

Happy Birthday Ma'm hope party isnt over and i m nt late.. :)

Velu Nair said...

New post needed!!

satish jupalli said...

Hi Alps,

I guess ur busy with birth week or birth month celebrations.

Hope u will finish off ur celebrations and write a new post!!!

Arunima said...

sometimes, don't you wonder how time flies?

Anumita said...

I hope you had a beautiful birthday, with all the new things that this year has brought you.


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