Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bas Yun Hi

Hectic week well spent with people whom i care for and who love me the most and i am back with more news:) Sankranti was spent with family and loads of food and lot of travelling and there were a few moments which i want to erase from my memory and try not to repeat it ever again and i hope to follow a few rules made by me and i want to control my anger and frustration,why can't i just hold on for a few more minutes? why do i have to raise my voice or get it out of the system what ever the reaction is? Well,thats how i am,no acting or no diplomacy,no nonsense and i end up in trouble most of the times:)
There would be new collegues in the dept from tomorrow onwards,i wouldn say i am looking forward to the changes but hope things would be as fine as they are now.
Too many questions in my head and i have no answers to any of them;p

I want to learn French,and i am still not able to figure out WHY?

I am watching the baap of all the serials "BIGBOSS" on Sony entertainment and am thoroughly entertained every day 10pm to 11pm.No answers to "HOW"

I know i am soon leaving this city but the question is "WHEN" and i have no idea.

And i want to run away,elope now with dear hubby,kidnap him away from his workholic schedule,now the point is to "WHERE"

Do you want to watch Mithun chakravarthy the performer,Not Abhishek but Gurukanth Desai and excellent cinematography by Rajeev menon,and above all a good movie by Maniratnam,go watch GURU people,excellent movie and i thoroughly enjoyed it first day last show;p though i am not much convinced about the ending of the movie its a great entertainer with a message,Dare to dream,dare to make them real and also it was one of the most enjoyed evening of my 8 months married life,a movie with hubby and two of my best friends K & S and long drive home at mid night bugging hubby till he got me the long due icecream,while he was busy driving i was busy eating:)

Me :Why dont you drive faaaaaaaaaaaaast,overtake that vehicle in front"
Hubby: Well,with you behind the bike wont go beyond this speed"

Me: You mean i am plump? you are talking about my weight,mean fellow,i hate you"
Hubby: Errrr,i am only saying its not safe driving so fast with you behind"
Yeah right@#$%@#@$%@ huh,men! ! ! !

Was listening to this song today,missing you dear hubby,wish i can join you in the new place at this moment,but well,just a matter of two months:) till then enjoy your independence;p

Na jaane kyon, hota hai yeh zindagi ke saath
achanak ye man
kisi ke jaane ke baad, kare phir usiki yaad
chhoti chhoti si baat, na jaane kyon
vo anjaan pal,Dhal gaye kal, aaj vo
rang badal badal, man ko machal machal rahen,
na chal na jaane kyon, vo anjaan pal
tere bina mere nainon me
Toote re haay re sapanon ke mahal
na jaane kyon, hota hai yeh zindagi ke saath ..


Anonymous said...

Loved Guru as well!! !!


Sush said...

havent seen Guru yet, but plan to soon...hope you had a nice ice cream treat :).

Usha said...

Want to learn French? Just go and do it - you will be happy you started. It is not just learning a language but much more than that. And a s a teacher youd be simply amazed at the techniques of pedagogy they use and how they just gently nudge you and never spoon feed you - you work it all out yourself.
Want to see Guru - once I do I'll come back and tell you if I feel the same!

Deepa said...

Even me hooked on to Big Boss...dunno y:p And ya wanna watch Guru....damn exams are goin on:(

lalitha said...

Have not seen Guru..If you want to learn French you should.Want to get away with your Hubby,just go I think an impulsive getaway is more romantic than a planned one.Surprise him.

Art said...

Hi Dear.. I know its been long since i hav commented.. but i always came here to read ur posts...

Will mail u soon.. Guru is a nice movie.. 2nd half a little boring.. still a nice movie...
And where are u going??

Tulan said...

answers to your question

- you want to learn french since it is very sexy language, you might be able to lure u hubby away from work.

- TV addiction might be the reason for getting addicted to watch big boss otherwise all boring

-U will move when time is right and once u do u will love it

- Take him to the place where u guys went on ur first date. kiss him and say that u love him and how precious the moment is.

oher than that GURU was fantastic. hehehe always laughing at ur dialouges with u husband

great to read it again.

passerby55 said...

hi alapana...the look has changed here.

bright and red...its lovely

You are tagged to write on ten things that define your style. If you have not done it. Try writing on it. i shall be right back


Dreamcatcher said...

You always, always remind me of the most beautiful and thought provoking songs. Downloaded it right now :)

Eroteme said...

kyaa pata unke peechey abhi kaun baitta ho! I am sure he is making most of his valuable time and freedom!!! ;-p

@$#!$# said...

he he....so much want to say something....but i know i will be court martialled the moment i utter anything :)

i prefer to live, for now at least :P

mommyof2 said...

O boy, the anger thing is bad.. If you figure out how to control it for few more minutes or not to get things out of ur system, share with me cuz Im in need of those answers.. Hubby tells me not to say things straight to others faces but I can't help it.. Too much honestly is dangerous girl..;-)

Arz000n said...

I gave up ma dream of learning French...now I wanna learn Spanish...coz lately am hanging out with this spanish dude and his friends....man, I love those gals :)

I betta shut up now :|

jupallis said...


Hope u will have fun where ever u gooo...

I'm jelous for ur hubby as he got a 2 months break post marriage... Im just waiting for it... :)

Balaji said...

My craze is spanish. Need to find a place where spanish is taught in Chennai. that is my new year resolution. To learn basic kaam chalao spanish.

Khozem F Sahiwala said...

My Birthday also comes on Makarsankranti.

Will u tell me why we celebrate this day.

Plz visit my blog as www.houchpouch.blogspot.com for the Decline of Mumbai Mills.

Gaizabonts said...

too many good Guru reviews around. Grr!

Alapana said...

JustMe,it is a great movie:)

Deepa,Dont worry,watch it after your exams:)

Lalitha,will surely do that soon:) its tough to surprise him or maybe he never shows he is surprised,but i would certainly try:)

Alapana said...

Sush,watch it,watch it:) and yup,icecream was great and icecream dilaanewaala is also great;p

Ushaji,learning French and light music are my two dreams or passion! or say it anything,but i will sure do them,something which i have been thinking about from long long time:)

Alapana said...

Art,now you know all the answers, Don't you;p

Tulan,Let me say this now.
To lure hubby all you need is silence,no language will help him to steer away from work.

TV addiction? Hmmm,how come hubby says the same!!!! not fair:(

Hmmm,i will move when we get a house which is good enough for staying and when i will get a job there because i wont leave my job and stay idle at home even for a day, some kind of a phobia the day i know that i am jobless;p well,lets see how soon everything fits in its place.

the last point will be the subject of my next post;p about our first date,hahahahaha

Alapana said...

passerby55,thankyou,will check out the tag.

DC,i am glad there are people who recognize the songs which i put in here:) its a lovely song,isn't it.

Eroteme,i convinced him to leave his bike behind here with me and now he travels at the back of an auto or auto driver!!!!! bhuhahahaha,and he stays at Electronic city,some remote residential area till i join him,so till then all he has is a laptop and his work and two MALE flat partners,hahahaha;p

Alapana said...

Ashish,good that you are back to your senses before i did something to make you loose them all forever.

mommyof2,well,i have been living like this for more than 25yrs dear lady,and i have been in trouble more than once for being straight and honest but somehow diplomacy allures me and i prefer sticking to what i am,but then a little change would be a welcome to me and to hubby as well. i will sure try talking to you,thanku dear.

Alapana said...

Arz000n,Hahahaha,i am glad its the gals and not the spanish dude who is making you learn spanish;p

Satish,dont worry boy,even your turn will come if you plan to shift from Bangalore,and as for my destination,i hope it would be pleasent for me too.

Alapana said...

Balaji,you too!!!! but i hope you have a better reason to learn Spanish:) and hope your dad is doing fine now,do takecare.

Khozem F sahiwala,will visit your blog soon.

Gaizabonts,Its a good movie,so the good reviews,Grrrrr!!!!

Keshi said...

wanna see Guru now :) tnxxx!


Tulan said...

looks like me and ur hubby might get along pretty well since we both had the same answer to your problems heheehhe cant wait for the next post about u date.


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