Monday, January 21, 2008


If nights are a beautiful visual treat then i am supposed to enjoy it and not sleep all through, Sometimes my own sentences don't make sense to me,and well,thats what i always say,what i feel need not be logical always,and what i say need not mean what i actually feel,confusing,it is,words always confuse me and silence always brings me solutions, i am in a profession where i use words all day,to make others listen to me,to convince others, to make them silent,to make them smile and at times to make them bored too, and its all a play of words and people decide if they like me or not based on a bunch of words, but what makes me smile is when i stand there,on the dais,silent, just watching the surroundings,looking at them and not using a single word and there comes the silence, pin drop silence,all of them looking at me,waiting for me to say something and all i give them is a smile,which just pops up with out my knowledge and they all start smiling too,giggling and then burst into a laughter....Its been 8 yrs into the profession and i am still not bored,i want to be a teacher, and nothing else,and yes,the one who says i am stupid to waste my time,energy,career, i just have a smile for you too:)

Past two days i must have re winded the song " do diwane shehar mein, raat mein yaa dopahar mein,aabudhanaa dhoondhate hai,ek aashiyanaa dhoondhate hain,in bhoolabhoolaiyyaa galiyon mein..." in my mind atleast 20 times, after traveling for more than 200km all around the city past two days and after checking out about 20 apartments we have not yet given up, we will have that ek aashiyana very soon, touch wood:) and by the way the song has the line which goes like..... "apanaa bhee koee yek ghar hogaa,ambar pe khulegii khidkii, ,yaa khidkii pe khula ambar hogaa,asamaani rang ke ankho.n mein, Asmaani yeah aasmani???"
What a beautiful song.....and only gulzar could have said this.......... "jab taare jameen par chalthe hain, aakaash jameen ho jaataa hain,woh raat nahiin fir ghar jaataa,woh chaand yahiin so jaataa hain" Gharonda, the movie was made in 1977 and i enjoy the music till date and so is the film,some things get better with time, Music is one and i say so does your memories:) There was a time when i thought and said Its all over,and today i know i have a long way to go,Not long ago i was walking alone the same lanes and today the hand is held firm and we just walk dreaming about a future, not long ago the tears never stopped and now when i remember i just smile and thank god,for the experience and for the memories, Life gets better each day.
At 1.30am i am listening to the beautiful and one of my favourite from Jhankar Beats which sums it up,...........Tu Hai Aasmaan Main ,Teri Yeh Zameen Hai
Tu Jo Hai To Sab Kuch Hai Na Koi Kami Hai,Tu Hai Aasmaan Main Teri Yeh Zameen Hai
Tu Jo Hai To Sab Kuch Hai Na Koi Kami Hai,Tu Hi Dil Hai Tu Hi Jaan Bhi Hai
Tu Khushi Hai Aasra Bhi Hai,Teri Chaahat Zindagi Hai .."


Surinder said...

keep smiling, always. :)

~nm said...

Ohh what a lovely song you have reminded me of! Now I so want an MP3 of this song!! :D

And yes the other song from a relatively new movie is also nice. I like it too!

Somehow I don't think teaching will ever be my cup of tea. I don't have the patience nor the creativity to keep the interest going. You should read my blog for my attempts at teaching this sunday :)

Rohit Tripathi said...

Gulzar is a master. I really like the way you right things and I never get bored reading them

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@$#!$# said...

well...good luck in finding a nice home :)

and lemme know once you have it, wud like to come over for a cuppa

Stone said...

This place always make me smile!!
This is a truly-feel good place, can totally relate to Night-total-silence thing :-)

Write more often pleaseee :-) (* no need to, do at ur own pace..I just got carried away :-) *)

Anonymous said...

Lovely to read your post as always! And the night being beautiful... exactly my point... I always ask why I should spend the day's most beautiful hours sleeping...

Akasa Ramanna said...

Teachers do learn while teaching..
and teaching is a profession where you teach and learn simultaneously.:)
and all the best in finding your sweet home:).

Anonymous said...

that song from jhankar beats is my favourite too.

starry nights said...

I think it takes a very special person to be a teacher.enjoyed reading this post.

jupallis said...


All Smiles!! said...

Lovely post!!!

rambhai said...

wow you must seriously like teachin~~i tried it once in a small coaching classes ~~~didnt work for me~~~neways cheers to you

pisku said...

Very few people can say it with conviction that this is exactly what I want to be doing and the world be damned if it has anotherb opinion. Fewer smile back at it!

Came here after a long long time and happy to see this place alive for a while.

Happy house hunting by the way


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