Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just like that

Now i am fine, after sleeping for three hours and getting up at 10pm ( yeah, right) and blogging about it all makes me feel better. Its happening past few days, There is this lady in our apartment whom i know.
There are times when she comes home, just like that, for an hour or so, talks about everyone in the building, asks all personal details and whom i smile at and keep answering in hmmm, haan..... Happening for more 6months, now the lady suddenly realized that i never visit her flat, well, to be frank, I don't go anywhere. I am averse to chitchatting, gossip, time pass and other such nice words. I cannot make small social talk, all you find me doing is giving a smile and at the association meetings i am busy sticking to the agenda and not sharing news, Thank you.

I am invited to her house, and i politely told her i would be busy and will visit as soon as i find time. And i couldn go, past one month or so, genuinely i wanted to go, But just couldn make it.
And last i met her is in the parking lot today evening and she invited again, I told her i will come the next Saturday and that it is not possible on a weekday and that evenings i am busy mostly and i am still not able to handle my anger at her words in reply, she says "What work do you have, a maid who does everything, just cooking for two ppl and you come home at 4pm and teaching profession is such easy profession, what makes you so busy, if you are so busy now how will you handle kids in future! ! ! and blah blah blah, you don't have your in laws also here, so no tensions at all, why crib??"
I am furious, i just walked off, came home, took bath and slept, yeah, my way of handling anger, and now i woke up when the whole world is going to sleep. A few points which i could have said to her but didn't.

My in laws or parents are in other state but i spend talking to them all at least two hours in the evening. They miss us and so do we.I Don't crib... by choice.
I am in teaching profession by choice, i love my work and before i forget, i teach, subjects like finance, consumer behavior, mngt concepts, wish i could teach something about behavior to you too.

Yes, right now we are only two and we really are happy with the choice and no, it is not easy just because we are only two, i still cook 3 dishes, pack lunch for my husband at 6am ( no, i don't want him to eat at the office canteen like your own hubby who goes to office at 9am) I leave for college at 7am, and i carry my lunch, and when i come back i have a list of things to delegate to the maid and list of things to give orders to the husband ( yeah i do that too) and he is happy being ordered. He is not the typical husband material!!!!!

Yes, i do have free time in the evenings and the pictures show it clearly that the greenery in my apartment is not god sent, and not the work of my maid and it doesn't come free, it takes time, every evening i water them on my own, checking for weeds, happy when i see the flowers blooming, taking pictures, trying to find new places for more pots and in general maintaining my little green patch which is a hard work of one year.

I would rather pick up my jasmines, roses, offering them to god and giving them to the kids playing, growing my own methi, coriander, Spinach, tomato and feel proud of it, I would rather spend my time converting my old plastic mugs and water jugs into small flowering pots and sowing seeds and be very proud of it when i get a pat from husband and let me tell you, my maid is also proud of me!@$%

All the pictures you see here are my own, i grow these plants, i talk to them, i don't go out of town until i find someone who can take care of them in my absence and apart from all this i watch movies, i listen to music, i blog and i read and keep my house clean and make sure that i am nice with people who are nice to me. So next time i don't smile at you please remember it was your fault and now nothing can be done.

Wish i could have said this all to her, all i could do was to stare at her, walk off, and i am feeling better now after blogging about it:))))
Now off to the world of dreams, remember, i got work to do, i am not as vela as she thinks i am!@$%@$#^#%.


Stone said...

hahaha..I like the anger in this post :-)

Arunima said...

I am smiling. Hope you are smiling back at me. :-)

It's ok to be angry at times. I have tried planting some plants and I know how tough it is to maintain them.

Prati said...

Hi Neels,
Good way to get done with anger in a 'silent' manner..I would have got put off as well...
Loovely plants...as it is summer now I'm growing coriander, marigold and varieties of peppers...will send you the pics :-)

diya said...

Your plants are lovely...turn deaf ear and blind eye to everything else...I would also like a word or two with this obnoxious lady of yours! Hurrrumph!

Surinder said...

I'm still laughing after reading all abt the next door aunty :)))

Abyss said...

I wonder, how come people can be so introvert wen they can share so much detail over blogging...after reading some of ur posts, got the opinion of adding a tag like introvert to you..(take lite..).

plating..only few people on the planet earth are for fortunate enough to posses n nurture that kinda interest. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

you have made a nice place in your balcony...amazing!!
yeah, its good to vent out your anger, and what better way then blog abog about it;)..
first time to your blog!! loved it:))

@$#!$# said...


Anonymous said...

i am feeling good reading this:) i hope you are feeling good too.
- anumita

Jayashree said...

I'm feeling like asking that irritating lady if she could write something as beautiful as you do.

Loooong back I had read your post. It was so lyrical.So here's something i'd like to tell you...
kucch toh log kahenge
logo ka kaam hai kehena
chodo bekaar ki baaton mein
beet na jaaye rena :)

Amrit said...


Patricia Torres said...

This is truly an angry post!!! Calm down.. young lady... We live by the choices we make and even if we cant change our currect situations... I am sure we can be happy with what we have.... Happiness is just a small state of mind.... So bring on the smile..and spread the virus...

By the way... I love your balcony... its super impressive!! Mine must be the same size.. but overly crowded.. So inspired by your pretty balcony.. I'm going to sort mine out (hopefully this weekend) and then post about it.. Thank you!!

Prakash said...

Hi Neels,

Belated Birthday wishes. Hope you had a wonderful celebrations, and wish you a great year ahead.

Arunima said...

kya huwa ji?

Pallavi said...

How are you doing Neels. Long time :) Write more..

jupallis said...


When is the next post ???


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