Monday, August 28, 2006

Glimpses of my world

It was easy,easy being a daughter,where mom took care of everything,where you had to do nothing but enjoy everything,the festivals,the food and the relatives and kids, and friends,pets, everything.No responsibility taken completely,everything was takencare of and always a kid no matter what the age is,and then suddenly you get married and grow up,you do certainly.
Howmuch ever you are pampered by hubby dear a sense of responsibility always reels in your head,right from servant to relatives to friends and to the house itself,you feel responsibile for everything and everyone.Now its up to us how we deal with it,Its a girl thing i would say,Only a woman can change herself and put her self into a new image whenever it is needed.And accept a new house,people and person into her life and they suddenly form the crux of her life.
Yesterday was the first festival after my wedding,i dint want to go to mom's place,wanted to do it here,at my house,wanted to show it to mom that i can handle it all,I did,Dint i ma:)
Now the glimpses of yesterday,glimpses of my life,which i own,i care and nurture ,and i am responsible for it to be the best,and i give my best,i try,and one day i want to be perfect,Just like you ma...
welcome home
Skyline from the balcony
Skyline from my balcony

Preparing for the Puja

Preparing for the puja







Ready for the katha

Almost done

And the evening brought friends home,And i welcomed them with diyas.


And the rain brought mist and beauty with it.

on a rainy day

And thats the end to a day well spent,with hubby who with his silence says it all,with friends who screamed at top of their voices,but whatever the form of expression maybe,i just know they all love me for what i am,and i love them all for being with me always.
I have a tomorrow to look forward to, i am off to dreaming about it.Have a wonderful week ahead guys:)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Music again.

Surely hindi film music lovers will remember "Ganga aaye kahan se,ganga jayen kaha re" or Mora gora ang lei le,mohe shaam rang dei de,chhup jaaoongee raat hee me, mohe pee kaa sang de de" from bandini Or,Tum pukar lo,tumhara intezaar hain....kwaab chun rahi thi raat,bekaraar hain" from Khamoshi, then came Guddi and the song which till date is sung in many schools as a morning prayer "Humko man ki shakti dena,man vijay karen".
Jab bhi ye dil udaas hota hain,jaane kaun aaspaas hota hain" from seema has been with me since i knew about loneliness.How can we forget the movie parichay which gave us "beeti na bitay raina,birhaa ki ye raina or saare ke saare gama lo lekar gaate chale"
Anand" the movie which till date makes me cry has this "maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune,sapne sureele sapne" and "naa jiya laage na,tere bina mere piya..."

GULZAR,by this time you all know the lyricist who penned these beautiful songs,Today being his birthday and as such i have been waiting to remember all his songs {which is not possible for me } this post goes for my favourite lyricist,poet director Gulzarsaab.

Remember Mausam,then Khushbu,all the songs from this movie have been my fav "bechara dil kya karen,savan jale,bhadojale,do pal ki raah nahi,ek pal ruke,ek pal chale"
Aandhi? i dont even need to remind the songs from it.."tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa tho nahi...."And then came the simple and light hearted GHARi,so were the songs, "terebina jiya jaayena,bin tere,tere bin saajana...." or "aaj kal paaon zameen per nahi padte mere"

"Thoda hain,thode ki zaroorat hain,zindagi fir bhi yehaan khoobsoorat hain" from khatta meetha talks about the way i look at life myself,So simple yet so beautiful lines.

I rarely talk about my father,too many memories which hurt.but still the song "Do deewane shahar mein,raat ko aur dopehar mein" always reminds me of him,.this song dosnt play anymore in my house,there was a time when as a kid i always woke up and slept with this song playing in the background.Its his favourite.

Hrishikesh mukharjee's movies have a flavour which is liked by all,not much of melodrama and simple characters makes the core of the picture,but it wouldn be complete without the songs from gulzar's pen......GOLMAAL my fav comedy has "aane wala pal,jaane wala hain,ho sake tho isme zindagi bitado,pal jo ye jaanewala hain"
The list gets endless with namkeen,basera,masoom "tujse naaraz nahi zindagi haraan hoon main or "do naina ek kahaani,thoda sa badal,thoda sa pani" sitara,angoor, but i wouldn want to miss out on Sadma,Lekin,Izaazat and Libaas, nothing can be compared to these songs,........"Katra katra milthi hain,katra katra jeene do,zindagi hain" or Yara sili sili virha ki raat ka jalna" aie zindagi gale lagaale,humne bhi tere har ek gham ko gale se lagaaya hain,hain na? "khamosh sa afsaana,pani mein likha hota,na tumne pada hota"

then came Mammo,maachis.Aastha,dilse,satya,yahaan,Omkara.the list will go on.
I have all the songs abouve mentioned with me,but one album stands out, "Pancham-Gulzar remembers RD Burmam,which is out of stock in almost all the cities and rarely available i made it possible to get a copy from an old music shop where i have been going past 12yrs,but i regret doing so.Because i did it for someone whom i no longer remember as a friend,The first and last regret that i shared my beloved music with someone whom i donot relate to anymore.sad that people tend to forget friends so easily and move on without realising what it might have done to the other person.Well,no regrets,i am what i am:) I move on with my life,along with people who are with me,who trust me and walk with me knowing that i would be with them...forever.

"Kitne saahil dhoonde, koi na saamne aaya
Jab majdhaar mein doobe, saahil thaamne aaya
Tumne saahil, oh, pehle bichhaaya hota
Khaamosh sa afsaana paani se likha hota
Na tumne kaha hota, na humne suna hota
Khaamosh sa afsaana"
"Hum ne bahane se, chhup ke zamane se,
palkon ke parde main ghar bhar liya Hum ne bahane se,
chhup ke zamane se
palkon ke parde main ghar bhar liya
tera sahara mil gaya hai zindgi,
Ae zindagi gale lagaale,
humne bhi tere har ek gham ko
gale se lagaaya hain,hain na?"

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I wrote about her long back at someother place.I am copying a part of it here again.
"She got on to the stage very slowly,first time,i knew it was the first time she got up to talk on her own,"Farewell " ya,my senior batch students finished their final semester almost and they had farewell yesterday.When a girl announced "now i request the seniors to come on to the dias and share their exp " one after the other they were talking abt the college,the tour,the picnics,the parties and the classes and the lecturers.
When she got up there was a silence,will she talk????
she started " two years back when i entered the college i was scared and tensed.And when my seniors asked me to introduce myself i had tears and i never talked.When i was asked my one of my lecturers in the class to explain Diminishing Marginal Utility i was silent and the lecturer gave me all the time i needed but i couldn,then she asked me to meet her in the free hour.Well,the words she used sure made a diff to me as a whole.Today if i can handle the stage or my life without hesitation or without any fear then the credit goes to her,Thank u mam,I am going to sing a song,and this is for u "
The hall broke into a loud applause and she was right there smiling and proud of herself.With a twinkle in her eyes,I know she will never again be scared and she would never cry to get onto the stage.She looked at me for a sec before getting down the stage and i knew she is going to win all her battles in life now.No one can stop a person who is ready to try"

Yesterday i got a mail from her, and she is placed in one of the best firms as a HR professional,and she would be dealing with people,.people whom she ran away most of the times,and the girl who always was silent and sulking ,who never had the confidence in self and who thought she would be a failure and she let her frustrations show on her face when i met her 2yrs back as first sem student.
Never used to talk.and gets irritaed very easily and it was not arrogance,i knew it was something else.It had to be,the girl had a spark in her but she wont let me or anyone be near her,one day the words cameout "I dont like my parents attitude,i hate them and they do the same" and then went on long chats and discussions on life and world in general whenever i was free.It was tough but i kept seeing the changes,slowly she was trying and that was enough. and today wherever she got to,its only because of her determinaton and her dreams of flying high,God bless her.

Recently an uninvited guest had this look on his face which irritates me and his question sure made me wince "You are wasting your time by being just a teacher,you have so many options,why dont you join for a course in SAAP and get into some high salary fetching job,u can even leave this country and increase your bank balance,these days money is everything. Is it so? is money everything? i am not against any job,i am not averse to ppl making loads of money,my brother makes it,so does my hubby,but they are happy with the challenges of their work,they face them,work for it,they have sleepless nights and at times work for 20hrs or so at a stretch.
"kabhee kisee ko mukammal jahaan naheen milataa,kahee jameen to kahee aasamaan naheen milataa,jise bhee dekhiye wo apane aapamei gum haijubaan milee hain magar humajubaan naheen milataa"
It all depends on what you want from life,Well,wish i could answer him,but then the basic courtesy of not answering back to a elder person and my disinterest in having arguments with ppl who dont understand a given perspective made me silent.

Just then hubby who was sitting next to me sent me an sms because he couldn say it out then and there "I respect you for what you are and love you for being so,Be yourself" Thanks honey.

"Kuch Pal Palkhon Mein Palte Hain ,Kuch Pal Aankhon Mein Jalte Hain ,Yeh Pal To Hain Musafir, Chalte Jaayenge ,Dheere Dheere Lamha Lamha Bhool Jayenge Apni Dhun Mein Tehelte Hain."

Thursday, August 03, 2006



Time moved us all apart,there was a point in my life when i had all the time for my friends,today i am still struggling to find my feet firm on the ground in the new found life filled with new emotions,loads of people and enough challenges.
Some who left without turning back,few whom i turned away from,i Miss you all,In the real world around me and here in the real virtual world where i had friends whom i trusted,who trusted me,shared their grief and smiles,joy and pain but then moved apart owing to lifes battles and ego hassles,i miss you all today,those moments when we were all together and the times when we laughed merrily,i miss them all and i remember you all.
That lovely group in Bangalore, those musical exchanges from Madras,mails and calls to you in Trichi, endless conversations with you all in Delhi and Mumbai and those might never meet but still great friends to be with from US of A, the list keeps growing as i remember them all.But then today many left,or did i leave them all? But i still have those memories which make me smile.Friends might leave but not the feeling.I miss you all and fondly remember those moments when we were together.


I am happy i shared so many smiles and joy with you all,its over but i am glad it happened:)
"Mushkil hain Aasmaan par chalna,taare chubte hain"

On a lighter note found this picture really cute:) Have a wonderful weekend all of you,Yeah,i know, i know,there is one more day before you start it all,but then i will busy performing Varalaxmi puja tomorrow and eating all those sweets mom and granny are preparing for the guests,Yesssss,Life rocks:D


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