Sunday, March 12, 2006

If you are sure you might leave me in the middle of the journey called life,if you are sure you dont mean what you say,if you use word friends just for the heck of it,if you cannot feel the pain i go through,if you cannot understand the reason for my tears,If you promise but never fulfill them,
if you need me only to talk about your life,you need me only to solve your problems,If you need me because you are interested in a casual relationship,if you talk to me to know how i look ,If you have an idea of beauty associated only with physical structure,if you have an idea of backing off anytime from the words you use,If for you the word FRIEND is just a 6letter word which you use for fun,then Backoff,You have no place in my life.

I am tired of people,i am tired of those who just vanish whenever they feel like,and i am left hurt and bitter.Now,I dont need people in my life,i need myself,and i have a small world filled with very few people who make me believe that Life is beautiful,I want to live there without looking back at the ugly side which i experienced past few years.
Thankyou to people who showed me such side and made me realise that World is sure a circus filled with lot of jokers,its upto you to laugh at them or ignore them,I choose to ignore.
Alapana is faceless,so anyone in future would want to contact her there would be no physical appearence of the person associated,She just writes here,you can admire her words,beyond that donot pry into my life,dont get disappointed and hurt me in the process. Thankyou to someone who made me learn this valuable lesson in the recent past. Now JUST...........


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