Monday, October 23, 2006

Another New Day

After completing exactly 5 months 20 odd days being married i feel Life has been fair enough.By the way dont we all remember "First Birthday,First gift,First kiss,first crush blah blah blah" well,i realised lately that my Firsts after wedding are fast disappearing and everything is falling into a routine,My first cooking senssion,my first shravanagauri vratam,my first festival after wedding,my first diwali,my first exp of being responsible for major decisions,they are fast becoming a part of memories,now its all the same everyday,cooking,festivals and being the decisionmaker and servant of the house at the same time:) But lot of firsts are still remaining,No worries,even they all vanish i will find something new all the time,i wont let this word Routine eat me alive,No way.

Sometimes i feel scared,Time is just rushing,or is it my life? even before i realise what all i did or have to finish for a day its gone,There is Another day and Another exprience and i feel rushed,i want to sit back and look at the life,my life,laidback,remembering good old days,smiling at the wonderful yesterdays and not working for a future but its not possible,Not at this stage,i just begin a new life,a new world,mine,a smallone,lot of new people whom i am trying to understand still,they are trying to accept me into their lifes too,and its been good till now,touchwood.

And i still have no second opinions about hubby being the best:) Or do i? well,at times i do threaten him that i will put an adv for a new husband material he says Go ahead:( thats when i realise i am stuck with him:) for lifetime,He is someone whom i want to share my life with,But,well,there are always If's and buts in life,isnt it?

I am a diehard romantic at heart,But i found the truth about hubby the hardway,The other day "Mausam suhana tha,thandi hawa chalrahi thi aur sageet ke saaz cheddi humne aur pati mahashai ko phone lagaya {Climate was beautiful,light was breeze making me feel good, and i just called up hubby with an idea}

Me "Darling,it feels so good today,lets have a candle light dinner tonight,what say?

Hubby: Oh whynot Ji,start lighting up the candles,i am on my way home,what did you cook by the way?
{all i wanted to do is to go out for a dinner}

The other day we were watching our wedding CD and he was very serious and grim looking at this particular scene where we both were laughing at something.

Me:Why are you looking so serious.

Hubby:I am not serious,I am Sad


Hubby:whynot? i am looking at the last day when i laughed somuch:( I lost my independence on 7th of May.2006:(

Huh,Men! ! !

Was in kitchen for an hour and in frustration i screamed "Why dont you help me here instead of watching that stupid newschannel"?
Hubby:But i did help you,dint i??
Oh yeah? in what way?

Hubby: I filled waterbottles and put them in fridge:D
@$#%$^$@ ---how would filling 2 waterbottles equals making daal chawal,bhindi and rasam? Go figure.

Life has been good,every new day brings in new smiles,new experiences and new challenges,I am bracing myself for all of it,I am enjoying it the way it is:)


Gangadhar said...

Me first?
Life's like that @firsts thing..
And especially i liked the snippets you placed them here..haha..He's so teasing kind..I'm so glad that you people're doin good..
Btw changed your blog title? template looks cool too..

take care

Monika said...

that's a part and package of the marraige deal.... kuch khathi kuch meethi...

heard that song of yuva kabhi neem neem kabhi shahad shahad... all men are like that

wishing u a long happy married life... and BTW the first's will not be over so soon don't worry i have been married for 2yrs now and still keep stumbling on some first's... u just have to keep ur heart open to them

Balaji said...


Tulan said...

Hey many firsts to come. First baby, Him/hercalling you mama n dad papa for first time , your first anniversary.... and soo on. Glad to read your entry since it was really funny. Same thing here except i am romantic and my wifey is not at all. Me married in jan so it was my first diwali with wifey, her first without her parents who are in india, her first here in us and so on and on. Well i also see u got my name on you list. That means i am posting that interests you. I am very glad and hope u keep coming back. Also nice change to the blog


Rauf said...

Aalapna, from my heart, I rarely see such honesty. This is not to please you. Believe me, each and every word is honest and sincere.
Great sense of humour too.

Your textured background makes it hard to read. white text is the best.
Thanks for stopping by Aalapna. My regards to your husband.

Deepa said...

Interesting conversations:p

justme said...

i liked the filling the bottles and the candle light dinner ;-) am still laughing abt it..!!

Stone said...

hahahaha..same story everywhere :-)
Even I help wifey in cooking by not at all entering in kitchen :-)

Usha said...

You are right girl. The joy of life is composed of these small things and all the laughter that is shared.
Hope you had agreat deepavali.

illusions said...

This is really well totally cracked me up, and probably explains why marriage scares me ever so much...

happy Diwali!

Dreamcatcher said...

Hehe that was so cute, and men all over are the same aren't they. they probably think they help by eating the food.
Does he know you blog?

Anonymous said...

Hello...happy diwali...your phone s off...dunno wat s the other way to wish you :-)

keep enjoying life...


P.S: I think i shud get the @$#!$# copyrighted!!!

GuNs said...

Happy Diwali.
Must be a lot of fun to man the gun with relatives pouring in, the sweets/farsaan preparations, lighting etc.

Tell us how you scored !


anumita said...

We learn and then we learn not to expect too much. And life becomes peaceful and happy.

satish jupalli said...

LOL :)

new template is gr8. But need to change some font colors.

Pratima said...

WOWW..NEELU...lovely posts..and the template is so refreshing....felt so good reading ur posts ..I'm here after ages....and hope to keep coming more often..have a nice week and hey....let's plan for a lunch this weekend? what say?

Tulan said...

Anumita - time for u to update your blog cant wait to read it

Pratima - i dont think alapana wanted to know everyone to know her real name.

Alapana said...

Gangadhar,thankyou,Yeah,i changed the title and the look,I always keep fiddling with these things,they reflect my mood:)

Monika,welcome here,and i loved your comment,sahi hain,Kuch khati kuch meethi,Aisi hain zindagi bhi,hain na:) and sure,i will welcome first's throughout my life,i dont giveup something i love so easily:) thankyou

Balaji :)

Alapana said...

Tulan,yeah,lot of first's yet to come, we both are travelling in the same baot i guess. I always add a blog which i read,but please dont stop writing,thats something which annoys me,grand entries and vanish soon,I have seen alot of them doing so,for me steady and slow wins a smile :) Most of my friends stpped blogging after getting married,i dont want to be in the same league,so i make t a point to write and blog hop whenever i feel like.thanku

Rauf,Its an honour to see you here.Thankyou verymuch for the words,i know you are not saying this to please me,i can make it out and i will take this best compliment about the words put in here,I have heard many of my blogfriends saying this,I donno anyother way except for being honest:) I will make sure to have while font when i write my next post.

Deepa,thankyou,by the way do u blog? i am unalbe to locate your profile.

Alapana said...

Justme,you are laughing at my plight!!! wait till you get married.

Stoneji...haanji,yeah tho ghar ghar ki kahani hain,saare mard ek jaise hote hain:D

ushaji,Little joys make a bundle of wonderful life,and i am trying to grab them all with my two hands and keep them with me forever.Yes,i had a nice diwali,how have you been.I am so sorry for being out of touch,will mail you soon.

Illusions,now thats a contradiction isnt it? you enjoyed it but still scared about marriage? waise woh tho suna hain na"shadi ki laddo khaye tho bhi pachthaye,na khaye tho bhi pachthaye"

Alapana said...

DC,yes,he knows about my blog,he is the one who approves my blog templates but never helps me out in putting it up:) most of his close friends read my blog. Yes darling,Men are all the same in most of the traits, all diversity is in women, thats why world is so colourful,dont you think so;p

Ashish,happy Diwali to you too,my phone was never off and i am equally angry with you,You were supposed to call me before leaving on vacation but you never did that:(

Alapana said...

happy Diwali to you too.Relatives are never fun ,trust me on that:) specially when you are newly married and still in the learning process of cooking and managing a Home. Well,i always score the top post,never an average,never lost it till date;p Touchwood,i have a way with people.

Satish,i will change the fonts soon,how have u been,kotta jeevitham elaundi?

Alapana said...

Anumita,Experience speaks:) isnt it.How have you been lady,do you know something when i was decorating my house for this diwali i remembered your diwali pictures of last yr which you posted:) and i tried to do something similar:) how was your diwali this year.

Pratima,so you are back online?Life is strange na,two close friends living in the same city dont find time to talk to eachother,well,you can blame me for that but then life is such and i am being busy not to even crib about it.About lunch, well,Lets see. The one who made me write a blog is not blogging , dont you think thats unfair? start writing again girl, now atleast do that.

Tulan :)

Velu Nair said...

I like the matter-of-fact honesty and genuineness thats associated with this fantastic post! Simply stated, yet with a profound implication..


mommyof2 said...

awww newely weds;-) my first time on ur blog and loved reading it:-)

Btw about that independence conversation... I got married on Aug 15th and I will hear the same thing my whole life and that too not only from hubby but everybody else too:-)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

'First time you come on Alpana's blog'...:)
It was hilarious post.U r lucky u have such a helpful husband....shucks he filled 2 bottles of water.

Tulan said...

dont worry aalapana i wont stop writing,i actually started my blog after marriage and that too after my wife came to us from india. i am trying to get inspiration from you and anumita and that is how i got my other blog started. Now i am read y to start a Travel blog too. dont know who like travelling and if anyone ever reads or not so i am still thinking about

thx for the smiling face. like it.

Tulan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sheetal said...

Hi there,

I just came across your blog & really enjoyed this post :>

Will visit again soon!
Take care...

Alapana said...

Velu,thankyou,good to see you here after a long time.

mommyof2,I was surprised to see you here,because i havebeen coming to your blog for more than a month now,well,but never commented though. Thankyou,and you have got two very beautiful and wonderful kids.

Alapana said...

abshishek,thanks for coming here, Yop,i am really lucky to have such a helpful hubby,imagine,two water bottles filled! ! !

Tulan,Start a blog if you feel like,if you want to write and share your exp,maybe no one will read sometimes,but when you feel like,just pour all your thoughts there:) it the way there are lot of travel blogs, infact my favourite is "Pallavi"s blog which u can see in the blogroll,she maintains a travelouge and an avid biker,i love this lady,met her in person and she has such a beautiful blog too,check it out when you feel like.

Thankyou Sheetal,i have been to your blog too and you sure have lot of info about hindi movies,i will be back soon.

Tulan said...

thx alapana. I will do that.

Life Lover said...

"Sure ji, start lighting up the candles" LOLZ, nice post...btw my first time here :)

Saurabh said...

Why this obsession with FIRSTS? I don't think counting life's events in terms of numbers is a good thing. When you start counting you stop living. Living too consciously you cannot live fully.

Gates said...

Guys will stay guys, I remember bringin' absolute rotten grocery when my mother asked so that she never asks me to do again.

Rejuvenative, Blogrollin' ya

gooonj said...

all your firsts n more days like them make it a life...smthing u remembr life by...otherwise wats in normal days to remember??try and increase d no o such days!make life mre beautifulll..colourful!


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