Friday, June 19, 2009


  • At 1am i am listening to this song here You don't need to know the language to like music.
  • Today i changed my phone ring tone to this theme music.
  • I sorted out 375 snaps into different folders today.
  • Sorted out the downloaded music into various folders.
  • Cleared lots of mail, replied, deleted and sorted out the contact lists.
  • Downloaded 10 new songs from old movies:)
  • Spoke on phone for 30min, changed the theme on my phone, set new images and ringtones for various groups.
  • Sorted out loads of e-books and done with the backup of the important files.
  • Charged the batteries for my cam, for the TV remote, set the channels in the set top box, marked the favorites and sorted out all the movie CD's.
Husband came home at 4.30pm, he wanted to know how i spent my holiday, what i did the whole day. I gave him the list.
  • Gave the clothes for ironing, sorted out the laundry.
  • Ordered vegetables, fruits, cleaned the fridge.
  • Sorted out the cutlery and found that my favorite blue handle spoon is missing, one fork is not to be seen and i dint find two new kitchen hankies also.
  • Made a grocery list, of what we don't need to buy and the list of things to be bought today itself.
  • Two new pots are added today to my 19 flower pots, i added a few seeds of methi, chilli, tomato and coriander.
  • One water jug was converted into a small flower pot and one copper mug now holds the money plant in the hall.
  • Pruning, cutting and adding rose mix to my plants.
  • Sorted out my wardrobe and declared i need to go for shopping.
  • Made chutney powder and gave a small bottle of it to the neighbor and chatted with her for 40min, we shared recipes you know:)
Well, i did want to continue and tell him another 4 or 5 points, but he stopped me. He declared i must be tired and he took me out for dinner. So no cooking and i never, never told him that the works in the above list hardly took an hour from morning and rest of the time i was in front of my laptop taking care of the first list.
It is an advantage sometimes not to talk:)))


* said...

kya kahoon yaar.....thum tho meri zindagi hi likh rahi ho!!!!!!
miru raase padhdhathi naaku chala ishtam...hmm....u know.., soon i wil start my own blog..and u r the first guest to it...bas aap yoon hi khush rahen...---sana, kadapa.

jupallis said...

He he he ...


diya said...

Well done dear!! The first list is also important work, something I have never done and therefore are suffering!

AMIT said...

Good post here.U have posted nice post.

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Hilton said...

Very good and very funny. Who designed your blog please?


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