Friday, April 14, 2006

"pootche hain zindagi,hamse jeene ki adaa,bole yeh raaste yaaro jaana hain kaha,ham toh hawaao pe likhte hain dastaan,ham mein hain woh hunar,chaa jaaye jaaye jaha..

It rained yesterday,making me smile again without any reason,soaking in the raindrops i kept singing to myself....

ai zindagii ye lamha jii lene de,
o pehale se likhaa kuchh bhii nahin,
roz naya kuchh likhati hai tu
jo bhii likhaa hai dil se jiyaa hai
ye lamhaa filhaal jii lene de

Tiny drops of water fall on my feet and i keep playing with them,try to wipe them off but they keep coming again and again,.the pitterpatter of raindrops on the wet ground,.sat there for a long time.sometimes silence says somuch. well,it does,when u know that u r talking to u r self....isnt it?

masoom sii hansii bevajah hii kabhii honthon pe khil jaatii hai
anajaan sii khushii behati hui kabhii
saahil pe mil jaatii hai
ye anjana saa dar ajnabii hai magar khuubasuurat hai jii lene de
-- Filhaal

itanii muddat baad mile ho
kin sochon mein gum rehate ho

tez havaa ne mujh se poocha
ret pe kyaa likhate rahate ho

kaun sii baat hai tum mein aisii
itne achche kyon lagte ho

hum se na poochho hijr ke qisse
apanii kaho ab tum kaise ho



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Stone said...

Chacha Gulzar rocks....even I was singing the same song while coming to office....'yeh lamha jee lene dey...

Enjoy the rains :-)

nishita said...

you know there is one movie which whenever i see i wonder what to like more the look ,the lyrics or the music....its Silsila.
Similarly whenever i come to your blog i am in a dilemma what to love more the pictures (esp flowers are my weakness)or the words.They are adorable.

Invincible said...

it rained there !!
here we re getting fried in the sweltering heat :)
So much to savor when the showers hit the dry hot earth, the smell of soil the dance of raindrops, the cool breeze after rains.

You've a Gulzar for every single moment :)

Manish said...

hmmmmm nice sharing :)!
Me back after the hectic trip

d4u said...

The lyrics of this particular song from filhaal are just awesome...its one of my favourites

Amrit said...

howz u..
take care

Kishore said...

sometimes silence says somuch. well,it does,when u know that u r talking to u r self....isnt it?

True.. :)

I'm in chennai right now, and it just became overcast after a sticky hot day... :)

Arunima said...


It rained here too. not much though and it was respite after the schorching heat.

And are you getting married?

Usha said...

beautiful flowers - they smell nice too dont they?

Anonymous said...

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