Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The water is crystal clear,i can clearly see the images forming,i can see the combinations and i can see the ripples joining to form a chain of memories of the past gone by,so many incidents,so may people,some who made me a better person,few who stood by me all the while and a few who left me alone to cry in pain,all in all it was a wonderful journey with all its uncertainity,Hope and Dreams and illusions and happiness and pain,anger and frustration,
I have no regrets of loosing anything,of not getting anything,I let go off My Yesterday for a better tomorrow and in my present i just keep watching the Reflections ......They form shapes,they form faces,they form words and they form silence,I keep staring at them,I know i have not much time to look at it all for long,I have a journey to take,a path which suddenly stormed into my life,and i am getting ready for a new begining,to hold a hand and walk off into a new path and i remember the words written sometime back.

"I am a dreamer,I collect all the smiles from My yesterday, Neatly pack them into words and hide them in my heart,I call them "MEMORIES" for i have a tomorrow to Take them to, with the smiles and leaving behind the tears,I walk off to that Unknown Tomorrow.I walk off BUT NOT ALONE ANYMORE, I walk off,with silent memories,WITH YOU TO HOLD MY HAND,I WALK OFF FOR A LIFE WAITING FOR ME,I WALK OFF WITH YOU,WITH A NEW DREAM AND NEW HOPES.

Roz sahil pe khade hoke yahi dekha hai
Shaam ka pighla hua surkh-sunhari rogan
Roz matiyale-se paani mein yeh ghul jaata hai
Roz sahil pe khade hoke yahi socha hai
Mein jo pighali huee rangeen shafaq ka rogan,Ponchh loo haathon pe
Aur chpuke se ik baar kabhi
Tere gulnaar se rukhsaaron pe chhap se mal doon
Shaam ka pighala hua surkh-sunhari rogan..........Gulzar


Prakash said...

these are the same words which made me create my blog and now dont ask me why i am not updating it regularly...

Stone said...

Best wishes for the new journey :-)

take care!

s! said...

walk away from the past, you have a great future beckoning you, and you will never be alone again :-)

d4u said...

Between the graves of the past and the dreams of the future, lies the present. Each phase presents a beautiful transition. Have a happy journey in this transition:)

illusions said...

Nice post...just came back from holiday...will write a mail, have loads to share

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Usha said...

Beautiful expression as usual and I am so happy for you dear girl.And amazing pictures - you are gifted!

sherriff said...

where do u get this incredible pics every time....and cant recognise this gazal from it from a movie

satish jupalli said...

Hi Alps,

After reading your blog I have one doubt/question?

DO you first select pictures and write story or u wirte the story first and then select pictures... I always wonder how u r able to selct such perfect picture and stroy combination!!!!!!!!

Manish said...

Yet another of my fav gulzar's poetry .... but with the picture in the background it has become more meaningful.
best wishes as always for the new begining.
Will be out for vacation next week 7-14. Till then byee & take care.

Alapana said...

prakash,i wont ask you the reason because these days i am not sure if i will ever put up a next post:) life is becoming a rollarcoaster ride.


S! i have no idea if i will be alone or not in future,but for now i am hoping i wont be alone ever again.

Alapana said...

d4u,thats a wonderful way of expressing about life and its transition,thankyou.


ushaji,thanku,your blessings make me more confident of a bright future.

Alapana said...

sheriff,i get them from deviant art:) and i spend hrs together for the right combination of pictures and words,i am a virgo and believe in perfection:p and the words of gulzar are from one of his Nazms,not from any moive.

Satish,i write and while doing so i know what kind of picture i would need and search for it,and if i am confused as to how to express then i keep searching for pictures randomly and then write:)

Thankyou Manishji,have a wonderful holiday.

Kishore said...

"Memory" is the mood of the day I guess.. :) only that, in my case I'm trying to come out of it... :)

kaunquest said...

yet again, you have created a beautiful picture with your words. Amazing :0

Alapana said...

Kishore,and i cameout of it with lot of efforts and now i am away from it and hope u do the same soon:)

Kaunquest,thanku,and i am awed by your words,they are absolute delight for any hindi poetry lover:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »


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